Okay, I know I have a lot of pending fanfics to update but what am I doing? Oh I don't know, just making another damn story i guess! *smacks self* 

But know that I just have to release all these taeny angst feelings of mine! Urgh. You've seen Tiffany's 1st look photoshoot and interview right? If not, here it is, this is just a portion though, you can search it up in google for the full version, I didn't put it here cause it's too long.

Tiffany First Look interview trans:

Tiff: 5 years later, i'm 30, I may get married. I hope to have a family at the age of 30......

Tiff: For marriage, I think it's good if we have the same religion. I'm a Christian n would pray for my partner, my husband is chosen by God

Cr. Locksmiths Philippines Facebook Page


So what caught my attention was the fact that she wanted to get married at the age of 30 and maybe start a family. Yeah, yeah they're human and they can do whatever they want when the time comes, and as a fan we should be able to accept that cause that's what they want, it makes them happy but  oh my taeny heart, I'm not that of a delusional shipper but this kinda shook me up a little, reality finally settling in somehow. What is taeny to each other? Best friends? Lovers? Somewhere in between? I mean we cannot deny that anymore, any moron knows that, even non kpop fans, show them a picture of taeny or videos of their interactions and they would definitely say 'those two aren't just bestfriends'. 

The characters I've chosen for this story are all of our nine beautiful girls, and those that were rumored to be dating them like Nickhun from 2pm, Leeteuk of Suju, Jayj kim, Kim Yejin and Son Yejin. But don't worry, I'll provide brief informations about that so no one would be confused. Read the foreword for the infos that I've collected.


So in order for these pent-up emptions of mine to have closure, I am going to write a multi-shot and I'll make it as realistic as possible. And since I want you guys to feel the same intense emotions I had, I'll provide some sort of evidence so that we're all in the same level. 

These are the 'dating rumors':


I literally cried when I learned about this, I don't wanna hate Nickhun or something, he's a nice guy and he's charming but ugh this just broke my heart really, I was at a party back then, and I lost my party buzz, I even cried yeah, lame. But anyway, that's Khunfany and I personally believe that they dated, the infos and proofs are kinda strong, so eventhough I really hated it, I acknowledged it. And I realized that Taeng and Fany are girls so it's somehow natural that they are attracted to the opposite , then again, I belive this is just a phase for them, you know being curious on who they want and all that, I still believe in Taeny no matter what! 

Leeteuk and Taeyeon apparently dated for 3 years? Not sure bout that but here


And about Yuri's love triangle between two hot actresses as well as a possible Yulsic theory courtesy of my amazing unnie, Steph:


About taeny ( I know we don't need words for these, but just some encouragement ) and a very good taeny theory courtesy of my amazing unnie, Steph:


About Taeyeon dating a younger girl that's also an SM trainee back then (her name's Kim Yejin, she's supposed to be one of the GG members but apparently she did not make it, but she has a cameo on Shinee's amigo and rumor is she'll have a cameo on EXO's comeback)


And this, Taeyeon bb is just so.. she tends to lean on the boyish side often, she even confirmed confessing to a girl through a song, heh.


About that jayj kim, he's hyoyeon's rumored boyfriend, log on to instagram for more info as well as Soshibutts, she has loads of info in there. So yeah, I guess that's about it? If you want more then you can research further and tell me what you think, I'll probably revise this if i get some new scoops. So I'll leave it for now. Wait for chapter 1 yeah? 

And please, no bashing or anything. I'm not a Khunfany hater or basically any couple pairing hater. And this story is.. I just want to make it okay? This is where I put my feelings Lol. If you have time though, check out Endless Season on Soshified, that fanfic is.. unbelievably realistic it feels like Fany anonymously logged on and wrote it. 

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“Khun?! W-what a nice surprise, what brings you h-here?” Sunkyu stammered. Panic and alarm were evident in her voice.
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