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everything has it's beauty,

but not everyone sees it.







      Key to beauty ft. Secret시크릿      Ayo Girls. This is a new Beauty shop made to give advice to you Ladies! There will be sections on Skin Care, Health, Beauty, Make up, Fashion and advice. Also, you can all decide what we should post about. Please post a comment if you want to know about something and we can answer you're questions :D
We will be looking forward to it!















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Slytherinese #1
Chapter 14: Yey thanksss!!! ^^
This is very helpful :D
if there's more tips and tricks about eyeshadow again,post it yeah XD
Slytherinese #2
Chapter 13: halooo~
i was wondering how to apply eyeshadow and how to mix and match the colors and the blending style XD
Chapter 11: thanks unnie!! ♥
hey can i request for tips on how not to get your skin caught with eye curlers? :))
ParkVictory #5
Chapter 8: Please go ahead and do make up or skincare chapterss
kitkat_bunnytime #6
Chapter 6: thanks so much, but what if I do these anyway and i'm not getting much progress?
Chapter 4: keke..^^
I liked this short update!
And yeah no doubt,water is the most important!
kitkat_bunnytime #8
Chapter 2: what group is that miss admin NaNa?
kitkat_bunnytime #9
Chapter 1: why not do a chapter on types of make up for each season? like what colors would go with the season.
warm colors for the fall, Cool colors for the winter, Vibrant colors for the spring and neutral for the summer? (this is just an example) you know what I mean ^^
I hope this shop rockets off!