Jekyll and Hyde, it's all me.


What happens when you realise that your favourite idol happen to have two personalities? One seemingly good, the other somehow the complete opposite, evil and violent?

A story about Jung Taekwoon, who always has problems dealing with his two personalities. He does not know which one is the real him, until you came along. Is the sweet and talented singer the real him, or is the quiet shy yet abusive his real identity? Has he lost his true identity after becoming an idol singer or is he just hiding his trueself? 

Inspired by the song that VIXX cameback with recently, "Hyde" as well as the book/movie "Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and the "Beautiful Creatures" series, I bring to you my latest fic "Jekyll and Hyde, it's all me." ^_^ 


Jekyll and Hyde, is what most people call "split personality", referred to "dissociative identity disorder" where within the same body there exists more than one distinct personality. In this story, Taekwoon has two identities. One, where he is bright and a good boy, under the name of Taekwoon. Another, where he is a violent, evil singer Leo. 

There was no distinct signs of him transforming whenever he does, he simply changes whenever his mind wants to. He can't seem to control himself, he does not know when will he change to the evil Leo or the sweet Taekwoon. Occassionally, while on stage, he switches to Taekwoon and he smiles even though they are performing a tough-like song, but the fans of course think of it as fanservice. Whenever he changes to Leo back in the dorms, he stays in the room, for he is afraid that he might do something to s. You did not notice the difference, but as you learn more about him and his past, you slowly realise what is going on. 


Within Evil, there is Good and within Good there is Evil. No matter how evil Leo is, the bit of Taekwoon still shows and no matter how sweet Taekwoon is, Leo would show up in different parts of his life. If he had the ability to choose which personality he wants, which personality would he pick?


Jekyll and Hyde, it's all me. Don't run away or escape.


[P.S I am going to finish this one-shot probably 2 weeks later. Having midterms now.]

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Chapter 1: can you write a story about hakyeon being claimed as a prequel to this story?

i am curious about what happened to Hakyeon : "I used to be like Taekwoon, just that i have already claimed myself...."
Chapter 1: Sequeeeel!!! Pleasseee! I want to know...if they're going to meet again? ahead? And even maybe...Leo falling in love with her? Aaah...i don't know....just saying
Kisses <3
Chapter 1: Sequel?? :3
myjongin #4
Chapter 1: I love it!!!! Please make a sequel to it!!! I would love to read more author nim
Chapter 1: got yourself a new sub hre
Chapter 1: UHSOMEEE! *head banging*
Chapter 1: Waaaaaa this is so asdfghjkl GOOD!!! >///////<
Will you make a sequel of this? I feel like there's more in this story XD
xiumin120801 #8
Chapter 1: great story :) i love this soooo much<3
xiumin120801 #9
Interesting! Update soon :)