His Last Words

Our Destiny
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Days passed by rather quickly and the wedding day was nearer. Everyone in Kim’s and the Lee’s families were busy with the preparation. Saemi followed them wherever they brought her without complain. She was like a lifeless doll, only talk when necessary and gave the fake smiles of her. She already met Taemin’s parents and they were really nice people. His mother was kind and sweet and his father really loves to joke around, different from Saemi’s father who was serious all the time.

Saemi’s parents and her brothers now stayed at her bungalow until the wedding day. They wanted to make sure that everything went according to plan and to help Saemi with her wedding preparations.

Taemin and Saemi went to Royal Gold Hotel to check the grand hall where their wedding will be held. Taemin was talking to the manager there while Saemi was standing beside him, he was holding her hand and her eyes just lowered to the ground, not showing even a little bit of interest in the wedding preparation. Taemin thanked the manager and he turned to Saemi.

“Hey…” He called gently to her and tucked on her hand. She seemed to snap out from her daze and she looked up at Taemin.

“Are you okay? You’re not yourself lately.” Taemin asked utterly concern.

Saemi gave a small smiled. “I’m fine, I’m just nervous because our wedding is getting nearer.” She lied. Taemin stared at her for a long time and a smiled appeared on his face. “Okay if you say so. I’m just worried if you regretted that you agreed to this marriage.”

Saemi eyes widened a bit but she maintained her expression. She started asking herself, did she really regret that she agreed to this marriage. Who did she do this for? Is it really for herself or for her family? Or she did this to take revenge on L.Joe? She wanted L.Joe to feel the pain of losing someone he loves to someone else, but did she do the right decision? To get married to her first love and forget about L.Joe, was that what she really wanted? She didn’t even know anymore…


L.Joe was sitting at his usual spot at Angel Café, a cup of cappuccino was on the table. His eyes plastered on the peach colored piece of card on his hand. It was Taemin’s and Saemi’s wedding invitation card. He managed a small smiled and sighed to himself.

“In the end, I got to let go of her…” He thought to himself bitterly.

“Looks like in the end you and I couldn’t get the girl.” A voice said. L.Joe looked up and was a bit surprised to see him again here. The guy approached his table and sat in front of him without waiting for L.Joe to invite him.

“How did you know?” L.Joe asked and raised an eyebrow. The guy pulled out something from his pocket and he showed the invitation with a small smirked. L.Joe smirked a bit but it was not like an enemy smirked but more like to the friendly side.

“I didn’t know you like her too, Daehyun.” L.Joe said and stared at the Busan guy in front of him. Daehyun shrugged and leaned back on his seat. “What can I say? She got charms.” L.Joe chuckled at his statement and Daehyun smiled.

“Well, I should have known the way you protect her and you even punch me on the face.” L.Joe said. Daehyun laughed a bit. “No matter what I do I couldn’t reach her heart, so the best thing I could do was protect her. Her heart has always belonged to you and not the other guy.” Daehyun said and stared at the wide eyes guys in front of him. Daehyun smirked in his mind, he got a feeling that L.Joe didn’t really know about Saemi real feelings.

“You don't know do you? Saemi like you from the beginning but because of her past experience she tried to close her heart. And she was also confused with her own feelings, she thought that she still had feelings for her first love but deep inside her heart she knew that feeling was long gone. She likes you, no, she loves you. And here you are sitting here looking at the invitation and didn’t even try to fight for her.” Daehyun said. L.Joe lowered his head and looked at the wedding invitation.

“I don’t know what happened between you guys, but if you really love her then go to her and tell her how much you love her.” Daehyun said, monotone, but L.Joe could hear the sincerity in his voice. L.Joe smiled at him. “Thanks Daehyun, I owe you big time.” He said and got up from his seat, and then he left the café.

Daehyun looked at the black Audi that got further away and smiled. “What I do for love…”


The door bell rang non-stop and Saemi walked down the stairs in fast paced. She wondered who would come to her house at this time. Her parents and her brothers were not at home either, she wondered if one of them came home and forgot to bring the key with them.

She didn’t look at the monitor and opened the door. Instantly her eyes widened as saucers and her heart beat fasten. She couldn’t believe her eyes that she saw this man again in front of her. She gulped a lump in and her gripped on the door handle tightened.

“Saemi…” His gentle voice calling her name made her breath caught on . She felt her entire body weaken. How she missed him only god knows how, she wanted to meet him so much but at the same time she didn’t. She felt she would push this guy off a cliff but she would be down there to catch his fall.

“I need to talk you…” He said gently.

“There’s nothing to talk about Byunghun, go away.” Saemi said coldly and slammed the door shut. She leaned on the door and closed her eyes, trying to calm down her heart.

“Even though you don't want to see me… but I am still going to say what I’m about to say to you.” L.Joe voice could be heard through the closed door. Saemi covered , her tears already rapidly run down her cheeks.

“Saemi… You know that I love you, right? I will never do anything to hurt you.” L.Joe said, more of a statement than a question. He knew he won’t get any replied from her but he just want to keep talking. “The first time I saw you I already fell in love with you, but I was just too blind to see it. And spending almost every day with you made me realized my own feeling for you. When I made that mistake, I know I was being a jerk and I want to thank you for giving me the second chance to make it up to you. That chance really means a lot to me.” L.Joe sighed and leaned his back on the door. He managed a small bitter smiled and turned his head sideway to the door.

“Remember when we were in China? You confessed to me… I was really happy that time, I couldn’t describe it with words with how happy I am at that time. The girl I love, loves me back, it was like a dream come true. I could never forget that moment. It was one of the happiest moments in my life. Thank you for the memories you gave me Saemi… you will always be here… in my heart.” L.Joe felt his eyes brimmed with tears and took a deep breath.

“What I really want to say here is… Be happy Saemi-ah… Even though the one beside you isn’t me, but I hope you will always be happy. I will always be here for you, whether you need me or not.” L.Joe straightened up and turned around to look at the door, he put a hand on it and lowered his head, and finally his tears fell down from his eyes and wet the asphalt.

“Good bye Saemi…” He whispered his last words and left the place.

Saemi’s eyes widened and she quickly twisted the door knob and opened the door. She ran outside and looked around her but no one was there. Her heart tightened and she felt her knees weaken, she fell down on her knees with tears endlessly running down her cheeks. She thought back what had L.Joe said to her and she couldn’t bit back her sobs, she didn’t care anymore and she cried loudly, clutching on her shirt and let her tears fell down on the cold ground.

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