Went To Find My Sister A Boyfriend, Ended Up Marrying Him Instead



Sung Hee went all the way to Korea to find Choi Minho so she could fulfil her sister's dream of being with him. Little did she know that it wasn't her sister who would have him, but herself. One problem, Sung Hee doesn't even like Minho in that way. She'd always looked forward to having him as her brother.
Read to find out!
Han Sung Hee
English Name: Sunny
Age: 20
Personality: Bubbly, happy, surprisingly protective over her older sister,determined, tomboy-ish, laughs at abs and muscles on men, believes to have onew sangtae, loves shipping pairings
Description: Shoulder length black hair, 170 cm tall, wears purple glasses, averaged sized girl.
Likes: Food, cute things, pokemon, kpop
Dislikes: Abs, Muscles, negative people, antis
Hobbies: Reading fanfics, playing guitar, listening to music, punching
Han Min Yeon
English Name: Tenisha
Age: 22
Personality: Tech geek, happy, over protective in general, evil (at times) obsessed with K-pop idols (mainly boybands and abs), tomboyish with the occassional girlyness, possesive over biases (especially Minho)
Description: Long black hair, 172 cm tall, average sized girl
Likes: K-pop, J-pop, robotics, computers, electronics
Dislikes: Negative and mean people, antis, cheesy moments
Hobbies: Reading, writing, listening to music, playing on the computer
Age: 23
You know the rest
Onew          -Age: 25
Key             -Age: 23
Jonghyun    -Age: 24
Taemin       - Age: 22


"I'll bring him back for you Unnie"


"This is my son, Choi Minho"


"We either get married or SHINee is gone"


"Marry him, it's ok"


"You're living with the rest of SHINee as well. Same room with him"


"You're married to me not him"


"I don't love you! I don't even like you that way!"

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LastFirstKiss100 #1
That title XD hehe, can't wait to read
Chapter 15: THANK YOU!!!! I really did miss reading this story. :)
THANK YOU!!!!! Hope you update pretty soon! :D
cutiekoala #4
O_o Who is he?<br />
Update soon!
Update PLEASE! :) Great story, At the start I didn't get how they were married but I get it now~
[deactivated] #6
Now! with 2PM! <br />
Hahaha! I wonder what is the other's expression when they're talking in English. LOL.<br />
<br />
It's Choi... SO funny! hahaha! Cute!
[deactivated] #7
She doesn't want to call them OPPAS. Lol.<br />
Love the video call!<br />
ahahaha..<br />
onsangtae #8
Hehe choi sung hee<br />
So sweet and cut :3
Ihsara #9
The marriage will be a lot clearer in the next few chapters :)
when did they get married???<br />
am i that old to FORGET??<br />