Chapter 8

You & I Spell Love
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"Confessions moment?" 

"It's a thing we do, we all get into a circle and talk about something deep. It's what brings us together" Sungmin smiled

"Oh..." Kyuhyun said 
"So, first we're gonna make snacks for the movie, then we're gonna play some games and then end it with a confessions moment and some ice cream" Ryeowook concluded enthusiastically 
"Hyung I advise against alcohol. Tomorrow is Monday" Kyuhyun stated 
"I know that! I'm not stupid, who do you take me for?" Heechul grumbled 
"... Anyways, let's get in the cars and head towards the apartment. Who wants to go get the ice cream? Since there's like fifteen of us I say five flavors of the medium sized ice cream or three big tubs of ice cream" 
"Five is more variety but the three tubs is a whole lot more" 
"I agree, is anyone allergic to anything?" 
"Who wants to pick out ice cream?" Heechul asked. Eunhyuk raised his hand before Leeteuk even finished his sentence. "Me, me! I wanna go get the ice creams" Eunhyuk said in a very adorable fashion 
"What happened to the masculine monkey?" 
"He turned into an adorable anchovy" 
"Pftt.." Heechul tried to hold his laugh 
"I like you more and more as the days go on, gosh you're gold." Heechul laughed with Kyuhyun at Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk pouted and pretended to ignore both Kyuhyun and Heechul 
"Eunhyuk's side is gonna pick the ice cream then" 
The automatic doors opened and a scent that could only be described as "the super market scent" hit their noses; the lighting was bright yet not a soul was in sight. 
Eunhyuk entered the store solely to buy ice cream, when he looked back at the cart, he saw no one. 
"What the heck" he asked himself and moved on with the cart. He picked out strawberry shortcake ice cream first, then Oreo mix, s'mores flavor, cotton candy, and chocolate cookie dough. 
"Oh Hyung, nice choice" Siwon said looking at the ice cream boxes Eunhyuk had put in his cart 
"Thanks, do you know where did everyone disappear off to?" 
"Oh you know, side shopping. More like Donghae dragged me" 
"What did you- No! That's just too much" Eunhyuk widened his eyes when he saw siwons cart 
"Where shopping for fifteen boys Eunhyuk, fifteen growing men, we need all the food we can get. Plus, I don't mind leftovers, they help when I don't want to shop" 
"Oh my god please tell me you're kidding" 
"Hey, don't use His name in vain"
"Sorry, um, let's just get everyone back together and finish paying for this stuff" 
"Wonnie, I don't know which is better the choco flavor of the strawberry flavor" Donghae came up to Siwon in deep thought, eyes going from the pink colored biscuit to the brown colored biscuit
"Strawberry is better than anything in the world" Eunhyuk said impulsively 
"Hmm but I like chocolate" 
"Then get both?" Siwon said in a confused yet affirmative way 
"Oh my Shisus that's a perfect idea" 
"It's just the way Siwon says Jesus" 
"Don't --" 
"I got it, I got it, anyways let's go onwards and pay for this load of food" 
"Your total is 128,644 won" (aprox. 110 USD). Eunhyuk felt like he was gonna faint and seeing the older boys dilemma Siwon stepped up and pulled out his card while Donghae puled Eunhyuk to his side so that they could add the bada to the cart 
"Don't worry" Donghae said as they were placing the bags in the cart 
"Siwon doesn't mind paying for small things like this" 
"Small?" Eunhyuks eyes almost fell out of their sockets. "Yah! What do you mean small!" He asked bewilderedly 
"Of course it's a small amount, Siwon comes from a well off family" Donghae said, slightly uncomfortable with having to share this piece of information. If there was one thing that broke Siwon, it was materialistic people, there could be no way that Donghae could let Siwon remain friends with people who only regarded Siwon worthy because he had money. 
"Well thanks for this one time, I'll pay you back" Eunhyuk grumbled. Rich or poor he didn't like owing other people favors and it's not like he didn't have the money, it's just that Siwon took his place and paid for it himself rather than letting Eunhyuk pay for it. Plus what good comes from using people? Eunhyuk was long lost in his own thoughts, that is until he walked into a pole 
"You could've warned me" he seethed to the others, looking at Donghae in the eye first. The latter flinched. 
"Sorry, I tried but you were so out of it you didn't hear me or anyone else." Donghae said. Eunhyuk nursed the red spot on his forehead and felt his chin 
"Awh man this better not bruise, I don't wanna go to school like this" 
"Shut up and be a man Hyukjae" Ryeowook burst 
"Woah what the hell happened to him" Yesung commented "and who the hell is Hyukjae?" 
"Can we just get home? I'm tried and I really wanna watch a movie but you guys are taking too damn long" Ryeowook whined 
"Alright, let's go" Yesung said trying to ease the tensed boy. They drove back the the apartment complex and entered Sungmin and Kyuhyun's apartment 
"The food has arrived" Eunhyuk said  
"Finally!!! We were beginning to think we'd have to call you or something! Let's start the movie" 
"What movie?" 
"I wanna watch a Disney movie.." 
"NEMO" Donghae excitedly requested 
"NO" Kyuhyun rejected the idea 
"TITANIC" Donghae tried again, just as enthusiastically 
"FOR HEAVENS SAKE NO" Siwon said no 
"We've been watching nemo and titanic ever since we've met each other and trust me, we know each other for a good decade and a half" Yesung pouted 
"How about we watch the lion king?" Ryeowook suggested 
"I haven't seen that one in a long time" Kibum agreed 
"I suggest we watch Cinderella" Heechul suggested 
"Snow White" Kibum said out loud 
"Hey hey what about sleeping beauty" Shindong said 
"Oh speaking of sleeping beauty what about Maleficent" Donghae suggested 
"What the hell is that?" Heechul asked 
"Are you guys not up to date about Maleficent?" Donghae said, bewildered by the fact  
"Apparently not" 
"Oh my god no, we have to watch it! It's like a prequel to sleeping beauty but like a live action. Oh my god I wanna watch it so badly" 
"Then let's watch that since no one else has seen it before" Shindong concluded 
"This better be good fish" Heechul said to Donghae who responded with "Hopefully it is" As they set up then tv and find the movie on Netflix, everyone starts to look through the food and find a place to sit comfortably and watch the movie 
"Is it me or is it getting cold in here? Hyung, let's get out our pillows and blankets too" Donghae suggested 
"Good idea, and while we're at it lets get other things too like our bags for tomorrow since we have class tomorrow" 
"Ugh school" Kyuhyun sighed thinking about going to class 
"That's me on life" Yesung commented 
"Out earliest class is at 9 am and our latest class is at ends at 8 pm so let's try to get at least 6 hours of sleep" 
"Someone set up an alarm right now and charge your phone. Don't wanna be late to the evil hamsters class" 
"Professor Li always makes me so mad 'you have to be here on time or else I'll deny you credit'" Sungmin mocked " you're not even in class for the first half hour" The others agreed, professor Li was the only professor they had that did exactly that. 
"He's probably ing around somewhere or something like what the " 
"Please, let's get real, do you even think that guy could get laid? He looks like a friggin clam" 
"Oh my god Chul I see it! I see it! I'll never be able to unsee it!" Sungmin laughed covering his eyes. They laughed a bit more and then went to their own apartment rooms to gather their belongings. Everyone else was rather normal with their roommate except Donghae, he thought Eunhyuk was still mad at him for not telling him about the pole. In his defense, he did said 
"Eunhyuk there's a pole" but the other just wasn't listening. 
"Are you gonna stand there or what? Get you bag and your stuff" Eunhyuk questioned Donghae, Donghae didn't notice he was still standing at the door. 
"Yeah, um, yea I'll do that" Donghae said and busied himself. Eunhyuk didn't think much of the response and carried on gathering his books. They both left the apartment together. 
"I'll lock it" Donghae said, taking the key from the key holder inside
"Okay, and put the code on it too" 
"I forget the number" 
"Wait let me put this away and I'll get back to you." Eunhyuk said. With Eunhyuk gone, Donghae was along in the hallway, he kept staring at the stairs, expecting some sort of monster to come out from under. He didn't even realize that he was facing the direction of the stairs until someone tapped his shoulder 
"Why the hell do you look scared?" Eunhyuk asked Donghae 
"Uh.." Donghae contemplated his answer "it's nothing" he shook his head 
"Okay, I'll put in the code watch carefully" Eunhyuk said. Donghae trained his eyes on the code, hopefully he'll remember it for when he needs it next time. 
They walked to Kyuhyun and Sungmin's apartment quietly and waited for the others to show up too. Naturally since they came in together they sat together, Donghae was still damn sure that Eunhyuk was mad, Kyuhyun was on his other side so it was okay if he needed to cry or annoy someone with his stupid comments during the movie. Sungmin and Kyuhyun had one four seater couch, one single seater couch and one double seater couch, two beanbags (one that was his, the other was Kyuhyun's). Some sat on the couch, others in the beanbags while the rest at on the ground or laid on the ground. Sungmin Eunhyuk Donghae Kyuhyun  were on the couch while Siwon Kibum Ryeowook and Yesung at on the ground in front of them. Hangeng (double seater couch), with Henry Zhou mi on the in front. Kangin sat on the single seater and Leeteuk sat beside him on another beanbag. Shindong sat on one of the beanbags (basically beside Sungmin) 
The movie began and everyone watched carefully, all invested on little Maleficent. When the sad parts came just about everyone was cursing the guy out and crying at the same time because why would anyone do that to innocent Maleficent? They laughed when the funny moments came and cheered for Maleficent during the end. Overall the movie went really well. It evoked a lot of different reactions from each of the boys 
"That tells you not to trust good looking innocent men" Heechul nodded to himself 
"Or to give up your V-Card to anyone, even someone you think you love" 
"Right cuz in the end they'd just be after your money or something that will come to their benefit from being with you" 
"Absolutely agreed" 
"Yeah but predetermined hate doesn't always stay as hate" Sungmin pointed out 
"I agree, wait was that the last chip?" Shindong replied 
"There's another --" Sungmin was about to begin 
"The last chip!" Shindong wailed 
"He at the last chip" Eunhyuk panicked
"I..." Sungmin began dramatically "I'm so sorry, if only my ignorant self had known from beforehand, I wouldn't have committed such a crime." Sungmin pretended to dwell in sorrow 
"I've been determined as the chosen on" he looked up with a hand fisted and a determined face "I will try not to disappoint" Sungmin nodded to himself 
"Oh chosen one, get me another bag of chips" 
"What the hell?" Zhou mi asked, more than just slightly bewildered by what was going on 
"They do random crazy like that all the time, so if you don't understand just don't bother with it." Heechul laughed "Let's begin confessions moment now, Whoever needs to pee better pee now" Heechul suggested. 
After a long bathroom break, everyone gathered in a circle and held a candle light. At this point Sungmin had already turned off the artificial lights. 
"As someone who has done this for many many years, I'll explain what the 'Confessions Moment' is. First off, it's a stress relief. You sit down in a circle with a group of friends and you talk about something in your life that excites you or bothers you and we discuss it. Second, this is a bonding moment so you have to be willing to listen to us speak so that we listen to you when you speak. The most important part of this is honesty and truth. Don't make something up, if you can't think of something then it's okay, no need to lie about it. And it's okay if you think it's too personal." 
"Alright then let's make a circle" 
The boys say in a circle and looked at one another, waiting for someone to say something. 
"I'll start, my confession is that I'm bi. Now tell me, who has a problem so I can mark you on my 'to harass list'" Heechul stated proudly 
"No one?" He looked around "Good. Who wants to go next" 
"I do! Although it's a little feminine, my favorite color is pink" 
"Cut the crap Min, tell us something deep" 
"Alright, you asked for it. I have a black belt in karate, earned the highest ranks in a large majority of the martial arts and I can kick basically anyone's because I've been granted permission to carry around my nunchucks." Sungmin smiled innocently 
"Alright, thanks for letting us know not to with you. Kyu you should watch out and take some defense lessons" 
"I might just" Kyuhyun laughed 
"Let's see, something deep. Hmm. I don't know, well, something no one knows is that I released an album back when I was in kindergarten" 
"What the how?" 
"The church I went to had us sing Christmas carols and they apparently recorded us. Don't know where it is now though" 
"Cool, if you find it let us hear you singing cute Christmas songs" 
"Ryeowook tell us something" 
"Hmm, I have confidence in my voice and people call me sassy so don't be surprised, Heechul's been rubbing off on me" Ryeowook pouted 
"You look like a cinnamon roll but can totally kill someone" 
"Nope that's Sungmin, Heechul and Hangeng" 
The boys talked some more and continued their stories, none as deep as Heechul's had been. It would simply take more time for them to become closer but it was okay. One by one each of the boys began to gather under their shared blankets, in random parts of the room. The charging phones lay in one corner, hooked to a multiplug.  

Sungmin was passed out on the sofa and looked uncomfortable. Eunhyuk was slightly sleepy but managed to notice his Hyungs condition. He knew that Sungmin didn't like sleeping on the sofa and that he hadn't taken his medicine yet. 

"Minnie Hyung wake up" 

"Wha what happened" Sungmin groggily said 

"Did you take your medicine? And go sleep in a bed, you shouldn't sleep on the sofa" 

"Hmm you're right, thanks Hyuk" Sungmin got up and made his way to his room, on his bed was Ryeowook, Siwon, Kangin, and Leeteuk. He quickly found his medicine and made his way to the kitchen. After taking his medicine he went back to the sofa and went back to his position. He was still uncomfortable but he was able to bare it since there was no where else to sleep. 

Half an hour later when everyone was feel asleep, Kyuhyun woke up to go to the bathroom. On his way back to his spot he noticed the look of discomfort on Sungmin's face. He sighed and picked Sungmin up, carrying him bridal style to his room. 

The others would probably harass me if I didn't do something like this. Kyuhyun sighed 

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