Shooting Star (sequel to Wishing Star)




Separated with different way, met with different way
I promised that we will be together again!
After Myungsoo already found his peace, Jee Hyo thought that her live would be back to normal.
But she's wrong.
Few days later, her classmates were gossiping about Myungsoo.
They said that he still alive.
She refused and denied it.
Until one day, she met the 'Myungsoo' that her classmates gossiping about.
Even she believe in reincarnation but will she accept the fact that Myungsoo still alive?
Characters :
Song Jee Hyo (OC)
- 18 years old teen girl
- Currently study at S O P A
- After known and met Myungsoo's ghost, she has fully changed (from a silence and anti-social to friendly and cheerful girl)
- Her first met with Hyun Soo is so ridiculous until she thought that it was just a dream
Hyun Soo/Myungsoo
- 18 years old boy
- Currently study at Jungsang High
- Hyun Soo is the guitarist and also lead vocal of Eye Candy, the most popular rock band (its not a school band actually)
- Most known as Ice Prince and easily get angry but his behaviour changed after he met and befriend with Jee Hyo
- Have a little sister that study in kindergarden
- First time he met with Jee Hyo, his mind keep told him that he have met her somewhere and felt the deja vu
- Hyun Soo is Myungsoo reincarnation (but not fully reincarnation)



Special appearance





(from left : Ha-jin, Hyun Soo, Ji-hyuk, Kyung-jong and Do Il)



Kwon Ji-hyuk
- 18 years old
- Currently study at Jungsang High
- His positions in Eye Candy are leader, vocal and guitarist
Jang Do Il
- 18 years old
- Currently study at Jungsang High
- His position in Eye Candy is drummer
- He is quiet, kind and sometimes overly serious
Kim Ha-jin
- 18 years old
- Currently study at Jungsang High
- His position in Eye Candy is bassist
- He is a notorious playboy
Seo Kyung-jong
- 18 years old
- Currently study at Jungsang High
- His position in Eye Candy is keyboard
- He is very funny, kind and the most shorter among the members in band


Hey, its me again!
This story is the seqeul of Wishing Star.
But I hope that this sequel is enough to made you feel satisfy.
Sorry for my grammar mistake cuz I'm not very good in grammar.
And also sorry for my english mistake cuz english is not my first language.
Author note : If you wanna know more about Hyun Soo, read this story and you will know why I set the fact that Hyun Soo is not the full reincarnation of Myungsoo. Hope you will like it! Annyeong! *bow*

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Chapter 7: OMG !! I'm waiting for your updateee !

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i wonder what will happen when hyunsoo realise that jee hyo was the girl that splashed him water the other day..kkk^^
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Chapter 5: dang! why he became so cold? that hyunsoo's attitude is the total opposite of myungsoo's..
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Chapter 4: Waah!!! XD XD
It's myungsoo, isn't it?! XD
Update soon author-nim..
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Chapter 1: kyaa~~~!!!!!
finally the sequel's here~~! >.<
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