my neigbors ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

the web toon

when i woke up that morning i went to my computer to check my email and they gave me the adress of where they lived thats when i started freaking out alot the email said 

infinite lives in 213 we have informed their manager i hope you can get enough information Gaon the Ghost if you do this your monthly pay will be 212500 won . 

wait but i live in 212 so that means wait what no what i steped outside and looked to the right and there i saw it 213 "ai " i said then when i steped back i saw a old lady who looked as if she was about to have a heart attack from the harsh words i just said . " good morning" i said with a smile on my face and then i poked my head back in and sighed so i got ready for the day and just went to a cafe and got a coffee and sat there thinking about what i should do next should i quit the job but i love this job and i never even knew i had the talent to draw so well  oh well i'll see how it works out it's a job i enjoy so i guess i should keep it   then my coffee spilled right on the floor and right on to someones pants 

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