Chapter 3

Is it a goodbye?

BANG!! A shot was heard. “Changmin!!!” Younha screams as her tears came out. But, it’s the kidnapper who’ve been shot. The policemen have came. Younha quickly run towards helpless Changmin.

“Changmin...Changmin...wake up! We’re safe..” Younha rubbed Changmin’s cheek smoothly.

“I’m sorry Younha..I couldn’t protect you...” said Changmin with a soft voice. His eyes closed slowly.

Changmin was hospitalized due to his high fever and his injury. Younha receive a proper treatment. Her condition was just fine.

“Doctor, how is Changmin? Is he alright?” Younha asked.

“He is stable but because of his high fever are not been treated and he don’t have enough rest, his condition is really bad. His brain may be affected,” replied the doctor.

“What...umm...can I visit him?” asked Younha.

“Yes, you may but make sure to let him have enough rest,” said the doctor.

Younha entered Changmin’s room. Changmin is still unconscious. Younha hold his hand.

“Changmin, please..recover as soon as possible..I want to thank you..” Changmin hand was so warm because of his high fever.

“I’ve just’re very important in my life.. I want you to be in my side..always..” Younha’s tear start to drop.

Yoo Chun entered the room.

“Are you alright Younha? You should get some rest too,”  said Yoo Chun. “Don’t worry about Changmin, he’ll be just fine. I’ll watch over him,” he added.

“Thanks Yoo Chun,” Younha gave him a sour smile.

Every day, Younha would visit Changmin in the hospital. Yoo Chun also came to watch over Changmin.

“It’s been 2 weeks Changmin is in coma, you still visit him every day. Are you really in love with him?” Yoo Chun asked. Younha look down to the floor.

“I don’t know but since the incident I just felt I don’t want to lose him..” said Younha. “Maybe I...huh?” Suddenly Younha saw Changmin’s eyes are slowly open.

“Changmin??” Younha and Yoo Chun called his name.

“ head..What happened..where is my mom and dad.”

“Changmin! You’re conscious!” Younha hugged Changmin. Changmin shocked.

“Uh..yeah..but who are you?” said Changmin. Younha shocked with Changmin’s words.

“Changmin? This is Younha. Don’t you remember?” Yoo Chun got worried.

“Younha? But I don’t remember a thing about Younha,” said Changmin. Younha slowly loosen her arm from Changmin.

“Huh? Do you remember me?” Yoo Chun asked.

“Of course! You’re Yoo Chun,”

“ don’t remember her?” Yoo Chun pointed his finger to Younha.

“I have no idea...” he answered. Younha run out from the room. Yoo Chun followed her.

“Younha! Wait! Maybe this is the effect that the doctor said. His brain was affected due to his high fever. We could call the doctor to check on him,” said Yoo Chun. Younha stop and cried.

“Maybe this is what I get after I treated him badly,” Younha wipe her tear with her hand.

“Come on..let’s go see the doctor,” said Yoo Chun.

Doctor came and checked on Changmin. Changmin looked fine.

“Seems like he lose some of his memories. I don’t know if this is only awhile or forever. We can just wait but maybe you can help him,” said the doctor.

“Don’t worry Younha. We’ll get his memories back,” said Yoo Chun. Younha nodded slowly. Changmin was discharged from the hospital that evening. Yoo Chun and Younha brought him to his home.

“ were saying that my memory about you had lose. What is my relationship with you? I mean are we friend or family?” Changmin asked to Younha.

“Well..we are a childhood friend since kindergarten. Now, we are in the same class in high school same with Yoo Chun,” Younha tried to explain.

“Oh..hmm..I I have feeling towards you..” said Changmin.

“Wha..what?..why did you said that?” Younha started to blushing.

“Because you’re cute..” Changmin giggles. Younha only smiles a bit. She knew Changmin is only joking with her.

“I’m just kidding. Actually, when I look at you..I felt heart pounding so hard that I think I couldn’t resist..” said Changmin slowly. Younha looked at Changmin’s face. She feels happy with Changmin’s answer.

“Younha..actually Changmin really likes you. He always thinks about you before about himself. He just expressing his feeling with joking so that you wouldn’t know it is true,” Yoo Chun whispered to Younha.

“Maybe I should ignored the feeling awhile because I don’t know you now. Hey, do you have feelings to me? I mean the ‘old’me?” Changmin asked. Younha was really sad to hear that from Changmin.

“I..I don’t know..I mean back there before the incident, I was really rude to you. I don’t realize you’re sick and I give you a heavy job to be done. You always been so nice to me but I don’t gratitude for having you in my life. Now, I don’t want to lose you, but you forget about me already..I feel the same as I lost you..” said Younha.

“Oh..let’s forget about that. Let’s make a new relationship from the beginning. Let me know you better, Younha. Maybe I will remember you again,” said Changmin. Younha nodded.

Changmin thanked to Younha and Yoo Chun for bringing him home. He walked to his house and wave at them.

“Maybe this is a chance for you to correct your mistake. I know, although he is a ‘new’ Changmin, he will love you like the ‘old’ Changmin. Fighting!” Yoo Chun is supporting Younha. Younha smiles.

To be continued..

P/s> I know it sound weird or unlogical..ha..please keep reading..

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CinqLuna #1
Nice story :)
The ending is adorable!<33
Thank you for writing a fanfic about Younha and Changmin! :)
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the ending is really sweet
hope you write more ChangHa stories :)
I know there are a lot of weakness in this story..maybe because the mood isn't really there while I'm writing it. I'll try to improve in my next story.. ^^
the ending
Awhh, the ending is really sweet ^^~
Younha, you should write more stories! Haha~
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