Life changed.

Breakable Heart
A/n: sorry for the last chapter. right? Btw i know what to called my readers. COOKIES! Since i love cookies. :3 So yeah! Keep on reading Cookies! XOXO. -- 1 years later... "Baby." Hyun Woo wrapped his arms around Ji Eun waist "Yes babe?" Ji Eun smiled "I love you." he whispered "I love you too." Ji Eun kissed his cheeks. "Let's talk a walk at the park." Hyun Woo sugested "Okay! Let's bring Sangchu along!" Ji Eun said. -- "Daehyun! Can you please get it right this time! Please focus!" Yongguk yelled "Let's take a break." Himchan said and they all went out except for Himchan and Yongguk. "Yongguk, you know Daehyun was doing perfectly right?" Himchan asked, Yongguk sighed "I know, it's just..." "You missed Ji Eun. I know." Himchan pat his back "I wonder how is she." Yongguk said "I'm sure she's fine." Himchan said "Do you think she still mad at me?" Yonghuk asked "I don't know." Himchan shook his head "I hope she's not." Yongguk sighed. -- "Hyun Woo! Stay there!" Ji Eun command and took out her camera. "Sangchu! Look here." Ji Eun called. "Snap!" she snapped their picture "Aigoo.." she sighed and walks towarss Hyun Woo "What's wrong?" Hyun Woo asked "Why do you have to be so handsome and cute at the same time?" Ji Eun giggled. Hyun Woo kissed her forehead "Because I'm with the most beautiful girl in the world." Hyun Woo whispered " Aigoo.. Stop being so cheesy." she pouted. -- "Babe." a pair of arm wrapped around Yongguk, he turned "Oh! Hyomin." he smiled "Are you so busy that you can't even reply my text?" Hyomin asked "I'm sorry. I'm so busy that I forget about you." Yongguk kissed her forehead. "Hyung! The boss wants to see." Daehyun said and glared at Hyomin "I should get going." Yongguk said "Oppa, call me later okay?" Hyomin said "Nae." Yonghuk smiled and followed Daehyun from the back. -- "I'm so tired." Ji Eun lay at Hyun Woo chest "Me too." Hyun Woo said while caressing her hair "Jagi... " Ji Eun kiss his cheeks "I love you!" She whispered "I love you too." Hyun Woo tickled her "Aigoo! Stop it!" she giggled. -- While waiting for Yongguk outside the boss office. "I miss Ji Eun noona." Zelo sighed "Me too." Jongup said "I don't like Hyomin. " Youngjae said "neither do I." Daehyun said "Ya! Hyomin is Hyung girlfriend. He likes her, you guys should too." Himchan said "No way! We onlt like Ji Eun noona. She's kind in and out! But Hyomin... Ewww!" Zelo showed his ugly expression. "Ehem!" they all turned and saw Yongguk "Oh hyung." Zelo rubbed his neck "I have news to tell you guys." Yongguk said "Oh! Nae." they nodded.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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