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Breakable Heart
A/n: sorry for not updating yesterday. I was really busy finishing my homework. So here's the new chapter. XOXO. -- "Ji Eun! Please stay with me." Yongguk hold her hand tightly while hugging her "HELP!!" He screamed, " Please help my girlfriend. Please." he cried, "I'll take her to the hospital." A guy offered "Thank you!" Yongguk carried Ji Eun to the guy car. -- "What? Ji Eun is in the hospital?" Himchan jaw dropped, Zelo snatched the phone from Himchan "Hyung! What happened to Noona!?" Zelo asked "Just come to the hospital. Please inform Seung Gi Hyung too. I'll tell you guys what happened later." Yongguk sounded really weak "Okay hyung!" Zelo said and hung up. -- Yongguk sat on the floor, bitting.his thumb nail. "Hyung!" Daehyun called and they all ran towards Yongguk, Seung Gi pulled him up and pinned him to the wall "Tell me what did you do to my sister?" he asked "Yeobo... Let him go." Suzy pulled Seung Gi away from Yongguk. "I was walking with her and we were talking while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Suddenly someone shouted from behind and we turned. It was Hyomin, she pushed her to the street and..." Yongguk started to cry "That !" Himchan punched the wall "I'm sorry, it's my fault. I wanted to protect her. I really want to. But I can't. I'm useless. I don't deserve her." Yongguk cried again, Seung Gi stepped back and look at Yongguk teary eyes, his clothes was full of blood, his hair was in a mess. He felt guilty for thinking that Yongguk hurt her. "No, it's not.your fault." he pat Yongguk's shoulder "Stay here with her. I'm going to make a report at the police station." Seung Gi said "I'll come." Yongguk said "Okay, we need witness. You guys stay here. Suzy, wait here and call me if anything happened." he said, they all nodded "Nae hyung. We will protect Noona." Jongup smiled. -- A few minutes later, the doctor came out from the room "Which one of you is Ms. Ji Eun family?" the doctor asked "me! I'm her sister-in-law." Suzy said. "Okay..." The doctor took a deep breath and told Suzy everything. "It can't be!" Suzy fell on the floor "Noona!" Zelo catched her, "call your Seung Gi hyung." Suzy command. -- Seung Gi and yongguk went straight to the hospital after making a report. "How is she?" Seung Gi asked "She's in coma." Suzy hugged Seung Gi tightly as tears starts falling "My baby girl." Seung Gi tears fell too. "No!" Yongguk run inside her room "Ji Eun!" he kissed her lips "please wake up. " he kept on kissing her. "Baby please." he whispered "I can't see you like this." he kissed her forehead "I should be the one that laying on this bed. Not you." his tears dropped on her cheeks "Baby. I love you." he kissed her cheeks.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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