We Are Dating? But not to you Kyuhyun-ah.[DISCONTINUED]


Hye Mi is the maknae of fx. (no Krystal). Hye Mi are a sweet, nice, sometimes cheeky had a secret relationship with Kyuhyun super junior. Him and her are having a secret relationship because of stupid sm rules, no falling in love with sm labelmates. Her favorite dating spot is the rooftop! Just her and him and ramen and the beautiful view. Problems came when she got into a We Are Dating show. To make it worse, her fake boyfriend is her 2pm bias, Ok Taecyeon. To top that, Jung Jessica is mad at her because her act towards Taecyeon makes Jessica feels threatened.  Her relationship getting so much troubles with Kyuhyun SJM promotion in taiwan, fx comeback with pinochio and WGM recording. More time with Taecyeon, less time with Kyuhyun. In the end she had to choose between Kyuhyun and Taecyeon.


Hye Mi

cheeky, playful, loves to smile,

hates kyuhyun at first for teasing her a lot, then fall for him,

doesnt like much about cheesy relationship,

confused about her feelings between kyuhyun, his boyfriend and her fake husband, Taecyeon



hardworking when he sees his goal, love playing games, love to tease Hye Mi,

would never lose Hye Mi to anyone



romantic, gentleman, like Hye Mi as his dongsaeng,

later fall for her charms, even after he found out that Hye Mi and Kyuhyun is secretly dating.


Khuntoria couple as themselves, adorable.



always a good unnie to you, the only person who know your secret relationship with Kyuhyun


Super Junior




Author's rambling: this is my 3rd fanfic.


Please also enjoy for Taecyeon bias (my first)



for kyuhyun bias (one shot)


comments are loved, *poke poke


i have updated! Please read it. Thank you very much. :D

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Chapter 8: I LOVE THIS.
Chapter 13: Drama!?! Me no likey! Coz le eyes of mine gets red xD
hellopanda23 #3
Uh oh drama???!!!
hellopanda23 #4
wwahhhhh... ha ha ha ha.. can't belive it!!!! they are such a cute couple..but TAEMIN.. idk ha ha ha he seems to lik her!
hellopanda23 #5
wahh cute fan. ha ha ha. i wonder if real fans know about how people really like to ship certain people together and if they are freaked out by that! ha ha ha yea college life is surely hard. i understand your absence but doesnt mean i dont like it : )
[deactivated] #6
Hyemi gonna get jealous.. Hahas.. Actually<br />
This time I manage to calm<br />
Myself down hehex... Love your update!! I will be waiting.. ^.^
OMOGOD...HOW THE HECK DOES THAT HAPPEN....I'm not a SeoKyu shipper. So I know what Hye Mi feels...kkkk. Anyway, good chapter~ ^^
hellopanda23 #8
oh noes...seohyun and khyhunn..singing...she did not know did she!!!...ahhhhhhhhholding hands... ahhhh<br />
nerd_91 #9
@peiwen,anyeong! hahaa. welcome2. thnkyou for your enthusiasm. hehee. >_<
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Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!! NEW READER HERE!!!!! Ermmm sorry I suddenly get too excited Hahas!!! Anyway I wanna know what will happen to them~~~ hehex~~ ^.^