Sea Souls: Mermaid's Tears
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            Sehun was soaked to the bone from the hard downpour of rain. With nowhere to seek permanent shelter, he ducked into a nearby bar. He surveyed the small space, seeing that other seamen filled its spaces. A few shot him a look as he passed dripping wet, most just ignored him. He sat on top of a barstool and put in an order for a bottle of soju. Fumbling with his hands, the bartender handed him his drink. He thanked the man, just as two other men sat beside him.

            “Some fishermen are saying that they found a ship washed up on some island in the neutral zones.”

            “And?” The other man called over the bartender as his friend continued.

            “It had the King’s flag.”

            The man that had brushed off his friend’s words, brought his head down as he whispered, “It’s the prince’s ship?”

            His friend nodded slightly as he sipped his drink. Sehun his lips as he inched a bit closer to the two men who didn’t seem to notice.

            “Well, did they find him?”

            “No, there was nobody on the ship but there are men out there searching the area.”

            “And how about the princess?”

            “I don’t know, but some people said they saw her dead and drowning on her wedding day.”

            “Someone killed her? The mermaids?”

            “I don’t know, that was all Shin told me before he left with his crew yesterday.”

            Sehun furrowed his brow as he returned his attention to his drink. Tapping his finger on the side of it, he started to put some pieces together. A ship was found in neutral waters, the princess supposedly died the day of the attack, the princess who traveled with them was a mermaid, Taehyung supposedly said Sirens and mermaids attacked his ship. All of it was still a jumbled mess. He drank his alcohol to clear all of the thoughts that were running through his head while the two sailors beside him got up and left. He watched them leave, just as the bartender came over, giving him another bottle.


            Sehun left the bar once the rain stopped, it was dark out now but the street lights shined bright as people still wandered around. He headed in the direction of the docks, hoping to find some place he could camp out in for one night, preferably a boat or ship of some sort. Once he arrived at the docks, a whole crowd seemed to have gathered at the end near a large docked ship. Cheers could be heard as men hollered and clapped when Sehun could see that a man was proudly yelling something to the crowd below. He ran to area where the men gathered hoping to catch the tail end of the man’s speech.

            “The monster has been caught, men! The monster that harmed our people, has been captured!”

            Men’s cheers turned to screams of triumph at the sailor’s announcement. Sehun remained quiet, unsure of what was going on. He wondered if he had a little too much to drink and was imagining it all or if this was actually happening. Men yelled to see the horrid beast while others yelled for the monster to be killed. The sailor who claimed to have captured the supposed monster calmed down the crowd, “The mermaid shall be killed but in front of the whole kingdom of Sera and Balma in repentance for killing the princess and capturing the prince!”

            No one seemed to disagree, but Sehun wasn’t listening anymore and was making his way closer to the ship upon hearing the word mermaid. He was hoping on his life that it wasn’t who he thought it was and would do anything to free Taura if they had her locked up somewhere. His first job though was to get on the ship without being caught and that proved to be difficult as the whole ship was packed with sailors running to and fro.

            He waited out in the front of the group, hearing men say the king was out on sea and would be back in the morning to see what they’d captured. Sehun had time. Slowly, men started to disperse from the scene every one except the men on the ship. They seemed to be wide awake despite the late hour, but they’d have to sleep sometime.

            There was no one on the docks now, leaving only him and the men on the ship. He quietly cleared his throat, focusing on the six men on as his eyes turned gray. His soft voice wafting up to the men on the ship above, the song grew louder and louder as Sehun scaled the side of the ship close to the top to see that most of them men had stopped moving. They swayed a bit with empty looks in their eyes as Sehun neared the end of his Siren song when finally one by one they collapsed like dominoes.

            He smirked at his work and hopped on board. She’d have to be below deck. Sehun crept around the bodies, his heart racing. Please don’t let it be Taura, was all that ran through his mind as he slowly descended the steps careful not to make a sound. He made it to the bottom and looked around, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Though, he could hear splashing in a far corner accompanied by laughter.

            Sehun crept along crates, peeking around each corner when he could finally hear a male’s voice, “You may not be the specific problem, but I’m sure you can lead me to the source of all our problems.”

            He could hear a women’s whimper and tightened his fists.

            “Now tell me, if you don’t want to die tomorrow, where is the prince?”

            The mermaid whimpered again but Sehun could hear a clear slap along with a hiss, “I don’t know where you precious prince is! Now let me go!”

            The man raised his voice as more water seemed to splash around, “Don’t lie to me, witch! You were swimming around that island and around his ship! You know where he is!”

            Sehun decided to take a closer look and crept closer when he heard the sound of a knife cutting skin, “You and your kind are all filthy es of the sea! I hope you die slowly.”

            The sound of footsteps approaching Sehun caused him to tense up. He saw the man’s shadow coming closer and decided to confront him personally. With balled fists, Sehun stepped out behind the crates just as the sailor turned the corner, “Yah! Who are you?”

            Sehun’s eyes turned black as he approached the older male and clutched his throat, “I hope you die slowly.”

            The man in Sehun’s grasp clutched at his hands as he tried to take in the air that wouldn’t come. Eventually Sehun’s grip tightened and the man slowly gave up the fight as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. He collapsed immediately, and Sehun’s eyes turned back to brown. Surprisingly, he felt good.

            He flexed his hand and rounded the corner calling out the first name that came to mind, “Taura are you alright?”

            The mermaid that had her arms tied up on either side of her head and tail tied down to a weight in waist deep water was not Taura but another mermaid with the same purple tail and the same long black hair. 


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198 streak #1
Chapter 58: Ooo good thing there is a sequel! Nicely wrote mermaid story :) RIP Ksoo
OMG i swear i really like this..
I just cannot stand the ending and gotta really soon read the sequel.. omg i love this...
thankyou so much author-nim
35 streak #4
Idk if you still remember me or not but I'm a fan yours!
It's been forever and I still have not finished reading the sequel so here I am rereading from the prequel to get all the right feels.
At the end of this story I'm still pissed that Jongin somehow barges in in between Taura and Sehun.
I love Kyungsoo and all but I think I'm more a er of pitiful second lead just like Sehun here lol.
I promise I will finish reading the sequel in one go!
See you there <3
reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love this story^^
Dinopowers #6
Chapter 59: OMG who gave you permission to play with my feelings like that T_T

In all seriousness, I loved it, but I now have a permanent fear of getting emotionally attached to fictional characters.
A_Garcia7 #7
Chapter 6: My in Exo bias is Suho too!!!!
Abbll16 #8
Chapter 58: This story is so good. And the length was fine considering your chapters were not to long. Though I cried when Soo and Chanyeol (my bias :'() died. Now I want her to be with Sehun and not Jongin. Ahh! Seriously so good though. I am going to read the sequel and I hope my heart can handle it.
Chapter 52: Wow basically everyone died! I though Senna and Kora were just captured and taken to hostage but now it was revealed that they already died. And now Ran too. She could have survived T.T why you have to make everyone die?! So that Taura would be alone at last and give her the reason to stay on land? But Kyungsoo will die too right?!

Waahhhh this is the first story I read that had most of the characters died~

I couldn't handle the pain. :'(
Chapter 16: Damn I read the comments >< and kinda have a hunch about the ending!

But for sure I knew now that Sehun is not a normal human too damn! Damn it! How come he was on shore? Need to find the answer!

And true! Totally don't know who to ship here. This is my first time reading Kyungsoo fic and want a Kyungsoo and oc things because dyo is a bae now but then Sehun just have to come along and yet again wrecking my bias list. Hahahhahaha Oh Sehun is something. And he keeps growing don't you think!