The Difference Between Then and Now


Taec and Gui Gui were a couple for We Got Married Global. They weren't really a "romantic" couple. They were teh cutesy couple compared to Lee Hong Ki and Fuji Mina. Of course that was on-camera.


Of-camera, Gui Gui's feeling towards Taec is no different than the one she's supposed to show on-camera. Taec didn't see it that way, though. For him, the him on-camera and of-camera is different. It was hard enough for him to act "lovey dovey" with Gui Gui on camera.


But, now that it's three and a half years after the show has ended and they have gotten a "divorce," they met again by fate. Taec has moved on and was even dating a girl group member. The fire Gui Gui felt towards Taec had calmed down, but it was not completely gone yet. Taec was intrigued by Gui Gui when they met again. Something was different about her and he was determined to find out.


Hello! This is my very first story here~ ^^ I've opened my account a long time ago, but am now finally writing~ whoo! Haha

So thsi is a Taec and Gui Gui story. Just because I feel that the two didn't get enough "love" on WGM Global.

And I'm not sure if there will be STEAMY scence or not. (probably). We'll see though! ^^

Please be kind to me on this, and don't hate to much. Hehehe


DISCLAIMER: I do not own WGM Global, Taecyeon, nor Gui Gui. I do not, by any means, advertise hotels, places they go to, nor brands they wear/use.

This story is a work of fiction and all ideas are my own.


IF you wish to use this somewhere else besides AsianFanfics, please ask first and I will gladly give you my permission.

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dini2001 #1
Chapter 7: Where is date night part 2 ? Please..huhuhhu...
Chapter 7: i reread this fic for my 7th time. please update soon <3
carlycandybear #3
Chapter 7: Update please want to know what happens
Huili1112 #4
Chapter 7: Update it soon please ! It made my curiosity taken over with what story will they fall again ! :D
jackofdiamonds #5
this was an interesting read, i hope you would continue the story. fighting!
guadalupeanguiano #6
Chapter 7: This chapter was really funny. Update soon please
Chapter 7: I love the 2PM members w/ Jun.K and Jay. They are so dorkishly adorable! You should continue to include them in the story more, like in this chapter.
jazcabbb #8
update soon please ^•^
syatila #9
Chapter 7: cant wait for next chapter ^_^
lamey- #10

I wonder why guigui asked him to stop and wish to cuddle...hmm. Mystery