Chap 23

Take a deeper look at me, cinder-Jay

Time has passed. Jay never told you about his feelings towards G.Na and you didn't want to know either, afraid you'll get hurt. But on the other hand, you've been confused with your own feelings as well. You started to think Jonghyun is the 


6 months later...

"What's the rush?" Jonghyun asked Jay when you and Jonghyun saw him running around the house, panicked.

"G.Na's Mom is in danger! That psycho! i've got to go there and meet her." Jay said and rushed out of the room.

"Do you think he still loves her?" You asked but jonghyun just shrugs.

"What are you going to do today oppa?" you asked again while jonghyun washed the dishes.

"um.. i have something to do.... later... " he said nervously.

"Can i come?" you asked but he shook his head.


"cause it's.... you know... Oh! look at the time! I better go now! Bye ____!" he said and run out of the house, leaving you speechless.

'what the hell was that?' you thought.


You decided to spend your days baking cookies. Around 6 p.m, when you were sitting on the counter, munching some of the cookies, you received two texts.

From: Jay

Hey, can i see you at the cafe near the hospital in 30 min?


From: Jonghyun


meet me at the park in 30 min?


You bit your lips, not knowing who to choose. After a while you decided to text them.


To: ######

Okay :)


You smiled, satisfied with your choice and wear something nice before you walked out of the house.

"where to miss?" the cab driver asked.

"Hospital please..." you smile.

"You're wearing such pretty clothes to hospital?" he asked.

"oh no, ajushi... it's the cafe near the hospital..." You explained.


20 minutes later you've arrived. You went out and pay for the cab.

"ajushi, can you please wait here for a while?" you asked and he nods.

"anything for pretty agashi" he said and you smiled.


2011/07/06 wednesday

BY seoulchae


I'm ending this in 2 chaps guys :(


 BTW, since i don't know who ___ should end up with.... 

I decided to make 2 ending....

the 24th chap will be with Jay and the 25th will be with Jonghyun

how that sound? :)

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YunaJi #1
Chapter 10: Ohhh my goooshhhh shes the girl that Jay doesn't want to leave when they were young right?! RIGHT?! OMGGGGGG!
ilove_minho123 #2
Awww this is so cute! :)<br />
Aww this is such a warming story (; I love it <3
thank you!!! :)
Kyaa, i really like how there's two endings! (: Makes us readers have like a path to choose in a way! ^^ Good luck with your new fic! ^^
thank youuuuuu!!!!! :')
cute endings :)<br />
really liked your story ^^
ohmyyoungbae #8
awwwwwwwwwww. thank youuuuu!! :D
thank you!!<br />
i already made the forward and 1st chap of my new fic .<br />
I love the ending. Glad you made two ending for both of the guys. The pictures are nice. Can't wait to read your new fic.:)