I'm a bad person.

Breakable Heart
A/n: Guys here's another chapter. XOXO. -- "Appa!" Mavin hugged the magazine he's holding "Where's appa?" Maden asked "Here!" Mavin showed him the magazine "Uwaa. Appa is so handsome." Maden said while admiring their appa picture at the front page of the magazine. They both flip the pages just to fine Yongguk face inside it. -- Ji Eun and Hyun Woo was walking down the stairs, then they heard Mavin and Maden talking about who look better Aigoo. What's wrong?" Ji Eun asked "Omma. Maden said he look better than me." Mavin said while making a sad face "Aigoo, both of you are the same." Ji Eun said "Nae omma." Mavin said while smiling, "Omma look!" Mavin shove the magazine to Ji Eun faces, "It's appa!" he said while smiling, "Appa looks so handsome omma." Maden said, Ji Eun took the magazine, "where did you guys get this?" Ji Eun said loudly, the boys were startled "Hyun Woo appa gave it to us." Mavin said while looking down, Ji Eun look away and left, she shove the magazine inside the dustbin and walk upstairs. Mavin and Maden run towards the dustbin and picked the magazine up "Appa... We miss you." they both cried. -- Yongguk was day dreaming at the dance room. "Hyung, are you okay?" Zelo asked, Yongguk nodded "Don't lie." Jongup interfere "It's really nothing. I just missed my kids. That's all." Yongguk said, "Yongguk." Youngjae pat his back " I'm sure they'll be back." Youngjae, "I hope so." Yongguk said and smiled. -- Mason and Mavin went to Ji Eun bedroom "Omma." they approached her with tears on their eyes "baby..." she hugged them "what happened?" Ji Eun asked while pulling away "We missed appa. We want to see him." Mavin replied while wipping his tears. "Omma, can we please see appa?" Maden asked, Ji Eun hugged them "I'm a bad person. How could i seperate my babies with their father." she thhought to herself "We'll see appa soon okay?" Ji Eun said.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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