Last Boyfriend

I want a BOYFRIEND!!


Hyuna enter the room that is fill with reporters and fans. KissMe and Iam, both are presents since the press conference have both two most important person in Hyuna’s life, Jung Jin Woon, her brother and Eli Kim, her boyfriend, no wait, it’s her fiancé. She really need to get used to call him her fiancé since they got engaged two weeks ago.


“So, when are you going to get marry?” A reporter bluntly asks Jin Woon making Jin Woon startle. Hye Mi was smiling at how foolish Jin Woon look at that time.


“Both of us are 21 and I think we’re still young. We’re going to get engaged first, and we’ll see how everything works.” Jin Woon answer while reading the note that Hye Mi wrote. Jin Woon was kind of shock at the answer himself because if he’s allowed, he want to get married right now because he wants Hye Mi to be his alone.


“Hye Mi-ssi, can you tell us what kind of person Jin Woon is?” A reporter asks.


“You mean what kind of boyfriend?” Hye Mi ask again. The reporter that is also her colleagues nod her head admitting to her mistake. The reporter is her junior.


“Jin Woon is a boyfriend that controls everything I do. He get jealous very easily.” Hye Mi said making Jin Woon blush.


“What about Hye Mi-ssi. Does she get jealous very easily?” A reporter ask Jin Woon.


“No, she just don’t care. She doesn’t even get jealous when she sees me being close and intimate with other girl group member.” Jin Woon said.


“That’s because I trust in Jin Woon.” Hye Mi said.


“What that makes me then? I trust you too, I just don’t trust the men around you.” Jin Woon said.


“I know.” Hye Mi said.


“What about you Eli? Does your girlfriend get jealous easily?”


“Hyuna? Admittedly, she does get jealous but not too jealous. She understand my work.” Eli said.


“What about Eli?”


“Eli don’t really like seeing all my photoshoot because he tend to get jealous that he didn’t get to take those kind of pics with me.” Hyuna said.


 “How long is your relationship?”


“2 years.”


“Do you have a special nickname for each other?” A reporter asks all 4 of them. Both Jin Woon and Hye Mi shook their head.


“I call Eli, Pigeon and Eli call me, baby.” Hyuna answers.

“Does it burden you both Hye Mi-ssi and Hyuna-ssi that your boyfriends are celebrity?”


“For now, nothing had been troubling us, so it’s ok for us.” Hye Mi answer.


“What’s your comment when there’s news about you’re just a couple because both of you are pretty boys and pretty girls?”


“Trust me, Eli ask me to be his girlfriend when I look like this.” Hyuna then show the press a picture of her 3 years ago when she was still not very good with her styling.


“So there’s no issue about being a couple because of our looks.” Eli said.


“What’s your future plan?”


“I’ll marry this girl next to me in 3 years time. That’s my promise, jot that down, I think I’ll go and have a date first, bye.” Eli pulls Hyuna out of the PC surprising everyone. Hyuna always love this unpredictable side of Eli that makes her goes nervous with his action.


“Why does Eli always look sweeter than me?” Jin Woon whisper to Hye Mi after the press conference end.


“Because he is.” Hye Mi said.


Hyuna likes how Eli is very different from the one who try to win her heart 3 years ago. 3 years ago when Eli tries to win her heart, Eli was a coward, he scares of everything, but Hyuna glad that Eli is not a coward person. He’s just scared of being rejected by Hyuna, and once he officially becomes her boyfriend, he become very manly.


People around them are kind of amused at how long their relationships are. Of course there are a lot of boys chasing for Hyuna now but she can only love Eli that loves her when she was a nobody, when she wasn’t pretty enough.


“Can we get married now?” Eli asks. Hyuna look at him and she too wants to answer yes but both of them are still young .Hyuna is 20 and Eli is 21, they still have a lot of things to do for their life. In the end Hyuna just lean her head on Eli’s shoulder. She’s sure Eli knows what her answer is, that’s why Eli kiss her on her forehead.


Hyuna wasn’t deeply in love when he accepts Eli as her boyfriend, even though Eli was madly in love with her but Hyuna never regret accepting him in his life. As time passes, she can’t help but to fall for Eli. Eli is the nicest men she ever know, the nicest boyfriend she ever had. He is her first boyfriend and will be the only boyfriend she ever has and she doesn’t have any regrets on it.





Sorry it's a lame ending!! 

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I'm writing a sequel to I WANT A BF, but for Tiffany and Yunho..

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HyunA! ^0^
This fic was wayyy cool^^
Chapter 27: Eli is the sweetest boy ever XD
He is my ultimate anyway. Lol
Just sayin'... kkkk
Love this story ♥♥
Love love love... this is 2nd ff about eli that i read. Lol
syirahkissme1339 #3
your story is so cool
like it.....
ashleylovesasia #4
this is a cool story~~~ thanks for making this~<br />
i hope you could make more hyuna fanfics~ <3
great job with this fic<br />
i really liked it !!!
reichi99 #6
OMO I REALLY REALLY LOVE the ending,,I feel like im in cloud nine
New Reader!<br />
Haha, I gotta say that this fic is really good :D<br />
Loving Eli <3 Hope you update
SHieMa #8
@abandonallhope <br />
I always feel excited to update when I see new comments...<br />
thanks..<br />
hahaha 94'ers are for dongho..<br />
<br />
reichi99 <br />
you're a 94'ers too?<br />
LOL I'm a 91'ers..<br />
that's why I'm way too biased for them..<br />
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@Soshilove <br />
its going to end very soon...<br />
reichi99 #9
...go ELI!!!!!!!HWAITING!!
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