Those Three Words

Our Destiny
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Her eyes felt heavy when she opened her eyes. She looked at the ceiling blankly, remembering how she broke down in front of Kris. She didn’t want to cry but Kris had pulled the string of her heart and she broke down instantly. She was back in her hotel room. She sat up and looked at the clock at the small table beside her bed. The time showed 2.09am. She pulled the blanket off her and get out off bed. She went to the sliding door and opened it. Letting the cold night air hit her, she stepped out and stood at the balcony. She was only wearing shorts and a sleeveless white shirt.

She looked at the dark sea in front of her. She felt sorry for her friends, because of her they couldn’t have the fun they wanted to on this trip. She blamed her weak heart for it, why couldn’t she hold it in and pretend like nothing happened? If she just pretended then they could enjoy their time here. Maybe because she had being holding it inside her for so long, she had been holding it since L.Joe left for his business trip.

She sighed and a small white cloud form from her breath. She went back inside, closing the sliding door behind her. She went to her suitcase and pulled out her cardigan, she wore it and went out from her room. She couldn’t stand being inside her room. She felt like the room became smaller as time passed by and it suffocate her more and more. She looked at Suzi’s bedroom for a while and she left the place.


Saemi walked along the shore, enjoying the cold water hit her bare feet. She hugged herself as the wind hit her thin layered of fabric. She was wearing shorts which she wears when she came to the beach with Suzi, Luhan and Kris that evening. She didn’t even think to change it because she just couldn’t wait to get out from the room. She walked slowly while looking down on her feet.

Suddenly, she heard light footsteps. She stopped on her track and the footsteps stopped too. She looked up and her eyes instantly widened. The person who was facing her had his eyes wide. They looked at each other without a blink. She had many things to say to him but she couldn’t speak. Her lips were sealed when she was face to face with him. She gulped down a lump in . She opened to speak but stop when that guy moved closer to her.

Now, he was exactly in front of her. “You should wear something warmer. It’s cold here. Take this…” He said gently and took off his jacket. He put it around her as he stared at her gently. Without another word, he turned around and walked away from her. She just looked at him walking away from her, his figure getting further and further away from her. Hugging the jacket around her tightly, slowly her feet started to move toward him and seconds later she started to run toward him. This time she didn’t want to let him go.

“Byunghun…” She reached him and held the edge of his shirt from behind. L.Joe stopped walking but he didn’t turn around.

“Please… don’t go…” Her voice wavered but she held his shirt tighter. L.Joe just stood there, he didn’t say anything. Saemi didn’t know what he was thinking because he didn’t turn to look at her.

“Saemi, let go.” His voice was icy cold that it made her heart broken in million pieces. She shook her head vigorously even though L.Joe couldn’t see it.

“No. I don't want to let go.” Saemi said determinedly even though her tears started to spill out from her eyes bit by bit.


“I don’t want to let you go!” Saemi shouted and shook her head again. L.Joe was surprised by her sudden outburst. He turned around slowly and faced her. She let go of his shirt and her arms stayed limply on her side. She looked down and her shoulders move up and down because of her silent sobs.

“I let you go before, now I don't want to let you go.” She said quietly but could be heard by L.Joe. His eyes turned gentle a bit but he didn’t want to give in so easily yet.

“Why you don’t want to let me go? You got Taemin by your side right? Since the first day he came back into your life, you already rejected me and go to him. Or do you have fun playing with my heart that you keep on coming back? Until when do you want to keep on lying to me?” L.Joe asked icily. It stabbed Saemi’s heart and she felt like she was dying at every word he said.

“No… that’s not true…” She shook her head weakly.

“Then what is the truth Saemi? Tell me.” He asked sternly. Saemi kept quiet and she kept her head lowered. L.Joe smirked. “Just go back to your room Saemi, let’s just pretend we never met.” He said and turned around, leaving her once again.

“Please don’t go…” Saemi whispered through the wind. She looked up and saw L.Joe already far away from her. “Don’t go…” Her voice was barely a whispered now.

“Byunghun!” She shouted his name loudly. L.Joe didn’t turn around and just kept on walking.

“I…” Her voice lowered again and she took a deep breath.

“I love you!” L.Joe stumbled a bit and his eyes widened. Saemi hugged him from behind. She tightened the embrace and cried onto his sturdy back.

“I’m sorry that I hurt you, it was not my intention. I was confused with my own feelings. I didn’t mean to lie to you. I just didn’t want to hurt you, I don't want you to be mad at me. I was afraid that if I told you the truth, you will leave me. I don’t know when I started to get attach to you but all I know now is that I can’t live without you. I want you to be by my side forever. Don’t leave me… I… I love you. Please… don’t leave me.” Her voice was shaky as her tears streamed down on her cheeks.

L.Joe softened and his heart melted. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. This was his weakness… Whatever she did, he could never be mad at her. Whether she stabbed him for millions times, he would never turned back on her. Just like what he had promised to her, he would always be there for her whether she needed him or not.

No matter how many times she put scars on him, he would never put the scars back to her. She was important to him, more important than his own life. He already fell in love with her, so deep that sometimes it hurt him. He could never be cold toward her even if he wanted to, he couldn’t bear see her hurt expression or her tears.

He turned around to face Saemi and she let go of the hugged. He lifted up her chin with his finger and ever so gently, he gave a soft peck on her forehead.

“Don’t cry anymore. It hurt me to see you cry.” He said gently and stared into her brown eyes. He gave a small loving smiled to her. Saemi burst into another tears again because she could finally see that warm brown eyes that full of love for her. And that gentle voice of his that always made her heart shaken.

L.Joe wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closed. She put her arms around his waist and hugged him back, landing her face on his broad chest. L.Joe tightened the hugged and inhaled her scent that he missed the most. A smiled appeared on his lips.

“I’m sorry…” Saemi whispered the word.

“I know…”

“I’m sorry…”


“I’m sorry…”

And like that, Saemi kept whispering the words ‘I’m sorry’ countless time as L.Joe hugged her tightly. The stars and the moon were the witness of their love reunited.

Kris was there too witnessing the scene. He smiled a little. He was leaning under a tree; no one could see him because it was dark. With a sighed he turned around and went back inside the resort.

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