Reach For Me

Inescapable Love
Taemin shifted in his seat trying to not let it show that the piercing gaze that was on him was bothering him. He gulped wondering what in the world was taking his sister so long. He didn't want to be in the situation he was in and he really wished that she would just hurry the Hell up and leave so that he could have the house to himself. He glanced out of the corner of his eyes and swallowed as the awkward silence between him and the person continued. Taemin searched around his mind for something to say to at least alleviate the heavy silence but his brain was just not cooperating with him today and all he could come up with was;
"She'll be down soon." 
"Mmm.." Was all the reply the other person gave, not at all helping to disperse the heavy atmosphere.
Taemin sighed because the person had hardly said anything to him except for when he had opened the door. The boy had merely announced that he was here to collect Krystal, Taemin's sister, and had not said a word since. All he had done was sit down and stare at Taemin and Taemin was beginning to get really annoyed with the situation. How had they ended up like this? There was a time when the silence between them was so comfortable that there were no need for conversation unlike the current silence that was just loaded with tension. Taemin sighed deeply and tried to not think of the reason for their changed relationship and he tried to not let his brain accuse him of being the root of it, which was probably the truth anyway but Taemin would rather not look at that. Just when he was about to give up and go bang on the girl's door and drag her out by her hair if he had to, his sister came skipping down the stairs looking as beautiful as ever. 
"Took you long enough..." Taemin said grumpily as he hadn't missed the smile that had been given to her by the guy that had barely uttered two words to him. Taemin didn't know why it left him with a sick feeling in his stomach to watch his sister with that guy. He refused to believe in any way that he was perhaps jealous. He had no right to be jealous anyways because he had been the one to the throw the other boy away.
"I was giving you best friends a chance to catch up." Krystal said sticking her tongue out at Taemin who made a face at her, hoping she would interpret it as his reply to her sticking her tongue out at him and not that his stomach did some weird twisting at the thought of the guy who had once been his best friend had become a silent block towards him. "How do I look, Kai?"
"You look beautiful." The boy, Kai replied smiling at Krystal and Taemin turned his head away when Kai leaned down to quickly peck Krystal's lips. 
"Get a room..." Taemin grumbled refusing to acknowledge the unpleasant dip in his stomach as he watched his former best friend kiss his sister. 
"Oppa!" Krystal exclaimed blushing slightly but Kai didn't even look at Taemin, almost as if Taemin was suddenly not worth looking at compared to Krystal; as if he hadn't been staring at Taemin so piercingly minutes earlier.
"Let's go, Krystal." Kai said taking her hands and began walking, only to stop when Krystal placed a hand on his shoulder and turned towards Taemin.
"Oppa aren't you coming?" Krystal asked and Taemin shook his head. "Why not?"
"I don't want to?" Taemin said with a raised eyebrow. If she thought he was going to spend the rest of his night looking at her being all lovey dovy with Kai, she had another thing coming.
"Oppa..." Krystal said and Taemin stiffened. He hated that tone. It was the tone their mother used when she meant business and Krystal knew that Taemin would never defy that tone. "Go upstairs right now and get ready."
"Krystal don't-" Taemin tried to put up a fight but he was not doing a good job of it.
"Lee Taemin... You are coming with us or I am going to tell mom about that time when you agdkd." Krystal began only to find the rest of her words muffled by Taemin's hand over . 
"That is blackmail, Krystal..." Taemin said frowning deeply at his sister and tried not to flush as he noticed the slight arch of eyebrow from Kai and the curious look on the boy's face before he wiped it off.
"Whatever works, oppa~" Krystal said in a sing-song voice when Taemin removed his hand. 
"Ugh! Fine I'll come later." Taemin said giving up as his shoulder slumped.
"No you won't. You're coming right now with us." Krystal said grinning and Taemin tried to find an excuse to not go the Winter Festival with his sister and her boyfriend. "And don't even think of saying you have to shower and what not because I know you already did that~"
"That's creepy..." Taemin said as he turned to head up to his room to change and thus missing Kai's amused expression.
Taemin sighed as he opened his closet door and took out his suit before pulling his current clothes off to put on the suit. He wasn’t at all happy with the latest development of having to go to the Winter Festival with his sister and her date, who used to be his best friend and also his boyfriend. Taemin sighed again as he looked at himself in the mirror to tie his tie and then to style his hair. He was not disappointed at all when he looked at his appearance in the mirror. Taemin smirked slightly as he took in his handsome appearance before his smile slipped away as he remembered how dashing Kai had looked when Taemin had opened the door to see the boy standing there. So stunned he had been by the amount of iness his former best friend had been giving off that he had just been left standing there staring before realizing the boy had stated he was here to collect Taemin’s sister. Taemin turned away from the mirror as he tried to shove all thoughts of Kai out of his head. He grabbed the BB Cream and applied it onto his face and decided that while he was at it, he’ll add some liner to his eyes. When he was finished, he sprayed some cologne and left the room with a heavy sigh. When he walked back downstairs, he found only his sister waiting for him and he briefly wondered where Kai had gone.
“W-O-W!!!” Krystal exclaimed as Taemin grinned smugly at her. “Damn...Oppa you look hot.”
“Of course, I do.” Taemin replied smugly and Krystal reached over and hit him lightly before taking his hand and dragging him towards the front door.
“Let’s go. Kai is waiting in the car.” Krystal said and Taemin barely restrained himself from sighing once more as his little hope that Kai had decided that it would be best to go on ahead of them, vanished.
When they walked up to the car and Krystal opened the door to the passenger’s side, Taemin hesitated as he saw Kai turned his head towards Krystal at the sound of the door opening. Krystal got in and turned to see Taemin still standing there and frowned.
“Oppa get in before we get late.” Krystal said and Kai briefly looked up to where Taemin stood hesitantly on the sidewalk.
Taemin couldn’t tell because of the dark but he would like to think that he wasn’t imagining the way Kai’s eyes had seemed to widen a bit before the boy looked away from him. He didn’t know why he felt a funny little fluttering in his stomach at the notion that perhaps Kai still found him attractive even if he was now dating Taemin’s very beautiful sister.
“Get in.” Kai said gruffly, still not looking at Taemin, who nodded his head before realizing that Kai probably couldn’t see him.
Without another word, Taemin got into the back of the car and they left for the location of the Winter Festival which was also like a New Year’s Party. The silence in the car was broken only by Krystal who would start talking about some random topic with only a few noncommittal responses from either boy. When Kai’s car came to a stop outside the venue of the festival, Taemin hopped out as quickly as he could. He was convinced that if he stayed any longer in the car he would become delusional. There was no way Kai had glanced every now and then at Taemin through his rear view mirror. He had probably just glanced in to check the vehicles behind him or something while Taemin was running ahead and thinking that the boy was checking him out.
“TAE-BABY!!!” A voice squealed and then suddenly Taemin was enveloped into a bone-crushing hug. Taemin had never been so happy to see his Key ‘umma’ before in his life as he used the opportunity to escape from his sister and her - was Kai really glaring at Key? - boyfriend.
“Can’t breathe here hyung.” Taemin said laughing lightly as the older boy released him from his death grip of a hug.
“Ahh, I thought you said you weren’t coming.” Key said beaming happily at Taemin who shifted slightly uneasy as he was sure he could feel Kai’s gaze burning a hole in him.
“Umm well... Krystal wouldn’t leave me in peace...” Taemin said shifting on his feet a bit as he looked around at the beautifully decorated venue. “She even went so far as to use blackmail...”
“If I didn’t, he’d be sitting at home like an ahjussi.” Krystal said coming up next to Taemin to greet Key, Kai was standing just behind her. “Hi, oppa~”
“Hi Krystal.” Key said smiling before he glanced at Kai -was he really glaring at Key?- and gave him a half-smile. “Kai...”
Kai nodded his head slightly and said crisply, “Hyung.”
Key looked at Taemin who was by now looking for someone to rescue him and Lady Luck must be smiling on him tonight because Minho appeared by Key’s side beaming at Taemin.
“Wow Taemin, you look hot man.” Minho said grinning as Taemin returned the grin.
“Don’t I always?” Taemin asked and deftly moved towards Minho as he tried to signal to Key with his eyes. Key was anything but slow and quickly caught onto what Taemin was trying do. He linked his hands with Minho’s and Taemin’s and said,
“Well you guys enjoy yourself. We’ll be off having fun as well~”
With that they turned and left Krystal and Kai -he must really have something in his eyes because really, there was no way he was glaring at them right?- behind. Taemin was half-tempted to check the back of his head to make sure that no hole had appeared there but then Key was handing him a drink and Taemin shrugged Kai off and drank the drink in one shot after Key dared him to.
Taemin would be lying if he said that he wasn't kinda enjoying himself. He was partially glad that his sister had insisted on him coming. All he had to do was pretend that his former best friend wasn't there getting cozy with his sister and he was fine. Taemin made it his quest to avoid being in the vicinity of Kai and Krystal especially because he knew how his sister's mind worked and since she didn't really know of Kai and Taemin's issue with each other she would probably try to get them to talk with each other and stuff while believing they were still the best of friends they once were. Taemin had to admit he did feel a little pang in his heart over their broken friendship and so whenever his thoughts strayed, Taemin would knock back a shot of hard liquor.
Looking around the dance floor absently, Taemin felt his teeth clench in his mouth unconsciously as he spotted Kai and Krystal dancing some distance away from where he was with his friends. Taemin turned away, refusing to acknowledge the little twinge he felt in his heart but the crowd started whistling and cheering and Kai's name being chanted reached his ears. Taemin gritted his teeth and willed himself to not turn around to see what had the crowd going crazy over his former best friend and his sister. He knew how well Kai could dance and the dancing gene in his family had not missed Krystal. Taemin felt like he he needed something stronger to prevent his brain from feeding all sorts of images of how Kai and Krystal could be dancing that would get the crowd so worked up. He was about to leave the dance floor when he felt a hand on his arm and he turned around to find a girl grinning at him.
"Going somewhere?" The girl asked as she removed her hand.
"Hyoyeon noona?!" Taemin asked blinking at her and she laughed.
"Wanna dance?" She asked grinning and Taemin blinked as the music changed into something even more upbeat. "Or you gonna let them get away with all the attention?"
Taemin looked over at Kai and Krystal to find them dancing pretty close to each other, body contorting and rolling into each other. Taemin gritted his teeth as he turned back to Hyoyeon and said, 
"Let's dance noona."
Pretty soon the attention was off of Kai and Krystal and on Taemin and Hyoyeon as they popped and locked and totally owned the song. He could tell Kai and his sister were watching him as well and that only made him feel bolder as he danced with Hyoyeon. He could hear his sister cheering him on and he spared a brief glance to Kai to find the guy -was he glaring?- looking at him before he turned away, pulling Krystal to face him and began dancing with her and pointedly ignoring Taemin.Taemin wasn't sure why that made him angry but it did and so he became bolder. Putting his hand on his crotch, Taemin folded his legs inwards as he dropped to the floor on his knees and began moving up and down on his knees to the rythmn, shoving one of his hands into his hair and left the other on his crotch for added effect.The air was filled with whistles and catcalls and loud shouts of his name. Taemin grinned and dropped his upper body, letting his hands on the ground support him as he raised up on all four limbs and kicked out with a foot and a hand before doing a half-serve with his leg and brought himself back into an upright position.
Taemin had everyone's attention present at the moment including one deathly glaring Kai. At this point, Taemin didn't care nor did he spare Kai more than a cocky smirk that couldn't be interpreted as being for only one person. Taemin grinned and turned back to Hyoyeon who was smiling hugely at him. He took her hand and pulled her in close as their bodies rolled to the music together, hands wandering all over each other's bodies. Spinning her around, Taemin buried his face into her neck as he held her hips and moved with her. The song was coming to an end and so he spun her back around to face him. He looked at her grinning before he leaned down and kissed her, feeling her lips curve upwards in a smile as the cheers and whistles sounded. Smiling, Taemin excused himself and headed for the bar because he felt lighter and in the mood to really party. 
A hand clapped him hard on his back and he spun around to find Minho, Key, Jonghyun, Jinwoo, Woohyun, Hoya and Jinki gathering around him as they ordered their drinks. 
"Man that was hot..." Hoya said knocking back his shot of alcohol. 
"When you went down on that floor..." Minho said  and whistled. "I almost came in my pants just thinking of you riding my like that..."
"Yah! What the are you dreaming about my baby in front of me?!" Key asked smacking Minho's head and causing everyone to laugh. "Although that was indeed hot..."
"And unexpected..." Jinki said twirling his glass with his liquor, letting the ice clink against each other.
"But so y man!" Woohyun said as he knocked back his second glass. "And that kiss at the end...Whoo!!"
"Guys guys..." Taemin said laughing as he drank his drink. "I know I'm y~"
"y? Man that was like a walking wet dream!" Jinwoo said inclining his glass at Taemin.
"Yah!" Key screeched though not with quite the usual vehemence. It was most likely that he was high...they all were.
"Oh?" Taemin asked with a teasing tone before he leaned towards Jinwoo and crooned ily, "You have wet dreams of me often?"
"I would now.." Jinwoo replied with a wink as he leaned into Taemin who returned the wink and quickly pecked his lips. "OMG what do I do? The stars of my wet dreams just kissed me~"
"Oh man, Taemin can you come give me a kiss too? You've been the star of my wet dreams for so long now!" Minho said in a fake complaining voice. Key whacked Minho over his head again as the other boys giggled. "I'm sure I'll have a huge bulge there now thanks to you Key!"
Minho rubbed the back of his head where Key had hit him in the same spot twice.
"Awww hyung. Do you want me to kiss it better for you?" Taemin asked leaning towards Minho, making kissy faces.
"I have a better idea. Why don't you kiss my other bulge for me?" Minho asked leering at Taemin who laughed and emptied his glass and ordered one more. 
"Or better; he could ride it~" Jinwoo said and he and Minho high-fived each other.
Besides them, someone slammed down their glass and got up. The boys frowned after him before putting the person out of their mind but Taemin had a feeling he knew who that back profile belonged to.
"Yah!" Key yelled glaring at Minho and Jinwoo and everyone giggled. 
"Key might commit murder tonight." Woohyun said laughing as he drank his drink.
Taemin turned around to just casually look around when his eyes caught sight of Kai and Krystal dancing together. He was about to turn away when Kai looked straight towards him, pulled Krystal closer to him and kissed her. Taemin would have turned away but Kai's gaze held him rooted in place as he watched Kai make out with his sister while maintaining eye contact with Taemin. Somewhere in his chest he felt a pain and wondered if it was because he had had too much to drink. It felt strangely like someone had shoved a stake into his heart was cruely twisting it. As he watched, the kiss ended and the spell broke between the two boys, freeing Taemin from his frozen state. Taemin turned around and grabbed the first person he got his hands on and kissed him hard. He didn't know what he was doing or why he was doing. All he knew was that he wanted Kai to notice him and to get rid of this horrid feeling his chest.
"Wahh!!" Someone shouted as the heated kiss ended and Taemin looked up to find that it was Minho he had grabbed and kissed.
"Our Taemin is such a player~" Hoya said clapping Taemin on his shoulders. 
"First Hyoyeon noona and now Minho..." Woohyun said in an approving tone.
Taemin looked around trying to subtlely see Kai's reaction, blinking in disappointment when he saw the boy had vanished. He stuck his lip out unconsciously and felt someone tugging on his arm. He turned to find that it was Key and from the look in Key's eyes, Taemin knew that his hyung was on to him.
"Let's go get some air for a few." Key said, his eyes conveying that he would not take any negative response from Taemin and so Taemin swallowed and nodded his head. "Good. Now let's get away from these s."
"Hey!" The boys called but Key and Taemin had already turned and left.
After walking for a while outside in the yard of the party's venue, Key turned to face Taemin.
"What are you trying to do?" Key asked and Taemin blinked.
"W-What are you talking about hyung?" Taemin asked opting to play that card but Key wasn't in the mood to play Taemin's dodge the question games.
"Cut the bull Taemin." Key said harshly and Taemin backed up in slight fear. Key was scary when he wanted to be. Sober or not. "I may be high but I can clearly see what you're doing. And don't think I missed that little stare-down just now between the two of you. So tell me what the is going on with you two."
"N-Nothing..." Taemin stammered while Key's eyes narrowed into slits.
"Lee Taemin do you have feelings for Kai?" Key asked bluntly.
"What?! No!" Taemin denied quickly; too quickly. "I broke up with him remember... I'm not... Gay..."
"You just made out with Minho..." Key said with a raised eyebrow. "Tongue and all..."
"I made out with Hyoyeon noona as well earlier..." Taemin pointed out. "Tongue and all..."
"Yes but you've been weird ever since you dumped him..." Key said his bluntness not at all dulled by his intoxicated state.
"When you put it so harshly..." Taemin said wincing slightly.
"Well it is what happened." Key said calmly.
"And now he's happily dating my sister..." Taemin said folding his arms. 
"And you've been behaving weirder ever since that happy event." Key replied making Taemin want to punch his hyung.
"I have not-" Taemin began only to have Key cut him off.
"And you've been weird ever since you came to this party..." Key said and Taemin's scowl deepened.
"I have not been weird!" Taemin said defensively. "I'm just high that's all."
"You were high since you came?" Key asked sardonically and Taemin shrugged. "Cut the bull crap Taemin. You like him and you want him back."
"WHAT?!" Taemin exclaimed, his eyes widening as if the idea of him liking and wanting Kai was just preposterous. "I-I do not like-"
"Taemin...." Key said quietly and Taemin sighed. "Even the guys can tell. They're just pretending not to notice."
"Couldn't you do the same thing?" Taemin said sighing quietly. "Wait! I mean-"
"Don't you think it's time you stopped lying about what is blatantly obvious?" Key asked folding his arms.
"I-I...." Taemin sputtered before sighing again. "I do want him back but he has Krystal now and she is my sister and they both seem happy-"
"Is that what you see?" Key asked snorting. "Because I have been tempted to check and see if you had holes in your head or if people would start dropping dead or if this club would go up in flames from his glares."
"So he was glaring!!" Taemin said in a triumphant voice before he noticed his hyung staring at him in amusement. "High... I'm high remember.. Let's go back in.." 
Taemin quickly began walking into the building and headed towards where the dancefloor was. On his way their he ran into his sister who was looking everywhere but where she was going.
"Sor-OPPA!" She exclaimed happily as she looked up at him.
"Yah! Look where you're going." Taemin said grumpily.
"Have you seen Kai?" Krystal asked and Taemin frowned.
"No. How would I see him? Isn't he your boyfriend?" Taemin snapped before leaving his stunned sister behind and headed to the bar. Halfway there, he changed his mind and decided to go up to the roof for some air and hopefully some alone time with his complicated feelings.
Taemin pushed the door to the rooftop area open and shut it behind him. He walked up to the edge of the railing and breathed in deeply. The fresh cool air felt very relaxing to Taemin and so he closed his eyes and breathed in softly. Opening his eyes, he looked down and sighed. How easy it would be to just lean a little too far over and to end it all. It was a notion he had often contemplated throughout his life but never really bothered with. He looked up into the sky instead where the stars twinkled brightly almost as if they were laughing. He raised one of his hands up as of to grab one of the star in his hand, forgetting that he had stepped onto one of the rails. Taemin felt himself wobble slightly and his body leant forward a bit too much, his feet slipping out from under him in his mad rush to grasp onto something to save himself the plunge. 
"Taemin!" A voice shouted and then Taemin felt his body moving in the opposite direction that it was originally going. 
In that moment all Taemin could think on was how had he not realized that there was someone else on the rooftop as well. He felt strong arms wrap around him and he blinked in a slight daze as his body was pressed into a sturdy, warm one. Somehow the body felt familiar and he just stood there in silence as his thoughts went back to the fact that he could have almost fallen to his death a few seconds ago. 
"You..." The voice said and Taemin closed his eyes because no matter where he was or what situation he was in, he would recognize that voice anywhere. "Is killing yourself one of your New Years resolution or something?!"
Taemin bit his lips at the anger in those words uttered and he could feel his heart beating rapidly in his chest, though for a completely different reason now. He made no move to pull himself out of the person'a grip and the person didn't release him either. Taemin made no move to answer the person either and it seemed that only made him angrier. 
"God you make me so mad sometimes!!" The person exclaimed angrily. "Acting like a cheap on the dance floor...." Taemin felt his body stiffen at that insult but before he could open his mouth, the person continued talking. "What? Walking wet dream? Kiss his bulge? It would be better to ride it?! Is that all you're worth Lee Taemin? In that case I'm glad you dumped me."
Taemin could feel his anger well up inside of him as the person kept speaking and he roughly pushed the person away and looked up at him angrily.
"YES. DIDNT YOU KNOW KAI THAT I WAS LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME?!" Taemin yelled out willing his tears away as he tried to let it seem like the words thrown by the other had pierced his heart. "WHAT?! CHEAP ? SO WHAT IF I AM? SO WHAT?! I DONT SEE HOW IT'S  ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS WHO I DO OR DO NOT MMFPH!!"
Taemin found his tirade cut off when he was suddenly grabbed and a pair of soft warm lips crashed against his, kissing his roughly. Taemin blinked stupidly as he felt himself being suffocated by those pair of lips and tried to pull away to draw a breath but Kai wouldn't have any of it. Instead he bit down on Taemin's lower lip causing the boy to gasp and open his mouth, granting Kai access to the warm carvern to plunder with his demanding tongue. There was nothing sweet or loving about the way Kai was dominating Taemin's mouth. It was all angry and rough and Taemin could feel his body responding to Kai's rough plundering much to his chagrin. When Kai finally ended the kiss to allow them to take in much needed oxygen, Taemin raised his hand up and slapped Kai. 
"You... How could you just...." Taemin asked though he tried to not think on how much he had enjoyed it and that he would very much love for Kai to grab him and kiss him like that again.
"Because I love you..." Came the quiet answer and Taemin felt his heart stutter in his chest but then he remembered that Kai was dating his sister.
"Is this some kind of joke? You're dating my sister.." Taemin pointedly even as his heart begged that Kai should tell him that his sister didn't matter to him but that Taemin did.
"Because you dumped me." Kai said with a shrug. "She has quite a lot of your qualities...."
"W-What...?" Taemin asks blinking as he tried to process what Kai was saying. "You're dating my sister because she has qualities similar to me?"
"Well kinda..." Kai said scratching. And Taemin tried to not let it show that his stomach just did an unpleasant dip as he thought of the possibility of Kai falling for Krystal. "She's not hard to be around or like..."
"So you like her?" Taemin asked trying to not let his voice wobble.
"She's alright..." Kai said with another shrug of his shoulder and Taemin cursed the fact that the bloody rooftop was dark so he couldn't see Kai's face.
"I see..." Taemin said and even to his ears he sounded strained.
"But she's not you..." Kai said softly and Taemin's stomach did a little somersault.
"Kai..." Taemin whispered as Kai moved forward and cupped Taemin's face in his hands.
"Why are you always running from me?!" Kai asked and Taemin heard something in his voice that had a funny feeling buzzing in his stomach and spread throughout his body. "Why can't you see how much I love you? How badly I wish it was you I was holding in my arms every time I'm with her..."
"Kai... I... She's my sister!" Taemin said shaking his head though his heart just wanted to jump into Kai's arms and stay there. 
"BUT I LOVE YOU!!!" Kai exclaimed. "I don't love Krystal! She's more like a friend..."
"You make put with all your friends like that?!" Taemin asked grumpily before he could stop himself. There was a silence as Taemin bit his tongue and then he heard a chuckle that became soft laughter.
"Are you jealous?" Kai asked with laughter clear in his voice. "Is Lee Taemin jealous of his own sister?"
"Shut up... Who's jealous?" Taemin grumbled and Kai laughed louder.
"Why are you jealous?" Kai asked but Taemin just moved away from him and turned his back to Kai.
"I said I'm not jealous." Taemin said and he heard Kai sigh.
"Fine. I'm leaving." Kai said in a resigned tone. "Just don't drink anymore or do anymore of what you did earlier..." 
"And whose fault do you think it was that I was like that?" Taemin muttered quietly. 
"What?!" Kai asked stopping in the process of turning to leave.
"Nothing." Taemin said in a louder voice.
"Lee Taemin...." Kai said and when Taemin refused to say anything, Kai turned around and said, "Fine. Good bye Taemin." 
Taemin felt his heart ache at the sound of Kai's footsteps receding and he opened his mouth and shouted. 
"I LOVE YOU!" Taemin turned around to shout to Kai's receding back and caused the boy to stop and turn his head to look back at Taemin. "I don't know when of how but....all I know of that I hate being without and my heart hurts every time I see you with my sister. I know she likes you a lot and that she's my sister but... I want to be selfish, Jongin... I want you back..."
In two long strides, Kai had reached in front of Taemin, pulled him into his arms and had pressed his lips against Taemin's. This time however, the kiss was rough but gentle and passionate instead of angry. Taemin closed his eyes and slipped his arms around Kai's neck and kissed him back. So caught up in each other were they that they didn't notice a small figure leaving through the door with a hand over and tears streaming down her cheeks. Kai walked Taemin backward until Taemin's back hit the wall and then their hands were all over each other, exploring and reacquainting themselves with each other's bodies. Taemin felt Kai's lips trailing down his jawline and felt his body warmed at Kai's touch even though it was cold outside. Taemin was incredibly thankful for the fact that it was not too cold as Kai's hands develled under his shirt and his cold fingers rolled over Taemin's s. Taemin gasped as he felt his harden from Kai's cold touch and from Kai's hot breath on his neck, the dual temperature doing all sorts of wonderful things to his body. Taemin arched his body into Kai's as Kai's hands moved down to Taemin's pants and began fumbling with the zipper.
"Jongin..." Taemin moaned before gasping as Kai's cold hands grasped his hot hard throbing and began stroking it. "J-Jongin... I-It's not like I ha-haven't been d-dreaming of t-this moment...hah...But...Ahhh!!"
"Not buts...." Kai grounded out as he squeezed hard on Taemin's and felt the moan that escaped Taemin's mouth straight to his own throbbing and hard in his pants. "....maybe just your ..."
"Jongin..." Taemin whined as Kai moved his finger over the slit of Taemin's leaking . Taemin couldn't begin to get a handle on all these feelings that Jongin was making him feel. Was it because of the fact that he now knew what he felt for the boy instead of it just being an experimental phase where he was unsure of what the other boy was making him feel.
"You know..." Kai said pulling back and Taemin shivered from the look he saw in Kai's eyes. "Why don't you kiss my bugle?" Kai pressed his hands down roughly on Taemin's shoulder and shoved the boy down to his knees. " me."
Taemin felt his body tremble at the lusty and commanding tone of Kai's voice. He blinked up at Kai and grinned remembering where Kai had gotten that line from. He moved his face closer to Kai's clothed and slithered his tongue out to search for the zipper of Kai's pants. Taemin grinned when he felt the tip of his tongue on the zipper head and moved his face closer to grasp it with his teeth and looked up at Kai as he pulled the zip down.
" Taemin..." Kai cursed looking down at the y sight of Taemin on his knees and opening his zipper with his teeth. "That's really y......" Kai's head fell back as Taemin's warm mouth engulfed his length and began moving expertly up and down his length. "Damn baby...I've missed your mouth..."
Taemin felt Kai's hands tangling in his hair and pulled slightly and Taemin moaned followed by Kai. Taemin would be lying if he said he hadn't missed their , it was one of the main reasons he had stayed with Kai even when he was doubting his feelings. Taemin hummed around Kai's and felt a rough tug on his hair and he dragged his teeth over Kai's eliciting a hiss from Kai and another strong tug of his hair. Taking the hint this time, Taemin released Kai's from his mouth and got onto his feet once more. Kai's lips crashed onto Taemin's once more and he felt Kai's hands pushing at his pants and he grasped onto Kai's hands with a gasp.
"Jongin..." Taemin gasped before Kai silenced him with his lips once more as Taemin's pants dropped to his ankles and he shivered as the cold night air hit his exposed lower body. Suddenly he felt his body being turned around rather harshly and he was suddenly facing the night sky instead of the wall.
"Bend over!" Kai commanded harshly and Taemin forgot all about the cold when he felt something long and hard poking at him. "Look at you...waiting for my ..."
Taemin hissed when he felt a sharp sting on his and looked around to find Kai smirking at him. He loved that arrogant smirk so much and had never thought it'd be him ever again. He bit his lips and moaned when Kai smacked his again.
"Jongin..." Taemin moaned out in utter need to have Kai filling him up. 
"What?" Kai asked rubbing the tip of his teasingly at Taemin's hole. 
"Just me already Daddy..." Taemin moaned seductively knowing very well how much Kai liked it when he called him that whenever they ed. He felt Kai stiffen besides him and then he was being turned around and pulled down to the ground.
"Ride daddy." Kai commanded darkly and Taemin smirked as he straddled Kai and lowered himself onto Kai's . "..." 
"Ahhhh..." Taemin moaned as he felt himself being stretched by Kai's . As Kai hadn't prepped him, he experienced a bit of pain as he moved himself up and down on Kai's while Kai just laid back and watched, not even Taemin.
" baby just like that..." Kai moaned as Taemin leaned forward and Kai's lips before Kai parted his lips and let the boy slither his tongue into his mouth before he reached up and grabbed Taemin's neck.
"Ohh Jongin....ahhhh...." Taemin moaned and then he was being flipped over so that he was on his back and Kai was on top, looking down at him with eyes as dark as the night sky.
Kai spread Taemin's leg wider and began ing, angling his hips so that he could hit Taemin's sweet spot. Taemin moaned, feeling his body heating up even more, altogether forgetting about cold as the liquid hot fire that Kai ignited inside of him spreader throughout his entire body. 
"AHHH.... Jongin... Right.... There..." Taemin gasped out as Kai rolled his hips again hitting the same spot once more. "Ohhh... ... I'm close..." 
"Just as bit longer..." Kai gasped out as his eyes fell on his digital watch. It was almost midnight with a few seconds to go. "Look at me Taemin..."
Taemin complied as Kai pulled out and slammed back into Taemin sending both boys toppling over their edges. Above them in the sky, the fireworks exploded signaling the new year was upon them. Taemin felt his body trembling as his ears listened to the sounds of the fireworks and Kai calling his name out as he came inside of Taemin. Taemin shivered slightly as he came down from his high and felt Kai pull out from inside him. He watched as Kai zipped his zipper up before he extended his hands towards Taemin. Taemin blushed as he took his hand and got to his feet, wincing slightly before he straightened and pulled his pants on blushing brightly.
"Happy New Year love." Kai whispered as he pulled Taemin into his arms.
"Happy New Year to you too, love." Taemin whispered as Kai leaned down and kissed him softly.
"Ahh we should go down..." Kai suggested but he held Taemin closer to him making the other boy smile slightly. 
"Ahh...Krystal...." Taemin said, all happiness draining from him as he thought of his sister.
"Let me talk to her." Kai suggested as he held Taemin tightly as if he was afraid that the boy would vanish of he let him go. "I'm not letting my wifey walk out of my life again."
"Oh?" Taemin asked teasingly. "Who's this wifey?"
"You." Kai replied shamelessly making Taemin blush. "Let's go down."
Taemin nodded and linked his hands with Kai's as they left the rooftop and headed back to the party. They separated their hands before entering the party and going separate ways. Kai left to find Krystal and Taemin made his way back to the bar and his friends.
"Where have you been?" Key asked as soon as he spotted Taemin. 
"And why are you limping?" Minho asked with his eyes narrowed at Taemin. 
"And you smell...of ..." Woohyun said wrinkling his nose after he had leaned in to sniff Taemin.
"What?" Taemin asked plopping down onto a bar stool hard, forgetting that it was not cushioned and winced as he felt a sharp pain shoot up his spine. 
"Taemin...." Jinwoo said looking at Taemin suspiciously.
"What?" Taemin asked again as he tried to remain nonchalant.
"Were you with Kai?" Key asked bluntly and Taemin felt his eyes widen slightly.
"W-Wha-" Taemin stuttered but they all just looked at him suspiciously.
"Kai was missing as well... Krystal was looking for him...and then we saw her a bit later with tears running down her cheek.." Hoya said looking at Taemin.
"What?!" Taemin exclaimed. "She what?"
"She's okay." A voice said from behind Taemin and Taemin felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist and a head rest on his shoulder. Taemin spun around and his mouth fell open.
"Jongin what....What happened to your lip?" Taemin asked as he began to fret over the other boy's slightly busted lip.
"Your sister throws a mean punch.." Kai said shrugging as Taemin pokes at Kai's busted lips frowning.
"Krystal did this to you?" Taemin asked in shock. 
"Well it started out as a slap but three-quarters of the way there she suddenly changed it into a punch..." Kai said shaking his head before wincing as Taemin dipped his finger into some alcohol and pressed it against the wound. "What was that for?" 
"To help with the disinfecting..." Taemin said smiling slightly at the other boy's cute pout.
"But it hurts..." Kai whined slightly and Taemin chuckled as he leaned forward and pecked Kai's lips.
"There." Taemin said smiling as Kai tightened his grip around Taemin's waist. "Better?"
"A bit..." Kai said as he lowered his lips to graze over Taemin's. "Maybe if you kissed me again...."
"Alright, so the two of you back together?" A voice asked interrupting the newly reconciled pair who had momentarily forgotten that they weren't alone. Taemin turned around blushing brightly but before he could say anything, Kai answered for him.
"Yep~" Kai chirped happily while Taemin blushed even brighter. Then Kai looked up at the group of friends with a stern look and said, "And no dreaming of him...I'll stab you... Even in your dreams..."
"What about Krystal?" Jinwoo asked frowning at the pair who looked overly happy.
Kai pointed at his wound and stared at Jinwoo, "Why the heck do you think I have this?!"  
"Well then... Drinks anyone?" Hoya asked and they all smiled as they turned to the bartender and ordered. 
Taemin took a seat on Kai's lap on the bar stool, the guys weren't sure how they managed it but they guessed with Taemin being so thin and Kai not being a weakling, they managed to pull it off. 
"Oh God, I can't watch this anymore..." Minho groaned as he staggered off his seat and glared at the couple making out before them. "If you want to eat each other's face go do it somewhere else." 
Taemin blushed but Kai just leered at Minho before he slipped Taemin off his lap and got up.
"And how...the .... do the two of ya not seem drunk... after the amount of alcohol you've put in yer syssstem?" Jonghyun slurred from beside Key and the two boys in question just shrugged.
"Especially you Taemin..." Jinki piped in before staggering to his feet and tripped on the stool's leg and ended up lying on the ground. "Ohh feels cool..."
The boys laughed as Key and Minho staggered over to help the boy up and almost fell themselves in the process. Kai and Taemin giggled before Taemin heard Kai whisper in his ears,
"How about we blow this joint?"
Taemin grinned as he looked around at his drunk friends. He liked where Kai was going with this and so he nodded and took Kai's hands.
"Let's go." Taemin said as Kai began leading them out. He knew the next day he would have to speak with his sister but for the moment he was going to enjoy the feeling of being so happy and being with Jongin once more. They kissed once more with Taemin pressed against Kai's car before they pulled apart and Kai said commandingly,
"Get in before I you here."
Taemin gulped as his chest heaved up and down as his lungs drew in air. He opened the passenger door and got in while Kai got into the driver's seat and turned the ignition before shifting the stick into drive and left the event. When they were on the road, Kai reached over and entwinned Taemin's fingers with his. Taemin blushed brightly but he gripped Kai's hands firmly and smiled.
"I love you Kim Jongin.." Taemin said as he smiled at Kai who returned it and brought Taemin's hand up to his lips to kiss Taemin's knuckles.
"And I love you Lee Taemin." Kai declared as he floored the accelerator. "Always have and always will."
Taemin smiled as he whispered, "Me too."


A/N: Annyeong guys|^^ sorry I'm taking so long but I got the flu.. ㅠㅠ  and I'm kinda inspiration less and gotta work on my other fics. 
Well anyways hope you enjoy this oneshot and please do comment. I updated even though my entire body hurts so comment okay~^^ 
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