Breakable Heart
A/n: Okay this is the hardest chapter ever. Sorry if this chapter . -- It was morning, Ji Eun weakly step out from the bedroom, she walk pass by the mirror at look at her reflection. She was digusted with herself. She looks away and stepped out from the bedroom. "Ji Eun..." someone pat her shoulder, she starled and fell to the ground "please don't hurt me." she cried and cover her face "hey, it's me. Your oppa." Seung Gi hugged her tightly, she slowly look up "Oppa. I'm sorry.." she hugged him back "No it's okay." Seung Gi pat her back to calm her down. "Ji Eun, we're flying to New York tomorrow." Seung Gi said "Nae, but oppa. Can i said goodbye to my friend?" Ji Eun asked "Nae, I'll asked Hyun Woo to go with you." Seung Gi said. -- "Noona, please don't go." Zelo hugged Ji Eun tightly "Noona has to go." Ji Eun pat his back "What about us?" Himchan asked "When will we see you again?" Daehyun asked "Someday." she smiled "I hate hyung!" Zelo pulled away from Ji Eun "Me too." Jongup said "Guys, no matter how much you guys hate him, he's still your best friend." Ji Eun said "But he hurt you." Youngjae said "yes, but it's doesn't mean you guys should turn away from him too." Ji Eun started to cry "Hey, don't cry." Himchan hugged her. -- After saying farewall to them, Ji Eun and Hyun Woo on their way out of the building "Ji Eun..." She heard a familiar voice called her, she turned and saw Yongguk standing there "Hyun Woo let's go!" she turned to Hyun Woo and grabbed his wrist "Ji Eun please I want to talk to you." Yongguk grabbed her arm, she pushed him "There's nothing to talk about Yongguk! We're done." she grabbed Hyun Woo wrist and left. -- Ji Eun sit at the window " I hate myself for loving you Yongguk." she cried.
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Chapter 42: Wo hen bu suang
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