Who's My Mom and Dad?
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Chapter 23



Minho touched Sulli’s cheek. Brushing it lightly. It sent an soft gentle warmth on Sulli.

“I mean that…I have fallen in love with you Sulli…And it took me a while to realize it.” Said Minho

Sulli can’t believe what she’s hearing. Mr. Minho is in love with her? How did that happen?

Sulli shook her head. “No…that can’t be true.” Said Sulli

Minho lifted Sulli’s face so that she could look at him.

“I mean it. I don’t know when it started…But I had always been attracted to you…even when my mind tell me I hate you…even when you were in that Karaoke club, I had been drawn to you for some reason…it might have started physically…but…but the way you melted my heart towards my father…the way you make Kevin enter my heart…the way you take care of Kevin and sacrifice everything for him…By just the way you touch my life…I have completely fallen for you.” Said Minho

“I love you, Sulli.” Said Minho

Sulli can’t contain the way her heart is exploding with each word she hears form Minho. All the questions, all the doubts in her head fading away. And all she could think is Minho, the way he makes her heart race, the way her heart is in chaos…everything…is not just hers alone…he was feeling it too…He loves her too.

Sulli lifted herself on tiptoe and reached for Minho’s lips with hers.

Minho was surprised. Sulli’s lips on his…Sulli reaching for him to kiss him, melted all Minho’s defenses. He let himself go and enveloped Sulli closer to him until he could feel Sulli’s heart beat with his.

It felt warm…gentle and sweet…it was as if they were saying all the feelings they have for each other..only that no words are needed.

Suddenly they caught fire.

As soon as Minho deepen the kiss, he can’t stop it anymore. It feels like fuel is being poured on them and the fire just gets hotter and hotter.

Minho put his hand on Sulli’s nape pulling her closer to him. He wrapped his other hand around Sulli’s waist leaving them no gap between.

Sulli felt like she’s floating. She leaned on Minho because her legs could not keep her standing anymore. Her hands wrapped around Minho’s neck.

Minho pushed Sulli onto the kitchen table. Sulli leaned on the table to support her.

Minho started kissing Sulli’s neck. The heat surging through his body.

Sulli felt like she’s going to explode with the way Minho  is touching and kissing her.

Minho went back to Sulli’s lips like a mad man who was drinking water for the first time in his desert years.

And Sulli quenched Minho’s thirst. She gave everything she got and kissed Minho back fiercely.

Minho pulled back.

“I’m sorry…” said Minho “If we continue this…I won’t be able to stop.” Said Minho

Sulli’s eyes widen in shock at Minho’s words. Minho took a step back.

It was always the case for Him and Sulli that whenever they would touch like this, it’s hard to stop…it’s dangerous…way too dangerous.

Sulli cleared and walked a few steps away from Minho.

“Ehem…I think we need to know what happened to Kevin. We left the party just like that…” said Sulli

“Let me call Sohyun.” said Minho

“I’ll call GD.” Said Sulli

That made Minho turn around

“What?” asked Minho irritated.

“He tried to help me earlier. He protected me…but the way we left him on stage earlier…I just want to make sure he’s ok.” Said Sulli

Though Minho is irritated, he knows GD was concerned over Sulli…what can he do?

Sulli dialed GD’s number but he did not answer…

“Sohyun said Kevin is with her. They’re on their way here.” said Minho

That somehow calmed Sulli

“What will happen now? The press will write things…right?” asked Sulli

“Yes…they will…and there’s no way to stop them. The scene that happened was just too big to ignore.” Said Minho

Sulli sigh

“Hey don’t worry about it. That’s going to be my problem. My mom…caused this circus. And I’m sorry for what she did there.” Said Minho

“You’re Mom hasn’t gotten over her hatred over me and Kevin. And I don’t blame her.” Said Sulli

“And I will need to talk with Krystal too.” Said Minho “I would need to break up with her properly.”

Sulli doesn’t know what to say…

“Are you sure about this? I mean…If you break up with her… you might lose a suitable wife.” Said Sulli

“There is no one more suitable than the woman I love.” Said Minho

Sulli felt heat crawling her cheeks.

“Mr. Minho, please don’t say those…touchy words.” Said Sulli

Minho chuckled at seeing Sulli’s blush

“And please erase Mister (sshi). Just call me Oppa…or we can use a term of endearment.” Said Minho teasingly

“Huh?” Sulli is surprised.

“Why? We are together now right? I mean…you are my girlfriend right?” asked Minho

That made Sulli’s face all red.

Minho could not bear the cuteness already. He pulled Sulli into a tight embrace.

“If you keep looking so cute like that…I would have a hard time restraining myself any further.” Said Minho

Sulli’s eyes widened at that.

And then the doorbell rang.

“Ahhh just the right time to stop me from doing things I can’t control.” said Minho

That made Sulli chuckle.

Sulli opened the door for Kevin and Sohyun. Kevin happily embraced Sulli.

“I hope we gave you enough time to talk…and sort things out. We intentionally went to the traffic areas to prolong our travel back here. Unnie, can you help Kevin get ready for bed please? I just need to talk to Oppa.” said Sohyun smiling sweetly.

“Umm..yeah…all right. Let’s go Kevin.” Said Sulli

“Mommy there were a lot of people earlier…They all looked nice.” Said Kevin


Sohyun sat in front of Minho.

“Don’t look at me like that.” said Minho

Sohyun laughed

“I just thought ‘Ahhh finally he can’t bear hiding it anymore’” said Sohyun

“And you’re ok with it?” Asked Minho.

“I don’t know…I don’t hate the idea...I mean, if you did this 3 months ago, I would have created havoc earlier…but …I think it was just about time that you finally faced what you really feel. You were hurting too much people by fighting it off, when you really can’t fight it off anyway.” Said Sohyun

“But Oppa…you need to clean things up…Mom was so angry earlier. And Krystal Unnie…she collapsed after you left.” Said Sohyun

“Krystal collapsed?!” Minho asked worriedly

“Oppa please guard your actions. From now on you have to be careful. If you plan to stand by Sulli Unnie and break up with Krystal Unnie, You can’t go running to Kystal Unnie on hearing these kinds of things.” said Sohyun “Even if you’re worried about her.”

Minho knows Sohyun is right.

“For some reason, it seems Jess Unnie’s being a big sister prevailed over her pride. I heard she went to the event just to pick Krystal Unnie up.” Said Sohyun


Sulli selpt with Kevin. Sohyun slept in Minho’s room while Minho slept in the sofa in the living room. Sulli woke up early and had to pinch herself to know whether last night was only a  dream or not. She saw Minho in the living room and couldn’t help but touched his sleeping face.

Did he really tell her he loves her? Did he really stood by her in front of everyone to see?

Sulli was staring on Minho’s face when Minho opened his eyes.

“I think I’m still dreaming.” Said Minho

Sulli chuckled. Minho pulled Sulli to lay beside him in the sofa. It was really a small space and Minho had to put his arms around Sulli to prevent her from falling off.

“Just a while…Just stay like this for a while.” said Minho

“What are you going to do today?” asked Minho

“I don’t think I can go to work…the media will hunt me down there.” said Sulli

“You’re starting to understand what happens in the entertainment world.” Said Minho

“It has a cycle.” Said Sulli

“But I need to see GD…” said Sulli

“I need to see Krystal too.” said Minho

Both of them were silent for a while.

“I need to make sure he’s ok.” said Sulli

“That’s what I want to make sure about Krystal too.” Said Minho

There was a long moment of silence.

“I get jealous of GD.” Said Minho “I mean if last night wasn’t proof enough.”

Sulli chuckled “I get jealous of Ms. Krystal too…But…we need to talk to both of them.” Said Sulli

Sohyun went out of the room to see Minho and Sulli cuddled together.


Sohyun closed the door of the room again. Until what time would they cuddle like that? She has a rehearsal in an hour!!!


Sulli learned that GD is in his house the entire day. When she went there, she was led by a maid to a library.

He’s rich all right.

After a few minutes, GD opened the door and went in.

GD did not talk and just sat across Sulli. He just looked at her. Sulli can’t read what he’s thinking.

“I’m here to thank you for what you did yesterday and apologize that I left you on stage” said Sulli

“Why talk so formally?” asked GD

“Because I truly am thankful…that you stood up for me and that you really tried to protect me there. And I’m sorry that…I left you after all that.” Said Sulli

“So what happened after that?” asked GD “Did you guys got together or something?”

“Umm…Yeah…something like that.” Said sulli

GD got up and walked towards Sulli. He stopped directly in front of Sulli his hands on the arms of Sulli’s chair. Bending so that his face is just a few inches from Sulli’s.

“So the reason why it can’t be me…was because of VP?” asked GD “Why does it have to be him? Is ti because he’s more powerful than me? Is it because you think he’s handsome? Or is it because you liked the thrill of getting a man that is already taken?” asked GD

That made Sulli furious. Sulli slapped GD hard on the face.

“I never, for one second think of snatching a man from someone else. I would never want to do that after what happened to my Mom and my sister…” said Sulli furiously

“I went here to thank you and apologize, because I thought you’re one of the few people who would stand up for me and believe me despite powerful people who wanted to destroy me. But it seems you share the same thinking as them about me.” Said Sulli

“I’m glad to know that as early as now.” Sulli tried to standup but GD held her down her seat.

“I did not mean it…what I just said…” said GD trying to control his emotion. I…just can’t bear thinking that you chose someone else over me…”

GD took a step back.

“Thank you for coming over, Sulli. But it wasn’t wise to go here when everything is still so fresh.” Said GD.

GD left the room.


Sulli was on the bus thinking of all the things that had happened. She opened her bag when she heard her phone ringing. But it was just the alarm. She saw the picture she put in her bag…the picture of her Unnie with 2 boys.

“Hmm…they look really close...this guy really looks familiar….” Sulli’s eyes got wide in realization

The guy with her Unnie in the picture…is Henry!


Henry saw his phone ringing.

Bae Yong Joon

Henry answered his phone

“Hey…I’m back.” Said the other line

“I didn’t expect you’ll be back this soon.” Said Henry

“I planned to be back earlier…but I needed to settle some things.” Said Yong Joon “I saw your articles.”

“Oh…really? I didn’t know you were interested in Korean Entertainment.” Said Henry

“No…not entertainment…but I’m interested on Korean Business…TC Entertainment in particular.” Said Yong Joon

“I don’t think Ji Woo would appreciate your over-interest with TC.” Said Henry

“Well she shouldn’t be surprised. She pushed me to this. And there’s no turning back.” Said Yong Joon “No one can stop me now…even you, Henry.”

“Who said I’m stopping you?” asked Henry

Yong Joon chuckled.

“I have an impression that your articles put them together…wee you trying to protect that family? I don’t like that.” Said Yong Joon

Henry closed his hand on a fist.

“They decided that on their own. Nowhere in my article did I suggest them to be together.” Said Henry

“You pretend that your articles did not lead them to this situation. But we both know better. Let’s see if what you did will help TC. Because I’m not allowing anything to get in my way…and I mean anything or anyone.” Said Yong Joon

Henry felt like his head is throbbing. With Yong Joon’s return…things won’t be easy.














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