Breakable Heart
Yongguk was healthy and allowed to discharged from the hospital, everyhthing was back to normal. Hyun Woo glad that it was misunderstood. "Baby." Yongguk wrapped his arms around Ji Eun waist while she was preparing for breakfast "Yongguk! We have kids now!" she pushed him away "Oh cmon. I know you miss my touch." Yongguk teased, she ignore him and entered the kitchen, she washed her hands and turned "Omo!" she startled when she saw Yongguk in front of her "What?" Yongguk played innocent "What? Ya you scared the out of me. Do you want me to have heart attack!" Ji Eun nagged, Yongguk chuckled "Ya! I'm serious! What if I die? What if I..." Yongguk cut her off with a kissed and pulled away "I love it when you nag." Yongguk stucked out his tounge "Jerk!" Ji Eun slapped his cheast. -- Yongguk went out, Ji Eun and the boys are watching tv. Then the door bell rang, she opened the door and saw Daehyun and Youngjae "What the heck are you guys doing here?" Ji Eun asked "We're here because hyung asked us to take care of Maden and Mavin." Daehyun replied "Why?" Ji Eun asked "because he wants to go out on a date on the park. Better go change." Youngjae said Ji Eun raised her brows "Trust us!" Daehyun convinced. -- Ji Eun arrived at the park Ms. Ji Eun. This is for you." One guys gave Ji Euna white balloon. "Thanks." she bowed, she scracthed her head "How does he knows my name?" she thoughts. She was tired of wandering around the park, she decided to rest her feet by bending down. Then he recieved a call from Yongguk "Ya! Where are you?" she yelled "Don't stop there. Move foward a bit. You're almost there." Yongguk replied and hung up "What the? I swear I kicked your once i got you Yongguk." Ji Eun stood up and walks forwards. Few steps later "Ji Eun!" Someone called she turned and saw Yongguk standing few steps away from Ji Eun "Ya! What is the meaning of this?" Ji Eun asked, Yongguk took a small box out from his jacket aand knelt down, people were staring "Ya Yongguk! Stand up!" she commands and walks near him "Stop right there." Yongguk said. She stopped "What are you doing?" She asked " Ji Eun-a.." he smiled "Even though we fight sometimes, please don't forget our love. Ji Eun-a. I want you to know that I can never live without you. No matter what the others think about you I want you to know that you're perfect to me. I will protect you forever. That's my promise." He said, Ji Eun was wipping her tears that already fall. Yongguk smiled and opened the small box "Will you Lee Ji Eun be my one and only lady until my last breathe?" Yongguk asked, she nodded. He stood up and smiled at her, she run towards him and hugged him "I love you Ji Eun." Yongguk kissed her forehead "I love you too you pabo!" she replied and slapped his cheast, he broke the hugged and insert the ring at her finger "From now on. You are mine. Forever." He said ans kissed her lips. She heard people cheering and pushed him, she turned and saw his brother and Suzy smiling, the rest of B.A.P was clapping like kids "Appa! Omma!" Maden and Mavin run towards them and hugged them " My life is now complete." Yongguk said and smiled.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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