Chapter 13

Take a deeper look at me, cinder-Jay



a week later they arrived in Seoul, Korea. They decided to live in Jay's old house again. 


I came back.

I can finally be with, comforting her.. and maybe she'll move on from Jinwoon and fell for me....

____ won't mind, right?

I should thanked her... she's the one who persuaded our parents to let us go back to korea...



"Jonghyun oppa, let's go buy some groceries~" you sang as you walked into his room.

He was sitting on his bed, reading some novels when you walked in and sit next to him. He shook his head, wondering how you can still be happy despite what happened.

"Cmon" he grabbed his wallet and your hand as both of you walked out of the room.

"We're going to the market to buy some groceries" He heard you replied to Jay before both of you exit the house.


"Oppa, what would you do?" you asked as both of you walked.

"what would you do?" he asked in confusion.

"If you're in my position, what would you do?" you asked again, looking at his deep eyes.

He take a deep breath and looked at the blooming trees.

"I'd say move on... and find someone better.. someone that can make me smile... someone that's willing to love me like i love them... And maybe i'll break off the engagement too... Cause i'd want the person i love to be happy.... and if their happiness is not with me, i'll decided to be the best friend... the one who'd help them find their happiness" he said. 'find someone like me' he thought.

"Geurae? Maybe you're right.... maybe this one sided love that has been going on for few years should end, huh... " you said.

"yeah" he mumbled.

Then you stop in your track. Jonghyun, who's holding your hand came to stop as well. confusion once again written all over his face. You looked at him and pointed across the road.

"Isn't that G.Na?" you asked.

"Yeah.. and junhyung... and a guy" jonghyun said.

"Do we need to greet them? letting them know we're back?" you asked him.

"do you want to?" he asked back.

Before you opened your mouth to answer him, your phone rang. You picked up the call.

"yes oppa?" you answered.

"oh.. okay... sure.... it's okay.. i can eat with jonghyun oppa .. bye" you said before you end the call.


"yeah.. he said he'll go to some cafe or something to catch up with junhyung... oh well.. let's go oppa, we'll just cook dinner for both of us" you smiled.


Meanwhile, Jay anxiously drives to the cafe. He parked his car and walked inside the cafe, searching the room for the person, more like two person he wants to see. Unfortunately, only one person showed up. Nevertheless he smiled and walked closer.

"Hey" he hugged his best friend, junhyung before he sit down.

"How are you? How's your sister?" he asked.

Junhyung sighed and sipped his coffee.

"She's pretty sad...she'd cry and all i can do is hug her..." he said.

Jay was going to offer junhyung his help when junhyung said what seemed to be his worst nightmare.

"But thankfully, kikwang is there for her, you know... He's been caring for G.Na... even before they broke up, kikwang said he fell for her... She would open up to kikwang... i'm glad jay.. i'm glad my sister found someone better...." he said with a smile.

Jay was speechless. He can't just tried to snatch away G.Na from that kikwang guy, when the smile junhyung gave him was the smile that said 'he's the one for my sister, i know that...' . 

"It's been a while since i saw her... where's she by the way?" he asked junhyung.

"Oh, she and kikwang was going to come with me... But i figure they need some time together... to bond, you know... so i told them to go first..." Jay then heard junhyung chuckled after he finished his answer.

"what?" Jay asked.

"Kikwang... he's so jealous of you... When i told G.Na you're back, she kept telling kikwang how great you are as her brother... She even told kikwang you're a better brother than me.. that little punk.. But then, i saw kikwang's expression.. it was priceless! He's not even her boyfriend and he's jealous already, he even told us he wants to meet you.. That's just ridiculous.. it's not like you love G.Na in that kind of way right? and i mean, you guys are like siblings.. just like me and G.Na... Kikwang is really stupid" Junhyung shook his head, smiling.

He failed to see Jay's darkened expression. He didn't see how jay's eyes are filled with frustration, sadness, pain, regret. But then again, when junhyung turned his head back at him, Jay would put his eye smile and chuckled along.

"Yeah... that's ridiculous... that kikwang guy seems funny" Jay said.

"He is.. you know, jay,.. he's like you... but he loves her as a girl, while you're like her brother" Junhyung easily said, not knowing how badly his words has stabbed his best friend's heart.

'I LOVE HER AS A WOMAN TOO!!!!' jay wished he can screamed that sentence to his best friend who's now enjoying his coffee.


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