What Happens in SM, Stays in SM [though EXO thinks otherwise]


Four days in the SME building. What happens when a seventeen year-old bestfriend of a worldwide Kpop idol take a four-day vacation trip to Apgujeong, Seoul?

* This fic contains awesome randomness and pretty much how everyone else derps around in SM Ent.



Amber Liu



Kris    Chanyeol      Luhan    Suho      Chen      Kyungsoo

     Tao      Baekhyun    Sehun   Yixing     Xiumin       Kai


~just everyone else who pops out of the corners of the SME building






"You know you're like a sister to me, but what I don't get is WHERE YOU PUT THAT AMOUNT OF FOOD YOU'RE EATING?!

Geez! You eat like Chanyeol." - Amber





The Time Vengeance Was Served


"Sehun. I swear to Suho hyung's future grave if you don't stop tickling my ear with whatever the hell that is

I will do whatever it takes so you won't be able to sleep for a week! Seriously, stop it." - KAI






A Day on The Internet

"Hyung, your face here is really disturbing. What's up with your emotions anyway?

See! Look at that derp right there!" - BAEKHYUN



"Yah!  At least I don't derp around like that guy whose pits

look like Tao's fur scarf" - SUHO



" Why pick on me and my natural face? And hyung, my pits are

far more valuable than Gucci..." - CHANYEOL





Lena on Crack

"I'm getting really

tired of your Lena" - KRIS




Who's The Prankster?

"Okay, who had the guts to steal Sunny noona's blanket!!! I am getting blamed

and if I were you I'd return it right now or I'll have to go get Tao." - XIUMIN





Is it A Date?

"Take care of my Sehun, okay?" - LUHAN





A Day On The Internet Part II

"Oppa, it says here you know hapkido.

You should've been fighting Tao oppa in the teasers! That would've been awesome..." - Lena





Dyo-omma: The Single Mother

"Guys, what do you want for dinner?"  - D.O





Goodbye Lena


"I'll wait for the day you understand what I'm saying...

You will come back, wouldn't you?"- SEHUN








These artists' names that I used and will use in the making of this fanfic are not mine. The characters and their behavior are also made up in my fangirl mind therefore the artists are not affiliated with these. I do not own EXO, Amber, and the rest of SM Ent. though I wish I did. But I do own these words, though. Enjoy :)


This is my first time, please bear with me hahaha

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oh my god it's been 2 years.
This story has been brewing for 2 fcking years.
I'll try to revive it, I hope you'll read it again :3
you guys are still reading this THANK YOU :)
i'll try my best and give you a good chap ^-^
[deactivated] #3
Update soon ;)
Chapter 15: what's this for were not little s wtf is going on i like your story though???????
glotterjongup #5
Chapter 13: haha Ambro I love you<3333
Poor Lena, I hope she doesn't stay too afraid of Dyo...he probably feels bad for scaring her
Chapter 10: Hi :]
I merged the two chapters of 'All the things that had happened blahblahblah' so we could move on LOL hi gain imsoawkwardbye...
glotterjongup #7
Chapter 12: Impatient Ambro<3333
sayuriNami #8
Chapter 12: Lol. Chanyeol's dramatic jealousy. Why do they call Kris benben? Did you made it up or is it for real?
sayuriNami #9
Chapter 4: Run Lena Run! hahaha
Who's Kim Seo Eun?
sayuriNami #10
Chapter 2: hahahaha. The hipster manager guy is totally checking her out. hilariously creepy````
Halliu amberunnie is a dead giveaway. This girl's character crack me up. She's crazy dumb.