Let Me Keep You


When you leave a little vampire called Kyungsoo to his lonesome, he might go out on an adventure. His adventure may take him to a human city. This would be the first time he had ever been to a human city. Now what happens when the little vampire meets a human who helped him from being robbed and took him under his wing because he was 'lost'? Now what's Kyungsoo supposed to do? He has to go back home, but he doesn't want to leave his human.

And from there on out, the vampire world clashes with the human world.

"He's mine!"


I have no idea why I'm creating a new fic, but I couldn't help it. This story was inspired by one certain scene in the fic, which should come up in a few chapters depending. I will update irregularly, so don't expect too much from me. I have two more ongoing fics that need my dire attention.

Pairings will be introduced during the story. This will be multi-chaptered, but not as long as my other fics.

Do not copy, plagiarize, translate, or post this anywhere else! If so, I will hide this fic or delete it!

Please comment, subscribe, or upvote! I will love you forever and maybe update faster!

(Excuse me for the lame foreword, I did this in a rush.)


Credit: ing, my favorite graphic designer of all time, made my posters!


Please also pay attention to my AN at the end.

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Chapter 17: Omgeeeeeee ❤ you're back
Chapter 17: I thought I was alucinanting when I saw this on my feed.
Chapter 17: yay i missed you and this story! don't worry sehun, having thought of someone could be a sign of a possible mate haha. and who might that be, i wonder keke
Bookie1698 #6
Chapter 17: Loved it! Can't wait for more!
lilymelody #7
Chapter 17: good luck with everything and thank you for this chapter.
cgao753 #8
Chapter 17: honestly fam i feel uuuuuu I BARELY READ FANFIC ANYMORE I've basically like relinquished my life to yanno death and pain and suffering and hw so LOL i don't read or write barely i like watch tv to curb my sadness and i just do hw after that bc procrastination is getting to me >_< ahhhhhhhhh MERP but yah I WILL WAIT FOR U DON'T WORRY FAM
lucky9606 #9
Chapter 17: Thank you for this update ^.^ I really enjoy this fic and I was so happy when I realized you updated.
Good luck with college, i completely understand the feeling of being so busy with school and adulting, I'm almost done my undergrad and a lot of my friends are graduating and moving on to new things and honestly its really hard to keep up with other things... there just isnt as much time anymore :( I really do wish you can finish the story because I know it will be one that I will reread many times but remember to take care of yourself and thank you for taking the time to update ^.^
noveaureader #10
Chapter 17: Thank you for this update! I absolutely missed this story and I really love the character dynamics ^_^ I wish you the best of luck with college and life in general! ?