Breakable Heart
A/n: Okay, here's the chapter. XOXO. -- "No!!!" Yongguk woke up when he heard Ji Eun screamed, Yongguk shook her body "Baby wake up!" he said while shaking her, she opened her eyes, she looks at him and hugged him "my baby! my baby!" she cried "hey hey, it's just a nightmare." Yongguk whispered while caressing her hair "Yongguk, I'm scared." she cried "Hey, don't cry. No one will hurt your baby." he said. -- the next day, Ji Eun woke up and feeling sick "Yongguk..." she shook his body, he yawned and opened his eyes "Yes baby?" Yongguk asked "I don't feel good." Ji Eun said "I'll take you to the hospital." Yongguk said "No, I'll go with Suzy. You have practice at 10 a.m. now go take a shower." she said while patting his cheast. -- "Congrats! Your 4 weeks pregnant." the doctor said "Omo! Ji Eun! Congrats!" Suzy hugged her "t-thanks." she forced a smile. As they walked back home, Suzy can see Ji Eun sad face "Hey! Your going to be a mom. Why do you look so sad?" Suzy asked "Ah! No i'm not." Ji Eun denied "Aish! Don't lie to me." Suzy slapped her arm "Aish! Okok!" Ji Eun told Suzy everything "Bo? Omo that's terrible. Did you tell Yongguk? And are you going to tell him about this baby?" Suzy asked, Ji Eun shook her head "Why? He deserves to know." Suzy said "I don't want him to leave me." Ji Eun said "He won't. Trust me." Suzy said "No, I'll tell him when I'm ready." Ji Eun insists. -- In the midnight, Ji Eun is craving for some watermelon. Since Yongguk stills at the studio, she decided to call him "Yongguk-a!" Ji Eun said as soon as Yongguk pick the phone up "Nae baby? Why aren't you sleeping?" Yongguk asked "I want to eat some watermelon. Can you buy me some?" Ji Eun asked "But it's already midnight." Yongguk said "I don't care! I want my watermelon and that's it!" Ji Eun pouted and hung up. -- "Ji Eun?" Yongguk moves his phone away from his ear. He looks at the screen, she already hung up "aigoo... This girl." Yongguk sighed "Wae?" Himchan asked "Do you know any fruit shops that still open this late?" Yongguk asked, "Aa.. No why?" Himchan asked. "Ji Eun. She wants to eat watermelon and asked me to buy one for her." Yongguk said "Well she waits until tomorrow?" Himchan asked "She said she wants it now." Yongguk said "Well, I really don't know." Himchan said "It's okay." Yongguk said-- It was 3 a.m. Yongguk stills hasn't come home " Where is he?" Ji Eun began to worry "Aigoo. I have to look for him." Ji Eun said and stood up and walk towards the door. She took her sweater and turn the door knob, the moment the door was opened "Where are you going?" Husky voice asked "Baby! Thank Goodness your back." she hugged him. She was relief it was Yongguk. "Hey." he pulled away "I bought you watermelon. Let's go inside and eat." Yongguk said. -- Yongguk was watching Ji Eum finishing the watermelon. "Yongguk thank you for the watermelon." Ji Eun kissed his cheeks and giggled "Anything for my princess." Yongguk smiled "Why are you late anyway?" Ji Eun asked while wipping "I was looking for watermelon." Yongguk replied "really?" Ji Eun asked "Yup. Thanks goodness there was a 24 hours grocery shops." Yongguk said and chuckled "I love you!" she sits on his lap and hugged him "I love you too." he replied and kissed her forehead. Suddenly Ji Eun felt nauseas, she stood up and run towards the bathroom "Baby?" Yongguk followed her. She locked the bathroom door "Are you okay?" Yongguk asked "I'm fine." Ji Eun replied. -- After a few minutes she came out "Are you okay? Did you went to the hospital?" Yongguk asked "Nae." Ji Eun nodded "What did the doctor said?" Yongguk asked, Ji Eun look away "He... He said I'm just tired." Ji Eun lied "Oh, okay. let's get you in bed now." Yongguk said, Ji Eun nodded. -- A few weeks later, Yongguk felt that Ji Eun starts to change. She'd been asking for pasta, lemonade, grape and so on. One night she asked for Mango. Yongguk was busy with his schedule but still Ji Eun called him and asked for things. "Oppa. I want to eat mango! Now!" she insists "But I'm busy Ji Eun. I'm really busy. Why don't you call Suzy?" Yongguk suggested "No! I want you buy it for me and come home." Ji Eun said "Can you stop being childish? I'm busy!" Yongguk scolded "Okay fine!" she hung up.-- "What's is wrong with her?" Yongguk scratched his head.
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