⚜ Tied By A Child




There was one thing in my life I was looking forward to after finishing my senior year,

Attending Columbia University in New York with a full scholarship once I graduate from high school.

But then something unexpected comes along, and suddenly my life goes spinning upside down.

And though I first hated the thought of it, I've learned to love this unexpectedness, this sudden news...

and receive it as a blessing.






Created: 23 May 2013

Completed: 05 September 2014



Park Miyoung (OC)

 » 18 years old. Senior Student.

Lu Han

 » 19 years old.  He's a transfer from Beijing, China.

Oh Sehun

 » 19 years old.  Senior Student.

Jung Soojung

 » 19 years old. Senior Student.


 » They're all wealthy and go to a smart public school. 

Park Family

                       Mama & Papa                                                                 Jaehyung [Jae]


» Parents own a corner convience store (connected to their small house) & kid brother, smart & talkative.

Another character coming later on in the story~

Note: Don't hate me for the character's I've chosen.  They are all lovely beings.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters, pictures, logos, anything. I don't plagerize my work, and anything you find similar to another story you may have read is purely coincidental. And I'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't take my work as well. Thank You & Enjoy!


Thank you guys for your constant love and support! I love love love you! 방방~~

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Kaleesaa #1
Can i repost yor story in indonesian translate? Thanks
Kaleesaa #2
Can i repost yor story in indonesian translate? Thanks
nice (‘∀’●)♡
Chapter 55: Still one of the best Sehun fics ever
Chapter 37: Really hoping Sehun shows up when she delivers the baby
Chapter 31: Criieeesss i really was wanting her with Luhan sighs
Chapter 27: But- but Luhan ..
Lolypop123 #8
Chapter 55: That was roller coaster ride.love the fic :3
fgtalks #9
Chapter 55: This story is beautiful <3 Although i still think that Lu Han deserves more than this ><
Reis4__ #10
Chapter 15: This last part is so sweet. When the doctor telling them about the baby. Im crying... TT. Sehun is such a pabo not witnessing those sweet scenes