Wake up

Breakable Heart
a/n: It short update. I hope you guys enjoy it. -- B.A.P has to go to US for B.A.P live on earth. When they arrived at San Francisco Yongguk recieve a call from Seung gi "Bo? her water broke?" yongguk asked "Okay! I'll come back once i'm finished." yongguk said. "She hasn't woke up?" Yongguk asked "I have baby boy?" Yongguk smiled. "Ok. thanks hyung." Yongguk said. --One week later, "Ji Eun. wake up. Look at your adorable twins. Beside, Yongguk is on his way here." Suzy said while kissing the baby girl. then the doctor came in "How is she?" Suzy asked "I believe she's in coma. she's still weak." the doctor said "Ji eun not again." Suzy sighed. --Ji Eun wandering around a white place. "Ji Eun-a.." Someone called, she turned and saw a lady and a man behind her. The moment the lady touched her cheeks. Her memories come back. She remembers everything "Omma? Appa?" she hugged them as tears start to fall "Baby, you need to wake up. Your baby need you." Mrs. Lee said "But i want to stay with you guys." Ji Eun said "No baby." Mr. Lee pat her head "your an omma now." he added and they kiss cheeks and slowly fade away. -- "Appa! Omma!" Ji eun screamed "Ji Eun!" Yongguk hugged her "I met them. I met appa and omma." Ji eun said as tears start falling. "Shh shh." Yongguk calmed her down "where's my baby?" Ji eun asked. "there." Yongguk pointed at Suzy and Seung Gi who are holding the baby.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
kpopluva3838 #2
Chapter 42: Complete life of YongGuk~~
Chapter 41: awwwwwwwwwwwww sweet! yah yongguk that was a sweet proposal! *wipe tears* am so happy for the both of them!
Chapter 41: Wah, happy ending.. Daebak.. My bias got a happy life..
Chapter 41: Daebaaaaaaaaaaaak! :'D *sobbing*
Chapter 40: told u jieun it was a misunderstanding.....hmmm...so sweet! Can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting!
Chapter 39: Ish, please please please go back k? T_T yongguk & Ji eun is the match sweet couple or whatever T_T
Chapter 39: a chance?! are u giving him a chance jieun-ah? Chicha? Oh can't wait for next chapter update! Fighting for next chapter update~
Chapter 38: i feel there will be some drama coming up. fighting for next chapter update!
Chapter 37: nicely done. nice decision jieun-ah! fighting for next chapter! :D