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Welcome back!
Who and what am I? Well, my name is veniroxe, a.k.a Christien; master of procrastination and the original provider for easy guides to how to create your very first layout ever! Also, a quick hello to all of my old subscribers. I missed you guys and I am so sorry for not updating this thread for...5 or 6 years? But I'm back again! Whoo!
Also, a quick info to any advanced coders: This is a thread for beginners. I repeat: BEGINNERS.
Lastly, I also provide layout fixations, so feel free to leave a comment below any time or on my official layout thread.
P.S.: The first lesson, "Elements, Tags, Attributes, CSS" has been finally updated!
Attention: This thread teaches how coding is done via source mode!
Updated: November 25, 2018
Holy-- I am so sorry for leaving you guys hanging for so long. I finally found time and motivation to update the tutorial thread after such a long time. I'll try to do it more regularly now.


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Omg, you can't be serious... I just found this great tutorial thread and you guys are under construction??? Aww... Well, I'll wait! Please open soon! :)
Hi. I'm starting a shops list and I want to add your shop/gallery/list/contest/roleplay :
Read the rules, complete this form , put it in the comments box for this link and you will be on the list.

Author's name:
Author's link:
Banner's link:
Shop's Title:
Shop's link:
Shop genre:
Author's Note:
Info you want to add:
Services/Packs/posters/trailers exp:
I'm using this one in RPR~ ^^
Nooo! What happened to lines inside a box ;;
Hi, I'll be using City Lights. :)
ScionDemigod #6
Hi I will be using Green Dream
Hi, I really want to use City Lights, but the link to the code isn't working for me... Please help?
Will be using the Baek Sumin layout ^^
icu_rp #9
I'm using rounded
58 streak #10
using hurricane~ :)