Let Out The Beast



I know you wanna let out the beast.


“Did you say something?”  The tan one tilted his head to see his brother shaking his head.


“Maybe you need to go and see a doctor for real.”


He threw the pillow from his back to his brother.


“Hyung, I’m hearing it clearly.”


“This is the nth time you said that!”







“How’s your wound?”


He waved his left arm in the air and smiled brightly to the sleeping figure beside him.


“I’m healed already.” He scooted for a kiss in his mate’s forehead.


“Are you still bothered by it?”


“I just have some bad vibes—I’m not sure if migrating is the best move we did. What if this endangers our other kinds in Seoul?”


He didn’t answer and massaged his sleeping mate’s temples.


“I can’t say it was the right move but considering how weak we are now, it could be the right one.”









There were loud sounds of cries in the small space behind an old building.


“Help! Stop him!”


Blood were everywhere. Bones were breaking as if they were just some petty stick being broken.


A loud shriek was heard and everyone gasps in horror.


His orange hair waved gracefully in the air. Spitting some blood on the ground, he hissed and gritted his teeth. His eyes were getting redder.


I will kill them all!


“Minnie, stop…” He turned around and saw a figure in the ground, bloody and weak.


My love.


“Stop this, please…” his hand slowly touched his face and he whimpered.


“I’m sorry...”







“Panda, is it just me or your eyes are turning red every now and then?”


The red haired tower laughed and patted his friend’s back.


“Nah, you’re just seeing things. Come on, I’m super hungry!”


Completely oblivious of his surroundings, someone was already in his back—ready to attack him.


“I’ve found one of them—red hair, 5 earrings, tall and skinny.”


A guy in black said over the phone.


“Okay, wait until he’s by himself.”


“Yes, Alpha.







“Hey, get a grip!”


Almost falling on the road, someone catches the feeble body.




“W-What—wait! Don’t fall asleep.”


“Son, get your insi—omo who’s that?!”


“I don’t—”


“Yah! Yah! What did you do this time?!”


“No—no—I didn’t do this!”


“Aigoo, such a beautiful kid…”


Ah, she’s not listening to me again…


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