Chapter 4

You & I Spell Love
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Once they had gone home, Sungmin immediately decided to give someone a call. 

"Hello, Mr. Cho?" 

"Yes, this is Mr. Cho is this this Sungmin?" 

"Yes it is, I was just calling to confirm that I have accepted your offer. I will get married to your son." 

"Glad to hear that, we'll arrange a meeting between you two soon. I thought about it again and I decided that it's best if you two meet before your marriage. I'll call you back tomorrow around the same time" 

"Alright thank you" 

"I think I just made one of the biggest decisions of my life on a whim." Sungmin said, slowly realizing the true meaning of his own words. 

I have to tell Heechul. Was the only thing that ran through his mind. 

GROUP MEETING IN MY ROOMNOW. He texted the group of guys 

"WHO HURT YOU AND WHERE IS HE? I WILL BEAT HIM WITH MY FRYING PAN" Eunhyuk ran into Sungmin's room with a frying pan, wearing pink pajamas and rollers in his hair 

"You can't even cook" Sungmin laughed 

"MIN YOU BETTER NOT BE CRYING OR ELSE SOMEONE WILL BE DYING" Heechul came in with a bat and had a green face mask on

"Holy nuggets of I didn't know better I would've thought we were being kidnapped by green aliens." 

"WHERE IS SUNGMIN? YAH SUNGMIN DID SOMETHING HAPPEN?" Yesung hollered into the apartment  

"MIN I HEARD IT WAS AN EMERGENCY!" shindong came running inside 

"Calm down will you? I have to break some news to you all.." 

"You're pregnant? You're moving? Your engaged?" Heechul worried 

"No, no and I think so." Sungmin sheepishly admitted 

"Holy. . Noodles. What did you say? You think so? To what? The pregnancy? The moving or the engagement?" Eunhyuk gasped 

"... The engagement." Sungmin said after a long pause 

There was another pause 

"What I didn't hear you, I thought you said engagement, I must've heard wrong" Heechul broke out into laughter 

"I'm getting engaged!" Sungmin pouted 

"TO WHO!" Heechul grabbed Sungmin's shoulders and began to shake them 

"We'll find out soon. But yeah, I'm getting married and he goes to our school so maybe you guys know him." 

"Does that mean you'll move out of our apartment and make me live alone?" Eunhyuk was practically crying

"I don't want to leave you" Sungmin's eyes became teary 

"So you know when you're gonna get engaged? We gotta have a bachelor party!" Yesung pointed out 

"Bachelorette party, knowing sungmin he's probably a bottom" 

"Shut up Kangin! That was only once and we were drunk out of our asses okay!" 

"Heechul Hyung have Kangin quite the earful after that" Eunhyuk said

"And I wouldn't mind yelling at him again! He deflowered the innocent! Even I don't do that!" Heechul said 

"Oh my god Hyung is that what you've been yelling at Kangin for?" Sungmin paused

"What else" Heechul looked at him and then back at Kangin 

"Um Kangin was referring to being the bottom of the chain when it comes to drinking" Sungmin clarified 

"Holy no way so you're still innocent?" Heechul gasped 

"Um you know me, I wouldn't do it with just anyone" Sungmin said 

"Well, I was just telling you guys since you're the closest thing I have to family. Thanks for not bashing me about my decision and putting up with my stupidity" Sungmin finished his little speech 

"What are you talking about Min, we love you, and of course we care and think about the decisions you make. It's just that your a grown man and you can choose what you want to do with your life." Eunhyuk said hugging Sungmin be the side. Right then and there everyone else joined the hug and tackled Sungmin to his bed. Sungmin closed his eyes, he not only felt warm but also secure. As if everything was going to be alright. He wasn't unsure about his decision, he knew what he had to do, he just didn't know if he had anyone's support or not. 

The following day Sungmin woke up, he found himself cuddling into Kangin's embrace. He was in between Heechul and Kangin but it seemed that Kangin was holding him tightly like a mother securing her child and Heechul had his arms and legs on Sungmin as if he was strapping Sungmin down with something. Although it looked odd, Sungmin was happy

"Hyung move I have to go to work and meet the guy today" 

"Guy? What guy?" Kangin mumbled

"I'll kick him out of the world if he bothers my Ming, I'll seriously get the mafia to back me up" Heechul said half asleep, half awake, rubbing his eyes 

"Thanks Hyungs, you guys are the best" Sungmin said when he got out of the bed successfully without waking up the other guys. He took his phone and went to his kitchen in search for breakfast. 

"Let's see... There's eggs... There's milk... Bread..." He began naming all the things in his fridge in search for his ingredients for breakfast. 

The others probably won't wake up until much much later. Since I have the appointment with Mr. and Mrs. Cho and my future fiancé, I need to get ready quickly. Maybe I should take a shower first? 

Sungmin left the kitchen and went back to his room in order to pick out an outfit for his date today. 

Oh god this is really embarrassing and nerve wrecking at the same time. 

Sungmin took forever to pick out a nice outfit, he wanted to impress not distress. He showered quickly after choosing his outfit. Once he was out of the shower, his phone began ringing. That's when Sungmin had a panic attack. He shakily pulled the phone up to his year, his body still covered by just a towel. 

"Hello, good morning, Sungmin speaking." 

"Hi, I'm Master Cho's butler, they've asked me to inform you about today's meeting with the young master. 9:00 am sharp at cafe bleu. Ask the person at the front desk to guide you to the Cho table. They will ask for a code and just say game consoles in English. Alright?" 

"Wait wait wait I didn't get to copy that down! You can't just throw information on me like that! I found a pen and pencil, please repeat."

"Meeting today. 9 AM. Cafe Bleu. Ask someone who works at the cafe to guide you to the Cho table. If they ask for a code say Marcus's game console" he oh so kindly repeated. Sungmin quickly jotted down all of the details.

Once Sungmin had breakfast he ran out of the door, telling himself first impressions matter most. He found himself at the cafe ten minutes early, he didn't expect the Cho's to be there but then again, last time they met, they were waiting for him. 

"Hello, do you work here?" Sungmin asked a random person inside the cafe 

"As implied by the shirt, yes I do" the person replied 

"Okay, umm.. Can you lead me to the Cho's table?" 

"Um.. Code?" 

"Marcus's game console" Sungmin said 

"This way please" The cafe worker replied 

"Uh okay" Sungmin just followed

As Sungmin was following the cafe worker, a figure spoke out his name. "What's Sungmin doing here? And why's he going to the reserved section?"

Sungmin was lead to the corner deep within the café. He saw that the Cho were already there. 

"Ah Sungmin, nice to meet you, it seems as if our son is a little late." Mr. Cho said 

"He was probably up playing games all night" Mrs. Cho said without thinking. 

Oh lord I'm going to marry a game-freak? There's no way he'll be good looking 

"Sorry I'm late" a voice said from afar. Sungmin felt blind, he wasn't able to see very clearly.

"Kyuhyun! Didn't I teach you to be punctual?" 

"Sorry mom, sorry dad. Why'd you call me over today though? And who is this-" Kyuhyun said with an excited and expectant gleam when he noticed the older boy "Sungmin-shi?" Kyuhyun called out in disbelief, the glimmer of light in his eyes gone, and that straight, stoic face from their previous meeting appeared. 

"Oh it seems like you know each other" 

"Yea we live on the same floor" 

"Even better. Honey things just got a whole lot easier. Kyuhyun we have to tell you something. It's not something you can pretend to listen to so if you're in your own world right now, I need you to get out and take a seat in front of me." His mother said. Kyuhyun reluctantly sat beside Sungmin, the only other available seat. 

"Kyuhyun, this will come to you as a shock but we arranged a marriage for you." 

"Who? What's her name? Is she hot? Do you have a picture of her?" 

"He's right beside you, you know. We arranged a marriage between you and Sungmin." 

"What why? We don't even know each other?" 

"Exactly, and we know way more than you. So what do you say, would you like to have all of your assets taken away or would you rather marry Sungmin." 

"Can I have some time to reconsider this? You do realize this is really out of the blue.. It's not part of that is it?"

"That?" Sungmin asked himself 

"Of course it is! You agreed to it yourself, don't be an irresponsible brat. This is not how I raised either of you!" Mr. Cho said in a deep, angry voice.

Kyuhyun got up and walked out of the cafe.

"So Sungmin, how do you know Kyuhyun?" 

"He transferred over to our school and we have almost the same schedule. And he lives in the same apartment complex as I do." 

"Oh that's good to hear. Don't worry, Kyuhyun will agree. Let's get the basic things settled. As long as Kyuhyun is married to you, he will not play around and his assets are secured. But if he divorces you, he loses everything he has, assets and money, everything. But if you choose to divorce him with a valid reason, all assets will be sold and all the money will go to an orphanage. Is that clear." 

"Yes." Sungmin said feeling the authoritative tone drown him. 

"Alright, for now we'll just hold a engagement party and then a month from now, we'll have you married. Is that alright?" 

"Uh, yeah it should be."

Sungmin left first, Mr. And Mrs. Cho said they wanted to have a date.

As soon as he stepped out of the cafe he was yanked to the side and into an alleyway. He felt his shoulder blades hit the walls and the wind got blown out of him that second because of the instant pain, that would definitely hurt for a while. He opened his eyes and instantly met Kyuhyun's fierce ones. He tried to say something but he realized his mouth was blocked with Kyuhyun's hand.

"Let me finish first." Kyuhyun threatened. Sungmin could only nod. 

"Look, I'll marry you but don't think it's because I like you or other bull like that. Don't tell anyone either, got it." 

"Mhmmm" Sungmin nodded and tried to say 

"Good" Kyuhyun said, letting go of Sungmin. Sungmin took an exaggerated breath of relief when Kyuhyun began walking away. 

"Wait!" Sungmin called out

"What now?" 

"I told my friends, before you told me not to." 

" you. my life." Kyuhyun stomped back towards Sungmin

"You!" Kyuhyun called out. "Tell them one thing, that it's a secret and no one is supposed to know. It's better if I tell my friends too, they'll be suspicious of you move in or something" 

"Me? Move in? With you? Oh hell no, no, no, no, no. Listen, as much as you don't like me, I don't like you. I'm not getting married to you because I want to." Sungmin said back 

Just then Kyuhyun smirked. "Wanna play a game?" 

Sungmin scrunched up his eyebrows "what the hell are you planning?" 

"A game, where you and I pretend to be lovesick puppies in front of people. Whoever's friend is suspicious about something first, loses, and whoever falls for the other first, loses." Kyuhyun said, a mischievous glint in his eyes glowing. Sungmin couldn't say no to competition could he? How else would he ever call himself a man?

"You're on. If you lose you owe the other person whatever they want for a year" 

"A year?" Kyuhyun smirked 

"A year" Sungmin nodded 

"You're on." Kyuhyun laughed turning around and making his way out 

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"ing dickhead" Sungmin yelled 

"Rotting " Kyuhyun yelled back

" er" Sungmin challenged 

"Mother ing face" Kyuhyun stood his ground 

"Oh no you just did not" Sungmin said 

"Oh hell yes I did" Kyuhyun smirked 

" you" Sungmin angrily said 

"Gladly" Kyuhyun smirked 

"Eww, no die in a hole will you" Sungmin said scrunching up his face 

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