Ice Cold


She stood there. Her straight, black hair touching her waist, her eyes like black, dark orbs sinking into mine. Her red, knee-length dress hugged her body fitting her perfectly illuminating her pale, white skin. She stood there looking at me. Burning holes as she stares at me. Her pale pink lips trembling from the cold spring air, her breaths coming out in white puffs. She did not utter a word. I knew I broke her. Everything we’ve gone through, every moment we shared, the kisses, the hugs, the small interactions between us, wasted.



Oh Sehun, a high school student who is madly in love with his girlfriend, found himself slipping into the vast dark, cold world she resides in. After it was revealed that his relationship with his girlfriend was a set up made by his friends deal, Sehun found himself in trouble with her brothers. Though they still remain a couple even after the bet was revealed, things just haven't been right. From the very start of his cold act, he found himself in another world, her world. Being cautious and attentive to the things around him. He was becoming like her.












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I stood in front of the mirror checking my appearance. I button the ends of my sleeve on my white dress shirt. My dyed blond hair was combed back exposing my forehead. My slanted but big eyes shine in excitement. A small smile tugged the ends of my thin, pink lips. I dusted off my black slacks before grabbing my coat and headed out the door.

Today was the day of the school dance. I was taking her. I wanted her to experience her first school dance with me. I bet she would look beautiful tonight. As beautiful as she originally is, but a little more extraordinary. I could not wait to see her in her dress. I couldn’t wait to be blown away like on our first date.

I arrive at her house; my car parked in the driveway, and got out to meet her at the door. As I rang the doorbell, the door opened revealing her mother. Her mother was about four inches shorter than her, about a foot shorter than me. She smiled at me, I returning the smile, and let me in to greet her father. Her father stood by the staircase. He was about the same height as me. I bowed respectfully towards the two adults asking if she was ready.

She called my name from the top of the staircase. She gracefully walked down with a small smile on her lips. If it weren’t for her five-inch heels, she would have stood a head shorter than me. She looped her arm around mine telling her parents that we would be taking her leave. Her parents nodded and bided us a farewell.

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yoona0912 #1
update soon
Besseh145 #2
This story seems pretty interesting although the flow seems a bit awkward for me but perhaps you could edit your foreword or description? Because I'm still not quite sure what this story is going to be about. I know it's going to be centred ard Jaehee & Sehun. But what is the going to be? It's left me a bit confused.

The last part of chapter 7 definitely is a surprise! :-) Never saw that coming!
MrsCho #3
Chapter 2: interesting! please update soon! ^_^
kellen_1825 #4
Thank you for updating that was nice and interesting update soon..
kellen_1825 #5
update soon ^^