My Contract Marriage

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Yun Sunmi, a smart and average looking girl who came from a not so well-off family went to Seoul to study at Daesan High School - the most prestigious school in the whole country as she was granted a scholarship to study there. 

She needs to earn and save a lot of money to pay for her younger sister's medical expenses as she always gets sick and they have a lot of debts.

Daesan High School consists of the wealthiest and most arrogant kids in the whole country who loves to show off what they have, argue who's richer, ride luxurious cars to school and wear all those fancy stuffs around their bodies.

Every school has the most famous and hottest student; in other words, the 'Kingka' or 'Queenka' of every school and whom the students worship. Luhan being the son of the owner of Daesan High School makes him the 'God' of Daesan. Well, not just because of that. He is the son of the wealthiest family in the whole country. He got almost everything - money, luxuries, good looks, hot body and he gets any girl he wants.

Being in the wealthiest family only means one thing, there is a high possibility that his family's company will merge with another company to strengthen their ties or wealth. That's what happened to Luhan. His parents arranged him for a marriage with the heiress of one of their friend's company.

Luhan not wanting to get married early and not to a person he doesn't love, will find a solution to escape from the marriage. How is he going to escape from it? How is he going to deal with the problems in the future? Will it be easy on him? Will luck be on his side?

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Date started: June 13, 2013

Date ended: December 2, 2013


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Sequel: Last Kiss (Completed)

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Chapter 49: You know what, I think this story is awesome. Despite having a cliche plot, I love how you manage to make it different from the others. I mean, I'm also a picky reader. I wont read if the story is way too cliche and bad written. But what I love about this story, and what make it different from the others is how you change the younger Luhan to a matured one, the loyal Sehun, Luhan's parents are so cool I love them haha, and most importantly, your writing skill. I wont manage to finished this if it was bad written. Plus, the way you emphasized young love also a pure love and can be successful is awe-inspiring. The support from family and friends is important and thats what Luhan and Sunmi have to keep their relationship stronger (of course besides their love). Well, enough with the ranting. I'm moving on to the sequel (;

:: about the 'Xi' thing, I got you, and I feel bad for Luhan oppa. ><
stephanie1138 #2
Sorry to say, but your storyline is cliché. I've read countless of story with a similar plot. I also notice that your storyline is not smooth. What I mean is many event occuring in the story are too sudden and sometimes I think certain element or details are not necessary at all. But, its nice to know you work so hard in writing this story. Keep it up. I know you could improve your writing!
nice (‘∀’●)♡
dannyal #4
Chapter 27: Okay. My heart just flatters when Luhan and Sunmi started to act like real partner. Oh my Godddd
katmod16 #5
Nice story
fgtalks #6
Chapter 36: I wonder why this chapt rated M...
Angelz0715 #7
Chapter 49: They are super adorable xD
pinkcat #8
Chapter 1: Love the BoF reference! Haha!
Chapter 49: This was such a good story!
Chapter 49: Nice story!!! Love the end :) I also liked how you pointed out luhans full name and how it's lu han not xi luhan!!