Breakable Heart
A/n: I Just woke up. Here's another chapter. XOXO. -- "Will you Lee Ji Eun be my wife?" Hyun Woo propose. She was speechless, confused between 'yes' or 'no'. But she figured it's for the best. "Yes! I would love to be your wife." Ji Eun smiled. -- "Good to be back." Himchan said and dropped himself on the couch. "I miss Ji Eun Noona." Zelo sighed and the tv "I miss Noona too." Jongup said. -- 1 week later, B.A.P were practicing their dance moves and Hyomin was there watching and judging them. "Annyeong!" someone greeted from the back, they turned and saw Ji Eun waving "Noona!" Zelo and Jongup run towards her and hugged her "We missed you Noona." Jongup said "I miss you guys too." Ji Eun replied "! What do you want? Didn't Yongguk made it clear that ge choose me?!" Hyomin smirked "No! Don't worry. I'm not here for Yongguk." Ji Eun said and took out an invatation card "I'm engaged to Hyun Woo." She pass the card to Himchan "please come to our engagement party." Ji Eun continued. Yongguk was in total shock "Wow! Great then! We'll come!" Hyomin said and clung onto Yongguk. Ji Eun can't deny how jealous she is. "Noona, congrats!" Zelo hugged her "Oh! Thanks." Ji Eun pat his back "Grouo hug!" Daehyun shouted and they all hug except for Yongguk and Hyomin. -- It was engagement party night, "I can't believe my little princess is getting marry." Seung Gi pinched Ji Eun cheeks "Oppa!" Ji Eun blushed, they all laughed at Ji Eun reaction "What is that bastard doing here?" Seung Gi pointed at one direction, Ji Eun looked "Oh! Hyun Woo asked me to invite him." Ji Eun said and realised Seung Gi started to move towards Yongguk, Ji Eun quickly pulled his wrist "Oppa! Please not tonight." Ji Eun begged "Okay fine! But make sure he's away from me." Seung Gi glared at you abd left. -- "Congrats Noona!" Jongup gave her a boquet of roses "Thanks." she smiled and suddenly the Devil stood in front of her "Congrats!" She smirked "Thanks." Ji Eun smiled "At least now I don't have to worry about you flirting with my boyfriend anymore." Hyomin forced a smiled "Ehem." Daehyun clear his throat "Ji Eun is only engaged. Not marry yet so don't be so confident." Daehyun smirked "Yeah! Even if Hyung is getting marry. I'm sure he won't picked a devil like you as his wife." Youngjae smirked. "Ya! What did you call me?" Hyomin began to pissed off "D-E-V-I-L !" Youngjae spell it out, "!" She tried to slapped Youngjae but her slapped her hands away I don't think so." Youngjae laughed "Noona! Please ignored this devil." Zelo grabbed Ji Eun wrist and left followed by Daehyun, Youngjae, Jongup and Himchan. "Why didn't you protect?" Hyomin asked "Well as far as i see you can protect yourself." Yongguk replied and left "Ya! Bang Yongguk!" she called but he ignored. -- Hyun Woo was talking to his friend "We need to talk!" Hyomin came and grabbed his wrist, lead him to a corner "Take you fiance away from my boyfriend!" Hyomin said "Why should I?" Hyun Woo asked "Because she stills has feeling for him." Hyomin replied "No way. If she stills has feeling for Yongguk she wouldn't agreed to marry me." Hyun Woo said "Well, maybe that time she's confused and disappointed because Yongguk choose me instead of her." Hyomin said, Hyun Woo look away. He's afraid what Hyomin is telling are true. "Trust me. If you want to be happy with her. Take her away from him." Hyomin adviced and left. -- "Let's talk!" Yongguk grabbed Ji Eun wrist and took her away from the crowded hall "What?" she asked after he stopped "Why did you agreed to marry him?" Yongguk asked "Why do you even care? You have Hyomin. Go to her then." Ji Eun said "You're still upset about me choosing Hyomin? Is that why you accepted Hyun Woo?" Yongguk asked, she looks away "No It's not! I love Hyun Woo okay?" Ji Eun replied, Yongguk his lips on her, she pushed him and slapped his face "Who do you think you are?" She shouted as tears began to formed she wipe them away and left.
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