When a person asks you, “What is the color of the sky,” you usually answer with, “blue.” However, when someone asks you, “What shade of blue?” There is usually never a certain reply, nor is there a right answer to that question. “Light blue.” “Periwinkle.” “Navy.” “Sapphire.” These are all both correct and incorrect. If a pedestrian off the street decided to approach me with the seemingly obvious question of, “What color is the sky,” I would always respond with, “Cerulean.” Even if the sky is a beautiful mixture with shades of pinks, oranges, yellows and purples yet I still replied, “Cerulean.” The only reason I do this was because the color not only reminded me of my own eye color, but yours.



Yo. So I was was strolling around AFF and realized that there were a very few amount of Vocaloid fanfics. Being a vocaloid AND K-pop lover I decided to make a vocaloid fanfic cuz...why not? Plus, there are already A TON of K-pop fanfics here so...Hm. Anyways, I’m Darkangel1234/Darkie for short ( ‘B’ or ‘Beanie’ works as well). I’m new around here and this is my first Fanfiction here on AFF so please take care of me, and I truly hope you enjoy it! I like constructive criticism and some simple comments on what I can improve on or what you enjoy in the fanfic. WARNING: I WRITE PRETTY LONG CHAPTERS. The first chapter was actually going to be the foreword until I realized how AFF actually works and now you got a shortened chapter! :3 Well, I hope you enjoy my first vocaloid fanfic on AFF, and thanks for reading~! -B


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Chapter 1: I only found the vocaloid tag now. I found this story first. I fell in love with it.

This is very well written, not too fast but not too slow in pace regarding occurrences of events. This is probably the first time I've read a RinxLen fanfiction that has been this good.

You've earned yourself a subscriber :). Keep up the good work.
Chapter 8: interesting.
I just read the comment about only Kpop. It's not true, don't delete it please! I love anime too! Although, Kpop writers tend to gravitate towards this site eater than say, wattpad or something. Their partnering site, www.fanficoverflow.com is also a good place to move if you get too many haters. www.fanfiction.net accepts all fics ranging from anime, to books.

So, if you get too many haters, I'm sorry you had a bad experience :(, but you can get credit for your writings elsewhere where more will appreciate the effort you put in ^^ fighting!
LittleMissMoony #4

I was looking for some LenRin fanfic when I found yours. I read it all in a go and fell in love with it. Your writing is very great and it keeps me anticipating all the time. However, sometime you tend to give too detailed description.

Can you give me permission to translate this fic into Vietnamese? I will credit you fully and send you the link to confirm if necessary.

Thank you.

@gonegirl uh.. Nu-uh this is ASIANfanfics but I'm not being mean because I understand
lee_Mun-Ah #6
Chapter 1: Umm I just read the first chapter, its a really great one, thou the paragraphs were a bit too long and it made it hard to read. I would like it if you shorter the paragraphs(DONT delete it i mean put spaces or or so) sorry to bother you and thank you for writing such a great thing ♡
/off to read the rest/
OMG! I can't wait!
i'm not commenting because i'm reading, but i just wanted to ask something... i don't want to be a hater but isn't this site geared towards k-pop fics? it would be better if you moved this someplace else...