Living the Dream~ Working with Exo

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This was so exciting; you were going to work in SM entertainment and witness awesome groups perform as well as see other amazing idols! But what's this? You're assigned to live with and manage some random new SM boy group with a weird name - EXO?

Who would've thought this group of 12 children would be so much to handle!? 

However feelings were NOT part of the plan...Love never was!!

What will happen when one aloof girl hangs around 12 ridiculously hot guys!?

There's going to be a lot of laughs, a lot of tears, a lot of heartache and a lot of FLUSTER!!! 

Who you'll end up with and what will happen along the way is all a mystery! guest starring SOME OTHER WELL KNOWN IDOLS!! ;)

This story will progress from Exo as trainees all the way to where we are now so hope you enjoy!!~~


This is a story that is in a first-person perspective, progressing all the way from Exo as trainees all the way to the present time!

I wanted this story to feel as close to the reader as possible and as realisitic as I can get it without personally knowing the boys myself - but I deffinitely have got a lot of their personalities down so it should be a very fun story - I've aimed to make sure the things that are said and done are as close to what the boys really would say and do. 

Especially on how they let a girl in...and how they fall in love...

Stay tuned for this hilarious romantic comedy filled with drama and GUEST APPEARANCES FROM OTHER KPOP IDOLS!! 

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my lovely readers; Who do you ship in this story? I'd love to know!!


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Chapter 77: knowing kai he finna confront his dancing bestie taemin
Chapter 75: Ahhhh I love this chapter so much!!! Taemin is so sweet and cute! Can’t wait for the next chapter and hehe excited to see the rated m moment y/n is going to have, finally getting the sweet romance she deserves :)))))
808aff #3
Chapter 70: Good luck with your masters and you novel writing! I've been a fan of this from the start years ago, and was glad to see an update. I'm def sad it's over, but thank you for taking the time to send us off with alt endings/scenarios. Still a team DO or Yeol here lol.

Hope you excel in all you're future endeavors and that maybe you keep writing for us too lol.
Chapter 70: NOOOO IT CANT BE OVER!!!!!!!!!
Chapter 69: I saw that you updated this and got SUPER excited that I fangirled at work!! But now I'm sad......
Donjameijne #6
Chapter 69: Are you gonna continue this story?