Chapter 1


It was one of those days. One of those days where there was a small warm breeze; the sun was shining up in the sky, no clouds. Just another summer day, like many others. Students gathered outside the classrooms, happy to see their friends, happy that school was just two weeks to end.

All of them planning millions of things, hundreds of adventures that, in the end would never happen.  Outside, a class was having PE. Not even the hot weather made them lose the smiles in their faces. On the contrary. The blue sky seemed to only make them even happier. Small cicadas could be heard, just like on those anime series would portrait.

It was one of those days that people didn’t want to be locked down in a grey building. It was one of those days where students wanted to go out and live their lives. Enjoy the years of freedom they had before becoming adults in the eyes of the world.

The only difference that this day had from an anime show was that, this was pure reality. This was reality and no flower boy would appear out of nowhere and would take care of a girl. In the real world, there were no so good looking people, and if they were, they wouldn’t fall in love with that little cute nerd that never realized he was alive.

In the real world people wouldn’t say beautiful words in front of the whole school so they could prove their love for each other. In the real world, people just wanted to stay in their own little world and not be bothered by people they never heard about in the first place. In the real world, life wasn’t so colorful as it was in anime.

Inside the school, class number 2-A, one student stood staring outside, not bothering to open his mouth to speak or looked to the people around them. He was so tired to see those people every single day of his life. He saw them every single day, every single hour. He saw them more than he saw his own parents.

Waking up at 7AM, go to school at 7:30AM, have a break at 10AM, lunch from 1PM to 3PM, then classes to 8PM; then go back home, have dinner, study, watch a little of TV and sleep. This was his routine since he entered high school. It was tiring, boring but there was nothing he could do to change it. He was just another regular guy, like all of the guys in his school.

He wasn’t popular, he wasn’t a jock, he wasn’t a nerd. His grades weren’t the best, but they weren’t the worst either. He wasn’t a bad kid either. He didn’t smoke, he didn’t skip classes, he didn’t bully other students. He was just a random guy who found his place on the school hierarchy. He was one of the invisible guys that no one cared about. He was one of those guys that being there or not, was exactly the same thing. He didn’t belong to any club nor did he enjoy them. He found them boring and didn’t see the point of them. He congratulated people who actually found the energy to go to them, but he, wasn’t one of them.

He wasn’t bad looking. He knew that he was attractive enough to have a girlfriend if he wanted without trying too much. But he just didn’t want it. unlike many guys his age, he didn’t see the point of having a girlfriend. A girlfriend was supposed to be there when you need her and when you want to do something different. Having a girlfriend in the school would end up being a bother because he was sure that she would end up controlling his every step. Not to mention that every corner he turned, she would be there. And he was a person who enjoyed his space. Outside the school, they would never see each other. So yeah, there was no point on having a girlfriend.

Friends…he had his fair chair of friends and he was happy with them. They were nice people with good hearts, but just like him, they were nothing but average. They had always the same conversations, the same jokes and the same complains. They found their usual routine and they were very happy with it. His friends were loyal and had been with him for as long as he can remember. They took care of him and he took care of them. That’s how it worked.

Overall, he couldn’t complain. He was just another average guy living a very average life, but in the end, wasn’t that for the best? Wasn’t that for the best in a long period of time? if he kept that life, he would find an average job, an average wife and have an average family. And he was okay with it. He was perfectly fine with it because that was exactly what he planned for his future since he started remembering to have a conscious. At least a conscious to think about things like that. Sometimes life prepared surprises and he received them with open arms. But if they didn’t appear, he was perfectly fine with it as well.

“Lee Taemin, please repeat what I just said.” Hearing his name being called he stopped looking at the window and looked to his teacher that was in front of the blackboard. He looked angry and he was pretty sure the teacher looked a little disappointed that his student wasn’t paying attention to his words. “….I’m sorry.”

He said as he grabbed his text book and looked down, trying to catch up. in reality he hadn’t been paying attention to a single word his teacher had been telling the past hour, but honestly he didn’t care about this subject that much either. It was Korean literature and he just didn’t say it bored him to death because he actually respected his teacher. It wasn’t every day that a teacher showed so many interest on showing his students the beauty of Korean writers. “Please pay attention. This will be important in your future.”

Hardly. He didn’t see the point on studying about a romance that ended up badly for both parties. He didn’t see the point on studying about true love, about how people felt head over heels about each other. Such intense love just existed in books and movies. The human creature didn’t have the capacity to fall in love like that. A human being was too cruel to feel such raw emotions. “Yes sir…” He ended up saying. The teacher continued going student by student asking questions and he just turned off his attention again. Like any other student, he just wanted to leave. He wanted to leave that dark building and just catch some fresh air, even if it was just for a little while.

His attention was caught back into the class that was having PE outside. He moved a little on his chair so he could see the students a little better. They were doing some stretching and laughing. They were one of the first year classes, and he recognized them just because of one element.

Not because that particular student stood out among the others. Like him, that particular student was average and no one, besides his friends, seemed to care about him that much. Why did he pay attention to him in the first place then? If he was that average, why was he looking at him instead of paying attention to his teacher? The answer was simple actually. Because that student, that particular student, was Kim Jongin. His best friend. The one that he shared everything with and the one that would end up sharing his average life with.

Still looking at his friend, he saw him looking up to the windows. A bright smile crossed his handsome face and he started waving happily, just like a child. Lee Taemin smiled weakly and waved back not really caring if the teacher saw him or not.  He would rather wave to his friend than pay attention to those manliness words that had no impact on him.

He saw his friend stop waving as he heard his name being called. They were going to do high jump, from the looks of it. Kim Jongin gave one last look and he smiled back. For an average friend, Kim Jongin was pretty good. He saw him leave his sight and continued staring to the outside world.  

The sun continued shining and the sky was still a pure blue, just like on TV. “Lee Taemin! Pay attention!” He took a long breath. He apologized to his teacher again and looked down to his notebook again. It was time to come back to the real world. This was another day in his life. It was another average day.









A/N: this will be a three-shot MAX!

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Chapter 3: Sweet ending *_*
jambydsy #2
Chapter 3: Woooahhhh jonginnieeee plz confess to taetae like this in reality
taekai69 #3
Chapter 3: Oooh ~~~!!♡
BabyTaem #4
I just found this fic, it's beautiful.
anison #5
Chapter 3: Thank you ! This wasn't another cheap one. Although it was short it was nice to read befor going 2 sleep! I have a good feeling right now.
Chapter 3: the way how you write this story is really great . And I love it for sure♥

TaeKai is absolutely sweet ~
Chapter 3: I actually expected this story to be average - like just describing an average day between two average friends in an average life. Boy was I wrong, at the end! This was a not so average story, after all.

(Boy, I used too average too many times xD)

This world needs more TaeKai~~ <3
Chapter 3: Wow... just... wow... I think this is so far the best one I've read... The way you portray everything made me think I was watching them both from afar. The feeling you put on this made my heart smile. It was so touching, so nice to read and so... happy! I could feel happiness in my heart while reading it... Made me think of so many things, how much people want in their life without even knowing they have everything they need in their hands. I'm touched, really... :D
imsocuriousyeah #10
Chapter 3: So much TaeKai feels... That was really good and shy Jongin was too much for my heart
thank you for sharing this awesome story!