Breakable Heart
--Flashback: After Ji Eun left, Yongguk continued to watch his war movies. Then he wanted to reached for the remote. Instead of remote, he was holding Ji Eun's handphone "Haish that clumsy girl. Such a dummy." Yongguk sighed and unlock her phone, he saw his picture as her phone wallpaper "she's my dummy." he added and chuckle then the door bell rang "That must be her" he said and he places the phone back on the table "Coming!" he said and opened the door. "Hyomin?" Yonghuk raised his brows "Oppa!" she hugged him tightly "What are you doing?" Yongguk pushed her "Oppa. Let's talk. It's important abd dragged him to the living room. "What?" Yongguk asked as soon as they at the living room "Oppa! I need you. I love you oppa!" she said and kissed Yongguk lips. Yongguk pushed her but she pulled him closer, he moves his hands to her waist to pushed her but it's not working. Then he heard vase fall, he pushed her hard and turned. "Ji Eun!" : End flashback-- "I'm sorry!" Ji Eun hugged him "I'm such a fool!" she cried, he pat her shoulder "No baby."He broke the hugged and kissed her forehead "You're not a fool." Yongguk said and smile. She kissed his forehead "So we're good?" Yongguk asked, she nodded.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
kpopluva3838 #2
Chapter 42: Complete life of YongGuk~~
Chapter 41: awwwwwwwwwwwww sweet! yah yongguk that was a sweet proposal! *wipe tears* am so happy for the both of them!
Chapter 41: Wah, happy ending.. Daebak.. My bias got a happy life..
Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
Chapter 40: told u jieun it was a sweet! Can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting!
Chapter 39: Ish, please please please go back k? T_T yongguk & Ji eun is the match sweet couple or whatever T_T
Chapter 39: a chance?! are u giving him a chance jieun-ah? Chicha? Oh can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting for next chapter update~
Chapter 38: i feel there will be some drama coming up. fighting for next chapter update!
Chapter 37: nicely done. nice decision jieun-ah! fighting for next chapter! :D