Love Sick


So this is what it feels like to be in love. If only the universe would conspire to make it possible. If only cupid could shoot his arrow and pierce your heart. If only every sickness in this world could be cured. If only love sickness could be cured.


Love. That four-letter word which makes you feel butterflies in your stomach. The one which makes your heartbeat flutter like crazy. The one which makes you feel all giddy and inspired. The one which causes you to unconsciously smile at the mere memory of the person's smile. But love could also be a . It could also be the one which makes you feel like you're standing on a cliff as the deep waters and jagged rocks at the bottom daringly invites you to take a plunge, to leave everything behind and accept the pain as you crush to pieces, breaking all of your bones as you lie there feeling the most unbearable pain you can ever imagine.




Read at your own risk ;)

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Keystrings #1
Chapter 36: This was a good one. I was a bit skeptical reading this as I was so sure it will be frustrating, but oh my was I wrong. This is great, a good break from all of taeyeon's depressive POV's now we're seeing it on tiff's . It's a refreshing change I hope to read more of this type of plot. I love how well written this is. Congrats for a great fic.
Rereading this for the nth time already. I could totally relate to this story as I am in love with my best friend, who is a girl btw, for a few years now. But sadly, she likes a guy already.
192 streak #3
Chapter 14: hahahahaha.....look at me anxiously speed-reading through this story just so i can finally see fany happy omg ;_;
192 streak #4
Chapter 2: my heart is hurting. fanyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jelieber94_ #5
Chapter 36: Beautiful.
bintangkejora #6
Chapter 36: Nice story :-)
Chapter 36: Author-ssi, can I be your huge fan????
taenyric109 #8
Chapter 36: Awwww, this story is really good!! One of the best fanfics i have ever read! Thanks author-ssi!!
Chapter 36: Aww mann. I like your story. Awesome author-ssi.
feynee #10
Chapter 36: finally i can read tiff prov. it always about tae who suffer. tiff is inspiration for me, coz she always can handle her suffer under her smile, always positive, humble n loveble..