Plan gone wrong

Breakable Heart
A/n: guys. If you guys have anything to ask or say. Please comment. -- *One month later* Today is Himchan's birthday. Ji Eun decided to suprised Himchan by stopping by the studio. B.A.P practicing at the dance room. "Oppa!" Ji Eun appeared in front of the entrance holding a cheesecake, they turned "Happy Birthday!" Ji Eun wished. "Omo, Ji Eun-ssi. thanks!" he kissed her cheeks, Yongguk heart beat drop"Oppa!" tonight I have a big suprised for you!" Ji Eun said "Jinjja? Omo! Baby..." Himchan plant a kiss on her forehead. "Did he just called her baby?" Yongguk whispered to himself "Omo this love bird." Daehyun sighed "Love bird?" Yongguk whispered again "Hyung, you're so lucky." Zelo said "Oppa.. are you done practicing? I want to take you to a special place." Ji Eun said. "Nae. You came just in time." Himchan said "Okay, let's go get you change." Ji Eun wrapped her arms aroubd his waist. he wrapped his arm around her shoulder as they walk out the door. -- "Are they dating?" Yongguk asked after Ji Eun and Himchan left "Nae. They started 2 weeks ago." Youngjae replied, Yongguk jaw dropped "Hyung, you okay?" Zelo asked, Yongguk comes to his sense "Oh I'm fine." Yongguk said. --Ji eun and Himchan stopped the fancy restaurant "I think our plans is working." Himchan smirked "Nae. Did you see how he react when you kissed my cheeks? He was breathless." Ji Eun giggled "Well he deserve it. I almiost punched him when he told me he slept with that girl." Himchan said "Why didn't you?" she giggled again "Ji eun!" Hyun Woo appeared from nowhere "Oh! Hyun Woo. Sit! There's so much we want to tell." Ji Eun said. --Yongguk enjoys himself at the club. trying to forget about the incident. "how could you." he stared at the bottle "I love you babe." he starts crying. "hey, why are you crying?" a girl approached, he look at her, y, has a small figure. She looks like Ji Eun but he knows that's not her. "Let me cheer you up." the girl starts massaging her. -- Himchan and Ji Eun went to the club together, hoping that they will meet Yongguk. They did, but then they saw a girl sittong on his lap, kissing his neck and up to his lips "Ji Eun.." Himchan pat her back when he realised Ji Eun tears started to forms "Let's get out of here!" She pulled his arm and walks towards the entrance.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
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