I Married A Gangster Named Tao? [Editing]

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Everything was fine in Soojung’s life; her life was just like a beautiful painting, painted by the most famous painter until she found out that she has to get married with a heartless gangster, a gangster that can kill her without feeling any guilt. Will she survive this marriage or fall into the darkness?

“When you marry a gangster there is no turning back, you will forever be his slave.”

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Choi Soojung: She is an example of a good kid that every parent wants to have, Soojung listens to everyone and does every single thing they want her to do. She is often taken as an advantage by many. She always seems cheery and happy but in reality she is a hell of a mess, she is bored of her so called normal life and wishes that she could change it into more adventures one but what she wished for is completely opposite of what she imagine it will be like. Being dangerous gangster’s wife wasn’t her top priory at all.

Huang Zi Tao: He is a member of a dangerous gang named exo. Tao was originally born in China and raised there till age of ten.  His father decided that it was too dangerous for his family to stay in China and they moved to Korea where Tao met his closes friends and gang named exo. Huang Han is one of the most famous and dangerous gangsters but with his old age he wants to quit everything and have a normal life, his decision caused lots of rumours and disgraces to the Huang family as they were labelled as cowards.

Tao thinks that his father is getting weak and he doesn’t want to change his life style but what gets him even more angrier at his father is when Huang Han announces that Tao will get married with a complete stranger, a completely different person who isn’t part of any gangs. Huang Han dared to break the tradition of always sending of their children to get married with someone from a powerful gang and Tao won’t ever forgive him or his so called wife. 

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Chapter 36: I chose a but as long as its done right.. tao started off rough but he has slowly gotten more gentle.. strength their resolved by having them forced to deal with life and death( or damn close to it. I love Soo's char. she isnt a pushover and i think has promise to be a badass
everykpoplover #2
Chapter 36: If the story still has their relationship cringy (Tao and Soojung and Sohee and Chen) I'm good. Maybe you can do both. You can include some dark and mature scenes but also not changing too much, which is kinda keeping it as it is.
everykpoplover #3
Chapter 36: I really like the way it is. But I guess peoplease want some other things, guess I won't get to see Sohee and Chen in action. Really like that couple. Sigh.
Chapter 36: i really miss this story so much..
Wysmom #6
Just checking up on you author-nim.
Wysmom #7
I hope you will finish your editing soon.
Chapter 35: Update my favorite author~~~~~~~~~~~~ All your stories are great. I really like this chapter tho :3
Chapter 36: Update soon. This is awesome xD I would like to know about Sohee and Chen. They're soo cute
004down #10
Chapter 3: This is The first fanfic I've seen so far about Tao, really excited :D