The Curse

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“This child, I curse”, the black-haired witch snarled. “For whoever will meet his gaze shall die.”



“This child, I bless”, the blue-skinned fairy chanted. “And to this curse, his true love shall survive.”







     Title : The Curse.
     Length : Chaptered.
     Pairing : Eunhae, Hyukhae
     Genre : Supernatural, fantastic, magic. Romance, fluff, a bit of angst at the beginning.




Donghae has been cursed. As soon as someone meets his gaze, they'll die.
Donghae has been locked in a room, blindfolded, imprisoned by his own father.
Donghae knows nobody will save him.

          Until he meets Hyukjae.




[The Curse] is now complete! thank you for your support!

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Mizuki_23 1 points #1
I loved the story so much! Like how at first it was all slow development and then pow! Action after action! I think for me that was one of the most captivating story I ever read. I especially loved the last few chapters, I just couldn't stop reading. ^-^ Though I'm saying that probably a bit late as you've been finished for a while and I've know your fic some time. '^-^ I just finished reading, though..
P.S.: Your english is not bad, as you kept saying, there were like one mistake in every 10k words.. and that was in the chapters you sad very barely edited or unedited.. I just thought I mention that since it seems like you're insecure about that. (Though I'm saying that as a non-native english speaking person myself..)
baek_has_chan #2
Chapter 6: So sweet TT_TT I feel really bad for Donghae... Let me protect him to too!! XD
baek_has_chan #3
Chapter 4: Ryeowook TT_TT I felt like crying
baek_has_chan #4
Chapter 1: Wow. That was...AMAZING. Even tho its only the first chapter its already so interesting and the feeling of wanting to know what's next is strong.
baek_has_chan #5
Omygosh omygosh I'm SOOO excited to read this. It sounds interesting
naddood 1 points #6
Chapter 29: This is not a fic...this is a GOD DAMN MOVIE!!! Like
Those Hollywood ones!!! I'm not overreacting but this was pure gold author nim!! Like no words can describe how much I'm feeling right are a truly genius writer I haven't seen in a while.. this was the best and no one can say anything else..
pinaywriter #7
Chapter 1: I am just reading this right now and it's awesome so far. ^^/
Chapter 29: So many things had happened from the last time I read. And I am glad that Donghae and Hyukjae finally earned the peace and happiness they have wanted so bad, especially after experiencing so many struggles. Kudos to Donghae for being brave and did things that he thought was right. And Hyukjae, need I say more about this wonderful guy?
I feel sad though that Leeteuk lost his most important person but now he gains other companions. He is so kind and gentle.
I love Heechul. The ever charming Heechul.
Kyuhyun and Sungmin got their peace too and are so sweet. They have fought well.
I have grown to love all the characters here because it is truly a great story. Thank you. And I hope that you can make that original work happened.
Best of luck, dear.
1 points #9
OMG love this story!! This sounds like an awesome kdrama plot. The whole story was so beautiful to read!! Eunhae forever!!
Your story is still amazing no matter how many times I read