The Loof Is On Fire

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Kim Himchan never fails to make Bang Yongguk smile or laugh, even in the worst of situations during a mission.

A/N: SpecialOPS!AU. If ya'll haven't listened to BAP's Hurricane... you're missing out on the jamz.


Yongguk smirks as he sees one feminine featured man getting socked in the face. He then quickly aims for the man slugging the feminine looking man and with the flex of his pointer finger the snipe gun shoots out fast and swift breaking through the glass windows. The bullet hits the man square in the shoulder and the man flops forward harshly onto the feminine looking man. The feminine looking man shoves the dead man in his arms away making the dead body fall to the ground and Yongguk can’t help but find the look of disgust that’s on the feminine man’s face amusing.

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magicbananas #1
Chapter 1: Ok....
That always gets me *wipes away tears from laughing too much*
YouDunnoMe #2
Wow nice story!! I love it!
Chapter 1: Commander Himchan is being Commander Himchan haha love this ♥
Chapter 1: Lol the loof is on fire..... Lolllll.... I love commander channie here hahhahaa... But I wished this was longer!
Chapter 1: the loof is on faiyaaa. LMAO.. great one shot. and I never fail to laugh everytime I listen to Hurricane! xD
The title is from the Hurricane's lyrics→ Himchan's part.
It's not the 'loof' but 'roof' . Korean pronouncation is a bit weird because they used to write: ㄹ → which means letter 'L' or 'R'. So instead of saying 'roof', it pronounce as 'loof'. just like SHINee-Ring ding dong. They don't pronounce it as 'Ring' but instead 'Ling'. c:
Chapter 1: Oh my gosh "The loof is on fire!" XD Man that never gets old...oh Himchan heh heh. Anywho great one-shot :D
Chapter 1: hahahaha himchan's so funny with da loof thingy >< =)))
seriously TS, i just think himchan should be comedian xD
petalcha #9
Chapter 1: Omg the loof. How to forgive TSㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ This made me laughㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Yullenrin #10
Chapter 1: Haha oh gosh this was the joke of the year for Himchan; the loof is on fire... it'll never get old. Also, awesome job done with this! The thought of sniper!Yongguk gets me tingling; like how hot would /that/ be? (I think I'll be fried alive.)