A Strange Stranger


Wufan is going to meet Luhan's new boyfriend for the fifth time. The boyfriend will never come, just like he didn't come all the other times, and Luhan knows that, because it's all just a lie.

But then someone puts his hands on Luhan's shoulders, kisses his cheek and claims he's Luhan's boyfriend, but Luhan doesn't know the person. What a strange stranger he's encountered.  


morinomnom on Apr 28, 2013 02:52:12 says: I have a prompt for you.... Would you comply this prompt? xDDDD

Prompt : weird stranger


This is the first prompt I've ever written >< I'm sorry if this wasn't what you wanted, but this is what I came up with ^^;; 

I don't know if it'll have two chapters or one chapter yet ^^; Surprise surprise~




Vietnamese (trans by: miriki224): Chapter 1 --- Chapter 2

[A Strange Stranger] You'll get the first chapter on Saturday ^^

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elxilu #1
Chapter 2: It was so cute and adorable; ") it was really worth reading this...
KimHyunaTaeyeon #2
Chapter 2: Really really cute story!!!! Wish there was more
ajjmal #3
Chapter 2: "I didnt know I was lost until you found me." *turns into a leprechaun* *throws rainbow dust everywhere* Honestly the coincidence in this story is so legit funny xD
Chapter 2: this is so cute and fun to read. If this was a book l´d buy it. Well written and looking forward to the update or more stories from you
kenny0550 #5
Chapter 2: I laughed so hard at this- thi is amazing I love this so much!!!

Never-ever say that your writing - or that you don't deserve it.
*lightly hits you in the side of the head*
Next time you think otherwise hit yourself lightly on the head.
You are talented!
Don't forget that- and don't be so shy about your work.

Most writers like yourself think less of themselves.
I know I'm a total stranger,
But I love your writer!! Please don't feel down about yourself or your writing.
You have talent, don't get shy- write more!!

I don't even know if you read this but I thought.. Yeah
Chapter 2: I....need....sequelsssssssss
Chapter 2: it's really cute.... oh my xiuhan feels
laili_3 #8
Chapter 2: it's really cutttttteeeeeeee story... aw xiuhan make my day..... please updte.
Chapter 2: Omg the story is so demn cute and perfect. Awwwwwww. Love luhan here and Minseok haha thanks for saving luhan.
nyongdepii #10
Chapter 2: This is really cute ^^ my xiuhan feels .... ♥♥♥♥