1 year later

Take a deeper look at me, cinder-Jay



1 year later.... 

You and Jay still live together in an apartment while jonghyun live next door. Jonghyun is the guy that will be there for you no matter what. He'd give you roses on your birthday etc. While jay, he's being Jay. He'd be the nice and gentle guy to you. You don't even know who you love anymore since Jonghyun slowly has come into your heart too.

It was 12 pm when the apartment door suddenly opened, revealing Jonghyun and Jay. jonghyun carried the drunk Jay to the couch you sat on. You were waiting for him to come home when you saw them.

"what happened?" you asked, worried.

"He's drunk.... I better go to my apartment.. i'm tired... night,___" Jonghyun said before he left.

"Oppa, what's wrong?" you asked.

Slowly, Jay turned his body towards you and smiled bitterly. You were shocked at the tears that fell down his cheek.

"oppa.... tell me..." you said again, cupping his cheeks.

"G.Na..." her name makes you held your breath for a second.

"what about her?" you asked.

"she... jinwoon... Broke up... She was suffering the whole time we're here, in Seattle.... ___ah... she suffered because of him... and i wasn't there for her" he cried.

You stood there, not knowing what to do.

"___ah... what should i do?" he asked you.

You didn't say anything. Instead you hug him tightly so he won't see your tears too.

"Just.. just let it all out" you whispered.

"___ i love her...." he said between his tears, still oblivious that you cried too.

"I know...." you whispered.


Just few minutes after he fell asleep, someone ring your doorbell.

"Jonghyun oppa" you said and smile tiredly.

"are you okay?" he cupped your face.

even if it's dark, he can see that you've been crying.

"Come here" he pulled you into his warm embrace.

"Oppa, do you think i should forget him?" You asked, closing your eyes at his comforting warmth.

"Yes, you should" he said.

"It's getting tiring oppa.... i'm not even related to any of them.... but i have to get engaged...." you said.

"what do you mean?" he asked. Both of you still on the doorway, hugging.

"I was adopted...." you whispered and to your surprise, he smiled.

"why are you smiling?" you asked, confused.

"pabo, i know that already..."


"well, i kinda overheard your parents conversation... and yeah..." he smiled sheepishly and you giggled.



"I'm glad i have you" you said and he smiled gently, kissing your forehead.

"i'm glad i have you too" he said.


2011/06/24 friday

By Seoulchae

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YunaJi #1
Chapter 10: Ohhh my goooshhhh shes the girl that Jay doesn't want to leave when they were young right?! RIGHT?! OMGGGGGG!
ilove_minho123 #2
Awww this is so cute! :)<br />
Aww this is such a warming story (; I love it <3
thank you!!! :)
Kyaa, i really like how there's two endings! (: Makes us readers have like a path to choose in a way! ^^ Good luck with your new fic! ^^
thank youuuuuu!!!!! :')
cute endings :)<br />
really liked your story ^^
ohmyyoungbae #8
awwwwwwwwwww. thank youuuuu!! :D
thank you!!<br />
i already made the forward and 1st chap of my new fic .<br />
I love the ending. Glad you made two ending for both of the guys. The pictures are nice. Can't wait to read your new fic.:)