Wild night

Breakable Heart
A/n: where is all my readers? Pleasd keep on supporting me. I promise not to let you guys down. Btw this is my first.time writing the ehem2 scene. Xoxo --Again today Ji Eun waits for Yongguk "Oppa is going to be late again she sighed, suddenly her phone rang "Oh! Oppa! Where are you?" she asked "I'm still at the studio." he answered "so when are you coming home?" Ji Eun asked "Maybe i'll sleeo at the studio." he said "hmm okay. Oppa! Can i go to the club with Suzy and Ji Yeon?" Ji Eun asked "Go ahead, have fun. Just don't get too drunk." Yongguk said. "Nae Oppa! I love you!" Ji Eun said and hung up. -- "So she's going to the club?" Himchan asked "Nae." Yongguk replied "You know that EXO always went to the club right?!" Himchan asked "Do?" Yongguk raised his brows "Well, let me remind you that Kai is Ji Eun ex-boyfriend and i'm pretty sure that Kai still wants Ji Eun back." Himchan said "No way Ji Eun's going to fall for him again." Yongguk said "Well, let's check her out after we're finish." Himchan said.-- After hours of drinking, Ji Eun was drunk. She was dancing and screaming like a crazy girl. "Hey baby, it's been a long time." Kai appeared in front of Ji Eun "Oh!" she cupped his face "Kai?" she giggled "How are you?" she asked while rubbing his chest. She was drunk and there's no way she realised what she's doing "Baby let's dance." Kai wrapped his arm on her waist. They dance and dance, Kai start touching Ji Eun "emm! You're so naughty!" she pinched his cheeks. "Get your hand off my girl!" Suddenly someone grabbed Ji Eun wrist "Yongguk?" Ji cupped his face "My baby yongguk!" she kissed him and giggled. "C'mon man! We just want to dance." Kai said and try to grabbed Ji Eun hands but Yongguk snapped his hands away "if you touch her again, i'll make sure you won't able to make a comeback!" Yongguk warned and pulled Ji Eun towards the exit "Oppa! Let me go! I still want to dance. Pleasee...." she begged, "you're drunk!" Yongguk said "oh c'mon. Just once baby." she begged " get inside the car now!" Yongguk commands. She stomped her feet get inside the car. -- It was silent, Ji Eun was obviously mad at him, but he has no choice. Suddenly he felt Ji Eun kissed his cheeks and down to her neck "Ji Eun! I'm driving." he pouted "Stop the car then." she said and ed his shirt "babe. You're kidding right?" he asked and stopped the car "great!" she sits on his lap "let's do this." she tied her hair up "can't you wait until we got home?" he asked no i want you now!" she kissed his lips and took of his shirt "ok." Yongguk nodded and took off her shirt and pants, leave her only with bra and "It's your turn!" she said and ped his jeans "omo! It's bigger than the last time." she teases and giggled "shut up!" he said and unhooked her bra. They start doing it, the car was fill with moans and groans. (forgive me for writing this. Xoxo)
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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