Yes, Taeyeon. No, Tiffany.



Taeny and the whole gang of SNSD. A potluck of everything! 


Fluff. Comedy. Action. Romance. Drama. And tiny bits of .








Taeyeon's tragic past.


Tiffany's positive outlook.


Taeyeon's over-the-top team.


Tiffany's won't-stop-at-nothing team.


Taeyeon's dictator dad.


Tiffany's eccentric dad.


Business. Marriage. Late night bike races. Will Taeyeon finally agree to marrying Tiffany? Or will Tiffany give up on Taeyeon?



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kritika06 #1
Chapter 88: Plz plz zplzzzzzz update soonnnnnnn. PlZzz I can't wait for the next... Too much funny I'm totally fall-in love with ur sorry.. I love comedy..
Mykimsooyeon #2
This story is one of my favourite ,please continue writing this author-nim..
lynne17 #3
Chapter 88: This is such a funny story. I love it! FOR TAENY!
I hope you continue writing this author-nim. It's awesome! :D
Kranxx #4
Chapter 88: Hahaha this story is really good i cant stop laughing lol..cant wait for the next chapter author hope u update soon..FOR TAENY XD..
Limato #5
Chapter 88: AHAHAHA I just love this! I might die of laughter because of sooyoung. Can't wait for the next update. FOR TAENY!!!!!!
grc_grace #6
Chapter 88: This so good, hope u will update this ff soon :)
TaengKim2000 #7
Chapter 88: FOR TAENY!!! \0/
kimiikay #8
Chapter 59: I'm seriously shipping Secretary Choi and Sunny right now. They are my otp in the fanfic
Chapter 88: please update this author-ssi. for TaeNy! ❤❤❤❤❤
yuwi01 #10
Chapter 15: author-shii please update huhuhuhu i wanna know what will happen and the ending uhuhuhuhuhuhu
thank you for you're hard work.