Rose's Thorns




When someone who’s never cared about everything met the guy who’s never cared about everything either. As the world spins, changed everything on it; the above to below and below to above. When there’s nobody you can trust, even your own shadow. When people changed, when the nice people became so mean. When you get hurt by someone whom you love so much, and nobody helps you. People changed, everyone changed, she finally changed.


Because every roses has its thorns, you can't even trust your own shadow




the characters.


Cha Ah Ra. Don’t you ever dare to talk with me if you just want to lecture me because I don’t like it when someone thinks they’re better than me. If I want something, I SHOULD get it sooner or later, sooner is better but never is the worst thing in my life. Growing up without love from parents was the worst for me and ended up being a trouble maker daughter wasn’t my choice. Don’t stop me for everything or else... I will throw my Louis Vuitton in your face hard.
Kim Jongin. Just don’t mess with me and you’re safe. Don’t ever care about me because I will never care about you and I will never care about everything either. Don’t talk about love to me because I will never care about it and I don’t like something unimportant, well.. even if it’s important, I won’t even care either.




Kim Myungsoo. I LOVE MY LIFE. They said you only live once –YOLO, dude! Just have fun, enjoy your life. Don’t waste your time for such unimportant thing, example; love and hurt. Don’t hurt yourself, nobody hurts you, it’s just you hurt yourself. Do what you want to do, say what you want to say. If you want to leave, just leave. If you want to stay, just stay.





the arts.

Baechimi 's.

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the trailer.





author's notes; my another story starring Kai. Subscribe and upvote just click here~> () mind to check the others? That XX () S' Fate () Awesome poster&background credits to baechimi from 9 to the 4 graphic paradise. Thanks a lot! Rose's Thorns // 2013 // kaisbicc_


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“Miss! Don’t run, miss!”


A runaway scene that viewable for people in the street of Seoul. Butler Lee chases his boss’ gold daughter after running for almost 30 minutes. The girl was running happily avoiding her butler and searching the best place for hiding. Most of peoples whispering each other after seeing the scene, some peoples quickly updated their fan account on social media and some peoples, well, didn’t really give a . Tomorrow, the headline news will be full of her face.


Cha Ah Ra, she is daughter of Cha Chi Soo the owner of three biggest companies in Korea and an economy minister of Korea. Eighteen years old this year, on her last year at Senior High School. Known as the rules breaker girl but some peoples addressed her as the two faced rich girl.


“Ah! That’s it!” Ahra thought as she saw a guy standing near his car in front of the café. She looked back, making sure the place is quite and her butler is far away from her. She opened the door and quickly hiding in the car. Ahra sighed as she saw her butler crossed by the street but the car was moving, the car was ing moving.


“” The guy looked to the back seat and shocked because there’s a girl hiding in his car just now, as he remembered the girl wasn’t here before.


Who the hell are you?!” he said while driving the car panicky, almost stepping on the brake pedal.



[rose's thorns] chap 38 updated. who will she chooses? Jongin or Myungsoo?

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