Love Stories Collection

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Taengsic and IZ*ONE one-shot collection!


1. Eternal Love (Taengsic)

2. Lucky Day (Taengsic)

3. Happy Fasting! 

4. Two Is Better Than One (Taengsic)

5. Double Date (Taengsic and Hyosun)

6. No Words Needed (Taengsic)

7. Hello..?

8. Miyawaki Sakura's AU Idea (Sakura Harem)

9. Attention (SsamKkura)

10. Blood Line (MinKkura Rated)

11. It's Always You (MinSakuJin)

12. Look At Me / Part I (MinSakuJinYoung)

13. Look At Me /Part II (MinSakuJinYoung)

14. Sports Day (3Kim)

15. Date in Universal Studio (EunSakuMin)

16. Human Sacrifice (Kkubi)

17. Look At Me / Part III (MinSakuJinYoung)

18. Jealousy (MinKkura)

19. Look At Me / Part IV, Last Chapter (MinSakuJinYoung)

20. Unrequited Love (SakuYen)

21. Flower Crown (ChaeKkura)

22. Explanation (Sakura Harem)

23. Last Name (SsamKkura)

24. Finding Nako's Papa (Kkubi)

25. Tutor (WonKkura)

26. As The Youngest (MinKkura)

27. Set You Free (MinKkura)

28. The Thought of Losing You (MinKkura)

29. Three of Us (ChaeKkura)

30. Only For Me (SsamKkura)

31. Source of Colors (MinKkura)

32. Bus Station (SakuYul)

33. Dancing In The Moonlight (MinKkura)

34. Link to Kkubi's Omegaverse One-shot

35. Sisters (SaNakHii)

36. New Home (KkuBi, SakuCat)

37. Letter For You (MinKkura)

38. Price of Dedication (SsamKkura, MinKkura)

39. Link to Ssamkkura's one-shot

40. Her Wish (SsamKkura)

41. Meant To Be (KkuBi, Chaewon)

42. Notice!

43. Peculiar Love (Jinjoo, WonKkura)

44. Misconception of Love (KkuBi)

45. The 'Date' (MinKkuBi)

46. Change of Heart (KkuBiNak)

47. Reunion (KkuBi)

48. A Love To Last (KkuBi)

49. Memories (MinKkura)

50. Halfway Through Love (MinKkura)

51. Invaluable (Sakura's birthday)

52. The Greatest Love (Kkubi, Miyawaki Family)

53. Extraordinary You (Kkubi, Ssamyen)

54. Colors in Life (JinJoo, 2Kim, WonKkura)

55. 'Friends' (Kkubi, M)

56. What Lovers Do (Kkubi)

57. Saudade (Kkubi)

58. Truth or Dare (Ssamkkura)

59. Last Name (Ssamkkura)

60. Missed Timing (Kkubi)


This oneshot collection is about Taengsic at first. But as the time goes by, I have added new pairing from IZ*ONE! Mainly Eunsaku and Minkura. Angst, fluffy, everything. Feel free if you want to request oneshot. Hope you enjoy this.

I might not gonna update this regularly as I am focusing on my ongoing Minkura story, but I will update once in awhile. Prepare for the surprises~

I will moved my Miyawaki family to here:

A Day With Miyawaki Family

I also moved my Ssamkkura Youtuber couple to here:

Through The Lens

Comments will be very much appreciated 🙏
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