Just A Facade



Everyone knows what a lie can do.

It can reverse a lot of situations, but what if someone comes back and tries to reverse it back?

Will forgiveness be finally seen?



But even in reversing lies and uncovering truth, pain will always be there.

And there will always be a second chance for love.


And of course, a time for confessions.









To outsiders, Daehan University is one of the most prestigious school in the country, with its vast campuses and top of the notch facilities. But as we all know, every school has its own secrets.


Gang fights.


And love.


Daehan’s twelve flower boys are popular amongst different schools, they look angelic and seem to be the perfect students. But little did they know, the have different sides too.


But in the end, it all matters on how you play the game.





Wu Yilin- Kris’s younger sister who studied in China and Canada, she can be a little spunky and is very observant around her. She is close with her brother’s friends.

Shin Jaekyung- She is sweet tempered and calm; does well in her studies. She has a passion for reading. She tends to zone out at times.


Luhan-  one of the eldest; he can be cold but is very playful when he is with his friends.

Lay- usually quiet, he is one of the calm and steady members.

Chanyeol- too hyper for words; in the group he’s the slightly approachable one. He plays for the school’s basketball team.

Tao- looks cold and a little scary, but in reality, he’s not; loves sports and is in the school’s basketball team.

Kai- Same with Tao and Chanyeol, he’s with the varsity team; his being shy can be mistaken as being standoffish or rude.

Sehun- also with the varsity team, he can be stoic and sarcastic.


Kris- doesn’t talk and express a lot; captain on the varsity team, Luhan’s cousin.

Xiumin- he and Suho are the only even/calm tempered among the group. He analyzes situations well.

Chen- rash and short tempered; he can be a little picky and likes to check girls out.

Suho- he is usually the smiling member among the twelve, but that doesn’t mean you can approach him if you want to.

Baekhyun- He can be slightly vain about his looks; similar to Lay, he likes to read and is calm.

DO- He is the group’s mother; never let his maternal side trick you, he is one of the most skilled fighters in the group.





“Don’t worry, now that they know who you are, they wont touch you.”


“How could you do this?!”


“Was my love not enough?”


“You deserve better.”



credits to YunShizuka for the lovely poster :>

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